Top Natural Remedies for Acne Scars

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get rid of acne scars naturally using natural remedies such as: Vitamin E, Onion extract, lemon juices, honey, oils, cucumbers, tomatoes and many more.

Acne scars are commonly found in teenagers and adults as well. Acne scars can be debilitating emotionally and socially and it can leave scars that become a permanent reminder of the tough times.

There are any number of topical acne remedies and medications available in your neighborhood drugstore. The question you need to ask yourself is whether you wish to subject your skin to harsh chemical treatments, or try a natural acne scar treatment at home.

Synthetic products can affect the long term health of your skin. A homemade or natural scar treatment method on the other hand will be softer and gentler on your skin, and not have any of the harmful and uncomfortable side effects that medications have. There are a number of options for such home remedies.

Get Rid of Scars Naturally Using These Methods

There is only one reason why you might need to get rid of scars. It must be that having scars is embarrassing. I do not know if you have other reason than that. However, no matter what your reason is for getting rid of scars, it is a good thing to know that you can get rid of scars naturally using 3 different methods.

Yes, it is completely naturally as all of the methods use the natural ingredients. You may have to find the product contains the substance or find the substance then directly wrap it in to the scar area. No need to worry, you can easily find the product contain those natural substance.

Nature provides many opportunities for human as it is so possible to cure almost every disease with the natural medicine. The Chinese person is the master in making those natural ingredients. They have gained a lot of experience in herbal medicine.

Today, we can benefit from that knowledge as there is lots of unique product that has been produced from truly natural ingredients. There have been countless products available in the current market. Some products may be sold in the form of gel; the other product may be sold in the form of liquid and cream.

For those who have scars, this is a positive breakthrough. Natural ingredients which are also known as the natural remedies, will present less side impact compare to the pharmacy medicine. In this article I will share three natural methods to get rid of scars.

Juice of Fresh Citrus Fruits

A quick and easy natural acne scar removal treatment is juice of fresh citrus fruits like limes or lemons. The juice has natural bleaching and astringent qualities and lightens and removes acne scars and other skin blemishes. It is easy to use too. Just apply the juice directly on to the acne scars or blemishes with a cotton ball. After waiting for about ten minutes, to allow your skin to absorb the juice, wash off with cool water.

Olive Oil

Some oils are also very good for the skin in general, and for removal of scars in particular. Olive oil for example, improves the tone and texture of skin, and can help remove acne scars. Olive oil moisturizes and softens the skin reducing the visibility of scars. This treatment is easy to use. Just massage the olive oil into the skin of the scarred areas.

Essential Oils

Lavender Oil

Essential oils like lavender oil are also good for scar removal. Dab it on to the problem areas with a cotton ball soaked in the lavender oil two or three times a day to see a difference.

Another scar treatment option around the house is honey. Honey is another natural moisturizer which can be used in a face mask or taken orally as part of a scar treatment remedy. Egg whites too are an effective way to treat acne scars. Just dab it onto the scarred area and leave it on overnight.

Tomatoes and Cucumbers

Tomatoes and cucumbers are other cheap, easily available, but effective ways of treating acne scars. The vitamin A in tomatoes hinders overproduction of sebum and its antioxidant qualities refresh and renew damaged skin. Just place tomato slices on the scarred areas or use a dab of puree as a topical treatment. Cucumber has similar properties as it soothes, refreshes, and heals the skin. Use cucumber juice as a dab on remedy, or juice and paste in a face mask.

A good way to optimize the scar removing properties of both these substances is to treat acne scars and other blemishes with a face mask of tomato puree and cucumber paste. This will reduce the visibility of scars and tightens the pores to improve skin texture..

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is said to be a really good supplement for skin. A lot of people have proved that Vitamin E help the wound to recover. It is specially used in the post surgical procedure.

However, there are pro and cons about using Vitamin E to get rid of scars. Some people say that it is possible to get rid of scars using the Vitamin E. Vitamin E is only reducing the scars. In contrast, some other people have proved that Vitamin E works.

To Use the Vitamin E, you only need to buy the Vitamin E capsule. The Vitamin E capsule is usually sold n the liquid form. Open the capsule and apply the Vitamin E on the scars at night before sleep and let it dry. Wash it on the next morning.

No matter what others say about it, you have to prove it yourself, as it is not a risk taking activity. It is just for your own good. However, you are the one who fully understand your body. The decision is yours.

Onion Extra

Another method is using Onion Extract. You can find onion extract in many scars treatment cream. What makes it so special? It is contains the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substance. They help the formation of collagen.

If we get hurt, the collagen will heal the wound. Therefore, Collagen is important to help the patient to get rid of scars. Once you have use the onion extract for two months, you will see that your scars lighten up a lot. As a result, the scars will be softer and faded.


The last method is using the Tropical Honey. Honey is known as one of the most powerful medicine. It has been used for centuries to cure a lot of disease naturally. Scientist found that Tropical Honey has the same substance as the onion extract. The basic substances are anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

From this method we have understood that both substances play a major role in order to help the patient to get rid of scars.

Other Natural Treatments

Fenugreek, sandalwood, oatmeal, sour cream, yogurt and other this kind of home remedies are frequently quite effective as well to treat acne scars. Try these natural treatment options and then see which one works best for yourself.