When to See Dermatologist for Acne

Knowing when to see a dermatologist about your acne is very important to your skin’s health and to avoid the risk of unnecessary acne scaring. You may feel awkward or embarrassed to see a him/her but there is nothing wrong taking control of your acne and wanting a permanent and safe fix for breakouts.

Signs It’s The Right Time to See The Doctor

Check out these different statements below and if they apply to you than maybe it is time to make an appointment.

  • Does your acne make you feel withdrawn or shy?
  • Do you feel embarrassed by your pimple?
  • Perhaps your outlook on life is less optimistic since your acne development.
  • None of the over the counter products have helped.
  • Are you beginning to see scars?
  • If you have painful, pus filled lesions, blackheads and reddened spots on your skin.
  • If you are experiencing skin discoloration due to acne breakouts.

If you have read through this list of tips and statements and answered yes to even just one, it is time to find a qualified dermatologist near you to help with your pimple problem.

Many people find that the over the counter products do not work, when this happens to you it is important not to give in to despair and believe there is nothing that can be done for your pimple, the doctors can help you in more ways than one.

What Do Dermatology Specialists Do

No one knows more about the skin and acne than a dermatologist. So you can be sure that they have not only prescription treatments to give you but natural and daily remedies as well that can help reduce breakouts. Also, qualified dermatologists can help you learn the difference between myths and the truth about acne.

When you can make this distinction you can really learn a lot about acne and learn that you are not alone and there are always treatments that can help prevent if not reduce your acne.

Find Dermatology Doctors

Finding a dermatologist for acne is an easy task and you will feel much better after seeing a professional about your acne. They can help restore your confidence and help you learn how to control your acne between breakouts as well so your breakouts become few and far between.

The investment of visiting a professional to help you with your acne is well worth the investment as they can help restore your social confidence and make the necessary lifestyle changes required to minimize your acne as much as possible.

How They Can Help You

Acne is a skin disorder affecting many people, no matter what age they have. But it usually occurs during puberty because of the major hormonal imbalances that take place in the body.

The fluctuations stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. This excess of oil along with the dead cells and dust cause pores to clog and form a perfect environment for bacteria that normally live on the surface of the epidermis to thrive.

Called propionibacterium, it flourishes in the moisturized environment, causing acne breakouts and for this particular reason it is also known as “acne bacteria”.┬áBeing such a common condition, many sufferers have beginning to ask for professional help.

If you are in this unhappy situation, first of all you must consult a dermatologist, regardless the nature and the severity of the lesions that appear on your skin. As a rule, irruptions are noticeable by a visible redness and several or more numerous pimples.

Professional Advice from Skin Doctors

The reason why you must ask for help from the dermatology specialist in the first place is that only an experienced person like a skin doctor can help you treat acne in the most proper way. Without a doubt this is the best option you have when breakouts burst on your skin.

Dermatologists are entitled to advice you what type of treatment to take because he has all the knowledge of what works best for your skin type. If you have a dry epidermis, you must take a medicine that will not cause over dryness.

You must keep your skin as healthy as possible through any method you know, as long as it is reliable and safe. If you have a fatty, oily skin you must not take a moisturizing treatment because you will facilitate more zits to develop on the treated skin region.

If you go for over the counter pills or lotions without consulting a doctor first, you have all the chances to aggravate things. Even if mild acne is normally kept under control with a topical acne treatment and some homemade remedies, they still need to come from someone who first evaluated your condition.

Moderate to severe stages of acne always require a medical consult with the road from a few whiteheads to lots of papules, pustules or cysts being quite short with the help of wrong medications. A skin doctor will know precisely what internal treatments to recommend you, be it antibiotic pills or topical creams and lotions for applying on the pimples.

Acne help must always be solicited

Antibiotics kill bacteria and stop infection from spreading while the topical treatments and cleansers ease the local pain and irritation, reducing the blemishes. The only problem however is that you cannot take antibiotics on your own.

A dermatologist will prescribe you the right treatment. Internal approaches are normally more powerful, which is why you need to know exactly in what stage your acne is before applying one. Anything else that you do on your own would be like acting blindfold and if there is one thing worse than not treating acne, it would be to treat it the wrong way.