The Best Acne Treatment for Women

On this page, we explain everything about female acne. Discover the causes of acne in women and how to get rid of it using the best acne treatment currently in the market.  You can visit  this page to get our recommendations for the best men’s acne treatments.

Adult Female Acne – Causes & How to Treat

Zit is something that can make anyone self conscious and lower their self esteem. Adults are not supposed to get zit right? Zit is supposed to be something that teenagers have to deal with.

For women who suffer from adult women acne they may, be even more frustrated and self conscious about the way that they look and they may want to constantly cover their faces when they go out in public. They may feel that there are no female acne treatments out there that will help their situation.

There are treatments for adult acne on women. The zit can not only be frustrating but it can be painful as well. This type of zit mostly affects women.

Women Acne Causes

There are many reasons why women are predominate suffers from acne. Women, who are still old enough to have a menstrual period, have hormones that fluctuate more often. It is not uncommon for women to suffer a break out once a month, around the time of their period.

Women who take a birth control pill will often notice that their skin has gotten clearer; this is one type of female acne medication. If a woman stops taking her pills, she will often see that her face will begin to suffer from the zit.

Heredity has something to do with it as well. If a family member (parent or sibling) suffered from zit, chances are you will too. So what kind of women’s acne treatment are there? Well there are many ways to help clear up your skin.

How to Treat Female Acne

A family physician or a dermatologist can help find the right treatment to aid in the fight against zit. Vigilant skin care is something that is essential to treating adult women acne.

Gently washing with a facial soap or skin care that is considered mild along with using moisturizer that is not too heavy will keep pores clean.

Using a heavier moisturizer will often act against any other treatments that one might be using. Never pop or lance any breakouts that you may have.

This can help spread zit and make the situation worse by making them red and swollen. Women pimple is something that no woman wants to suffer with, but with the right treatment, it can be a temporary issue.

What’s new in acne blemish laser treatment? Most people, starting from their teens, have in some way suffered from zit..

Teenage Girls

When you’re a teenager zit is viewed as an uncomfortable part of growing up. It always seems to get worse right before that big date or the school dance. You do everything you can to get rid of it while waiting to just simply outgrow it. So, as you slip into your twenties you assume that it’ll all be gone.

Too often it doesn’t work like that. While the boys are getting over their zit problems some girls are still trying to figure out when it is going to stop. With all the ongoing hormonal changes that a woman goes through, and the pregnant years, zit can be an ongoing problem.

Women Over 40

Five percent of all women over forty still have some acne condition and this will last until menopause. Only one percent of men over forty still have zit to deal with.Sometimes zit can be a sign of things that are not going right in your body.

It can be a warning sign that there may be hormonal or pituitary gland issues that you must bring to the attention of your health care provider. You’ll know this if your zit suddenly stops responding to treatment that had always been successful previously.

Or if after not having any zit at all or not for a number of years you suddenly have of a serious outbreak. Another sign to watch for is if you should find your zit gets worse during pregnancy or menstruation. If any of these zit changes occur go to see your health care provider immediately. They will likely want to do an overall physical to make sure that nothing has suddenly become unbalanced.

Women in Their 20s and 30s

Woman also find that in their twenties or even thirties they may experience episodes of mild acne for no known reason. None of the teenage acne remedies work any more because this bout will be because of different hormonal changes.

These kinds of changes can be due to a woman’s monthly cycle and can even make for acne that follows the cycle’s changes. The more hormonal action going on the more zit the woman has. Then as the levels lower the zit does too or it even completely disappears. In these cases over the counter acne lotions and creams won’t be able to do anything and instead you will have to see your dermatologist for some prescription medications.

One of the easiest methods of controlling female acne is to put them on the pill. That’s right your dermatologist will likely suggest using oral contraceptive pills(COCP) to regulate your hormone levels and control the zit. They will suggest a pill with a low dose.

Unless the woman is looking to get pregnant at that moment this solution is actually a very good one for treating mild to moderately bad acne. Some women don’t like using the pill because some can have mild side effects. There are other similar remedies that a dermatologist can offer then a woman will have to choose what best suits her.

The Best Female Acne Treatment Products in 2018

Exposed™ Skin Care

Exposed™ skincare encompass a full spectrum approach to the treatment of acne by using cutting-edge scientific actives and natural additives.

