The Best Acne Treatment for Adults in 2020 – OTC Products & Home Remedies

Many people do not quite realize how common adult acne is. It is estimated that around 50% of adult women and up to 25% of adult men have had acne in their adult lives, and may need the best adult acne products.

Adult acne can be particularly frustrating. One reason is that acne treatments that worked effectively for you as an adolescent may no longer seem effective.

Another reason adults find acne onset problematic is the often difficult time they getting rid of blemishes and clearing up their complexion. The skin care approach and acne medications suitable for teenagers may not work.

Acne Treatment for Adults is Needed More Often Than You’d Expect

Acne in adults is a little like rats in the basement. Noone admits to it but many suffer. And it is not always obvious that someone needs adult acne solutions. It can often be covered up.

Like other acne, the causes of adult acne are not totally understood. However it is suspected that zit in adults is related to hormones, so any attempt at some acne treatment should involve a trip to the doctor.

Your doctor may well prescribe an acne treatment that does not directly attack the zit but deals with a hormonal imbalance, thereby treating the zit as a side effect of clearing up the hormonal condition. And it may not be worthwhile attempting any form of zit medication until the hormonal problem is dealt with, as it is trying to treat the symptom rather than the cause.

Finding the RIGHT acne treatment must have been a dilemma for many acne victims. Often, they will see a cluster of sites promoting proactive while at the other end, they see sites promoting murad.

Sights of people searching for the best acne treatments for adults has been common, some others turn to natural treatment.

What is The Best Adult Acne Treatment Products?

Many people who are stuck with adult acne have been searching for the “BEST Acne Treatment for Adults”. There is no best acne treatment, period. What works best for you might not produce the similar effects for your friends, or even your relatives. Of course, if everyone talks bad about a particular product, than there must be something wrong with that product.

What I’m trying to nail to your head hard is that you should NEVER choose a particular product immediately because whoever says its good. What you should do is that you should look behind the science of “how that product works” before deciding whether you should believe what the users says. ONLY YOU can decide what acne treatment works best for you.

Forums, blogs, social networks, anywhere you go you will see people say they use this and this and that product and it didn’t work out for them. Dismayed, frustrated and even annoyed, they have a hard time wondering what they went wrong. Without adequate knowledge about acne skin care, you could easily be on the list of victims. After all, there’s so much complication about skin type, product suitability, side effects or even genes issues. Know your product first before you intend to purchase them.

The Best Adult Acne Products

Finding the RIGHT adult acne products for your skin care regimen is extremely important. With so many affiliates program going on in today’s industry, “fake reviews” can be seen easily on many sites. On this guide, we do not do these dirty tricks. We believe that every zit sufferer have the right to determine the most suitable zit products for themselves.

We do not specifically recommend any zit products that would work best for everyone, because we believe that different zit products works differently for different individuals. Some of our recommendations are based on previous users reviews.

#1 Exposed Skincare

exposed acne solutionsWhat’s so special about it? Exposed is a collaborative effort by a team of great professionals, combining professional of different fields ranging from dermatologists, cosmetologists, naturopaths and to even chemists.

This first time combination of skin care professionals resulted in the creation of an acne treatment that not only clears your existing acne, but also prevents future acne outbreaks, and that is exposed skin care. Simply said, exposed deals your zit problem on a full spectrum approach.


2. Proactiv Acne Treatment Kit


The acne-fighting product Proactiv has the advantage of using some very popular spokespeople for its advertising campaign. The product is marketed on a very well-designed website that includes many useful features such as video customer testimonials (with before and after photos), an informative FAQ section and details on the causes and treatment of acne, a condition that does not only affect teens but can strike at any time of life.

Proactiv – Product Details

Proactiv is made by the Guthy-Renker company and although there is limited information about the company, they do provide good customer service that is available 24/7 and a 60-day money back guarantee on all orders. Additionally, customers can take advantage of their Activ-member program, whereby they can receive discounted prices and bonus gifts.

The Proactiv system is compiled of three products that are a renewing cleanser, a revitalizing toner and a repair treatment lotion. Both the lotion and cleanser use Benzoyl Peroxide as their primary active ingredient. The toner contains Glycolic acid to help exfoliate and restore balance. Each product is applied morning and night and apart from those with very sensitive skin, no irritation should occur (although it is advised to avoid sun exposure and use a sun screen). There is also a special ‘teen’ kit which includes a blemish treatment and other bonus gifts.

