The Best Products for Acne Scars of 2019

Most people, when they are dealing with a moderate to severe outbreak of acne, feel as if a war is happening between you and your skin. You try a product, it works for a time, you’re winning and then a flare-up happens. You feel like you’ve lost the battle and may lose the war.

And many times, our biggest concern with acne is that we will be left with a reminder of what we have gone through; acne scars. The scar, although it’s not spoken of often, is as important if not more, than acne itself. Acne affects 80 to 85% of men and women of all ages during some point in their lives. (Read also:  Best Products for Men’s Acne)

Some cases of acne can last for years. Others, who are more fortunate, only deal with this condition for a few months. Many times it is worse during the teen years because of hormonal changes. The deep acne which can happen during those seasons of a youth’s life can cause pimple scars which can last a lifetime.

There are 3 types of zit scars:

  1. Ice-Pick Scars – These scars are between 1 and 2 mm in diameter.
  2. Boxcar Scars – They are larger, measuring about 3 mm in diameter and are very similar to the scars that you get if you pick scabs when you have chicken pox.
  3. Rolling Scars – These are the largest of scars and are much wider, measuring 4 to 5 mm in diameter and they have a rolling appearance – hence their name.

The earlier you get a treatment, the better result you will have. But how do you know what will become a scar and what is inflammation? Normally, once a lesion has healed it will leave some redness or a pigmented mark on the surface of the skin. Usually this is not a scar at all, but just some inflammation which will heal with a few weeks. But, if the redness persists for longer than a few months, you should seek a dermatologists help. The right treatment at an early stage can prevent acne scarring for life.

Unfortunately, pimple scars are a part of what people deal with when they have an acne condition. But there are many natural remedies and drugstore products for acne scars on the market which can help them fade or totally disappear over time. If you feel you are left with permanent scarring, there are some prescription creams and topical ointments as well as minor surgical methods which can be of great help to this unfortunate situation.

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars from Face Fast ?

Acne is a dreaded condition, but nothing is worse than having an ailment leave you but you’re still left with the remnants of it. That is what a case of severe acne will do. It will leave a constant reminder of the battle you went through when you were dealing with acne. Having those scars will not help how you feel about yourself and you will forever dream of the skin you used to have.

But today is very different than years ago. Today there are methods, many quick and inexpensive for scars removal. You no longer need to dream of smooth and even skin, but can acquire it right in the comfort of your own home. A laser treatment is also available for those that can afford the cost.

Scar remover can help you with your self esteem and self confidence which was probably lost during your bout of acne. And thanks to scientists who have formulated some amazing products for the public’s use, you no longer have to deal with the embarrassment and be self conscious due to pimple.

Zenmed, which is a scar treatment kit, can help restore the beautiful skin you once had. And unlike some of the other acne scar removal products, it is inexpensive and is very effective. Now with this product, you can get your life back in just days.

It not only reduces scars but it causes the darkness which normally surrounds severe acne scars to lighten to your normal skin color. You can have zit scars removal in 3 short treatments, which is unlike many of the treatments used by dermatologists which can take months to show any improvement.

The Zenmed system first exfoliates all the dead skin on your face. And with herbs and other natural ingredients, this system is actually not as harsh to use as most. It almost acts as an eraser for in such a short time, you will see your new and fresh skin again where the old scars existed. It causes your skin to once again be even and smooth and brings the color of your skin to an even tone.

Zenmed truly can change your life. Yes there are other treatments that we will cover also and are really good like a laser treatment, but if you want something to act on your scars quickly and effectively, we believe this is probably one of the best acne-fighting systems around.

Best Facial for Pimple Scars

You’ve had facial acne for a long time and you’ve managed to keep it under control, for the most part. Now that your regimen seems to be working and the zit is gone, you have found yourself left with scars which are not going away. Most people who have dealt with a long battle against zits, unfortunately, are left with scars. Some may be permanent. Many of those people are in search for best facial for acne scars.

Most people who are left with scarring from a severe condition of acne will probably go to a dermatologist or skin doctor. Before they decide what facial for zit scars removal treatment to use, they will want a history for you which will included:

  1. Your age
  2. Your health history
  3. Your medical history
  4. Type of scar
  5. Whether it’s a temporary or permanent scar
  6. What medications you’re on
  7. Your personal preference as to what type of treatment you prefer
 There are many who are seeking the best facial for acne scars. Below are the options open to you. They are:


  • Dermabrasion is used to even out smaller scars and more minor skin conditions including minor acne. This is very effective on scraping the top couple of layers of skin which allows the fresher and smoother skin.
  • Collagen Injections which is collagen injected beneath the skin, are used to help sun damaged skin and diminish minor scars, including scars from pimple.
  • Chemical peels are also used to alleviate skin damaged by the sun as well as minor scars from pimple and from other causes. This removes the top layer of skin which usually reveals a much smoother, fresher layer of skin.
  • Laser resurfacing is just what it says. A laser light is used to burn away any skin which is damaged including pimple scars.
  • Skin grafts are used to replace skin that is severely damaged whether it’s from pimple or from some other reason. Skin is taken from another part of the body and that unmarked skin is used to cover the scarred area.

When looking for the perfect acne scarring facial treatment, be aware of your tolerance for treatments and what kind of scar you have. A dermatologist will decide which treatment is best for you. But remember, most insurance plans do not cover these procedures, and they can be very costly. So before you decide on your facial treatment, check with your insurance provider.

Best Acne Scar Treatment Products of 2018/2019

At one time or another, nearly 95% of the population will deal with acne, and for many of them, they are left with a reminder from their outbreaks. After the pimple is long gone, these people are left with scars from their ordeal and are trying to find treatment for pimple scar.

Although pimple is much more prevalent during the teen years, mostly because of hormonal levels fluctuating, pimple can occur in all age groups and can leave scars on the face, back, chest and buttocks. No matter what your age, the pimple scar treatment is the same.

Normally, the treatment is to just use over the counter preparations. Most of these contain either benzoyl peroxide and/or salicyclic acid. Obviously, if a lot of time is spent using these products with your skin responding either a little bit or not at all, then you should see a dermatologist to get a stronger solution.

If you’re looking for the best product to remove acne scars and dark spots, we recommend these 2 products as follow :

  1. Retin-A is a cream which is usually prescribed as the first line of defense when seeking a medication for acne scars. For some, it isn’t very effective and can be irritating to your skin. As a second line of defense and if your skin is very inflamed which points to bacteria, your doctor may prescribe acne antibiotics. Although some dermatologists rely heavily on antibiotic use for the treatment for pimple scar, using it long term can build up an antibiotic resistance which is not desirable.
  2. If all else fails, usually the last line of defense is Accutane. But, please discuss the side effects with your physician because they are vast and wide. Toxicity of the liver, birth defects to an unborn fetus and severe emotional mood swings are among some of the more common reactions people experience. You really have to weigh if having a sure-fire cure for your pimple is worth taking the chance of causing much more severe diseases and reactions.

Due to the fact that none of the normal or traditional methods to use as the medication are guaranteed, physicians and health clinics are looking toward new breakthroughs, one of which is laser therapy. This type of treatment has proven to be amazingly effective in helping, if not totally healing scars caused by severe and cystic acne. Because this treatment is so new, many insurance companies will not cover this facial treatment, which is a major drawback.