Developed via a collaboration of dermatologists, naturopaths and chemists, Exposed Skincare products will eliminate acne causing bacteria deep inside the skin, exfoliate and unblock clogged pores and lastly aid the skin renewal process as well as maintain its healthiness.

According to the manufacturer, people of all ages and skin types have successfully used this solution that really does work where visible results are experienced between 2 – 5 weeks on the average.


ClearPores Skin Cleansing System

Clearpores™ Skin Cleansing System consists of three optimum formulas to get rid of spots caused by acne bacteria.

This product’s three components work together to unclog the pores, fight the acne bacteria from within and then keeps the pores clean and healthy by protecting it from drying out.

According to the manufacturer, the herbal solution does work due to its natural nutrients that will help one to realize spot free skin, shiny free skin, removes white / blackheads as well as help reduce redness, swelling and scarring.

Many customers have reported positive results within 6 – 8 weeks of using the Facial / Body Deep Wash, Herbal Supplements and Facial / Body Protection Cream.

Revitol Acnezine™ Cream Solution and Pills

Revitol Acnezine™ Cream Solution and Pills is a revolutionary acne skin care management system. It works to treat zit from the inside-out.

The product works to find the cause of existing acne and blemishes.  It also treat possible future outbreaks for both adults and teenagers.

According to the merchant, this is a solution that does work very well for sufferers of mild to moderate acne conditions.

Zenmed™ Scar & Hyperpigmentation Treatment Kit

Zenmed™ Scar & Hyperpigmentation Treatment Kit is a dual action scar treatment system. It works to erase scarring and imperfection.

Consisting of the skin eraser and the microdermabrasion complex, each component works on its own to help improve the appearance of the acne sufferer’s skin.

When you use them together, both components can dramatically transform one’s skin from dull and scarred to radiant and glowing.

According to the manufacturer, many customers have reported positive results in 3-5 weeks with consistent use.

Acne Treatments to Choose & Avoid

In this section, we will be talking about adult female acne treatment. Note that some the treatment have several side effects and it would not be possible for me to list all of them down.

Treatments to Avoid


Despite the fact that female acne is moderate or severe most of the time, you should always try to avoid using accutane because it has many critical side effects. There’s no doubt that accutane can get rid of zit, but the treatment period for accutane is hell for many patients. It should always be the very last treatment you consider and only if other treatment don’t work for you. For acne in women, there are other ways to treat it.

Topical over-the-counter treatment

Normal topical over-the-counter treatment has proven once and again to be ineffective against female acne. Many females has reported new acne sores to appear even when they are under topical treatment. It will do some help for female acne, but never rely on it to treat your zit completely.

Recommended Treatments

Topical Antibiotics & Oral Antibiotics

I would say that these methods do work, however, there are certain things to take note of before you decide to try out on these treatment. Firstly, you have to take note of the side effects of every antibiotics because each and every one of them have different side effects. Also, antibiotics treatment is only temporary. This means that zit will still come back if you stop the taking antibiotics. To read more fascinating news about antibiotics, read my next blog post on antibiotics treatment for acne.

An acne treatment such as benzoyl peroxide (which can be purchased over the counter) is a topical treatment that can be used as a treatment for those with mild to moderate acne. There are also prescription topical solutions that can be applied.

These have a history of irritating user’s skin (especially female users) but it can be used as an acne treatment.  Beside benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and glycolic acid are active ingredients in best acne products.

Birth Control Pills for Acne

Prescription pills are available to help those women that are suffering from zit as well. We talked about a birth control pill(COCP) helping those that take them have clearer skin.

The COCP reduced or completely annihilate your body’s production of androgens, the male sex hormones which facilitates your sebaceous glands sebum’s production. In theory, this will work by controlling your body’s sebaceous production.

However, there are several side effects you have to take note of when consuming those pills. Another problem with this pill is that for patients who stop taking it, reoccurrence of zit happens. Since this is a contraceptive pill, and since it has quite a few side effects, taking it for long term is impractical.


This treatment acts like a androgen blocker, which will help you reduce androgens level, and will than control your body’s sebaceous glands sebum’s production. Like contraceptive pills, you have to take note of the side effects before you decide to try this treatment out. Also, it would be hard to depend on this treatment for long term.


Finding the right treatment for hormonal acne in women could be tricky for most of you. All the acne treatment like birth control pills, spironolactone and antibiotics seems to be only providing short term solution. This is mainly because of the side effects they incur.

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