Proactiv – Advantages

  • A 60-day m
  • Money back guarantee is provided
  • The website is informative and contains customer testimonials
  • Product discounts and free gifts are available
  • All formula ingredients are listed
  • Proactiv has celebrity spokespeople

Proactiv – Drawbacks

  • No scientific test results are cited
  • Manufacturer information is limited
  • All three products must be used to achieve optimal results
  • The products may too harsh for some skin types

Proactiv The Bottom Line

Proactiv would certainly appeal to teenagers given the fact that it is advertized by very prominent popular celebrities, although the formula is really not unique in any way.

The use of Benzoyl Peroxide is very common in this type of treatment and Proactiv does use a fast-absorbing technique, which may help it begin to work quicker and more effectively.


#2 Clearogen

What’s so special about it? Clearogen is the first and only over-the-counter acne treatment that tackles zit from its root. Many zit products today only clears your existing acne and does nothing to address your zit from its root.

Clearogen is different, Clearogen address your zit from its source by reducing the production of DHT(Dihydro-Testoseterone). DHT is a hormone by-product that will stimulate your sebaceous glands to produce excessive oil and eventually cause zit.

#3 Acnezine

What’s so special about it? Acnezine is not just another topical acne product, it tackles your zit problem RIGHT from its source. Being an antioxidant, acnezine clears toxins off your body. This will allow your liver to control your body’s hormonal balance.

Another good thing about acnezine is that it is 100% natural and since it does not require any cream application, it is also skin friendly. The amazing fact about acnezine is that it doesn’t have any side effects, in fact, it improve your general health!

Adult Acne Causes

Zit can persist well into a person’s 50’s. Some zit breakouts have different root causes than the zit you knew as a teenager. To find the best treatment for adult acne you need to first identify the cause for acne in adults.

  • Hormonal Imbalances

    Hormonal imbalances in women not only reek havoc on your mind and body, it can take a toll on the skin, too. Hormones impact the moisture balance in the skin by stimulating the oil producing sebaceous glands. Increased levels of the male hormone testosterone increases sebum production resulting in oily, blemish-prone skin. Likewise an increase in estrogen reduces oil secretions resulting in dryer skin.Women find they may suffer from zit breakouts during pregnancy. The reason is the tidal wave of hormonal changes taking place inside the body. Acne blemishes are generally worse during the first trimester of pregnancy but it’s not uncommon for it to continue until breast feeding ends.

    Since a woman’s estrogen level drops a few days before her menstrual cycle while her estrogen levels increase, the sebaceous glands kick in producing more oil. The additional sebum often produces pimples and zits.

  • Stress

    Until recently health researchers were divided over the relationship between stress and acne in adults. Studies at Stanford University and The National Academy of Sciences demonstrate that stress makes zit worse. Stress causes acne in two ways. First, the adrenal glands increase the output of hormones. One is testosterone, the other is cortisol. Both hormones stimulates that pesky sebaceous gland to produce more sebum. The extra sebum makes the skin more oily and leads to zit formation. The end result: increased zit and more inflamed pus-filled papules.

    Stress is also well documented to suppress the immune system. Because stress reduces the ability of the human body to heal wounds, if you are under stress the zit is more difficult to clear up.

  • Foods

    When it comes to acne treatment products for adults, it’s what you don’t eat that matters. Even though dermatologist may insist diet plays no role on acne, countless reports in various acne forums prove otherwise.

    Zit is not so much caused by a particular diet or food so much as a particular food may aggravate acne. Think about it as a food allergy. Look out for reactions to fats, sugar, dairy products and iodine containing foods like table salt, shellfish, spinach and bread products.

  • Medications

    Acne that show up for the first time in adulthood should be checked for an underlying cause. Research indicates certain medications can cause acne. The biggest culprits are lithium, anabolic steroids, compounds containing iodine and some anti-epileptic prescriptions.

    Lithium makes zit worse because it significantly increases the level of sebum production. However, the type of acne lithium produces differs from regular outbreaks since the blemishes formed generally do are not comedones (blackheads or blackheads).

    Anabolic steroids cause acne through the increased production of oil by the sebaceous gland. Increased oil activity combine with bacteria and dead skin cells to clog the pores more quickly before body can eliminate them.

    Iodine containing medications react in some adults by creating zit. Examples of drugs containing iodine are amiodarone ( used to prevent abnormal heart rhythms), cadexomer gel (an antibiotic and absorbent agent used to cleans and protect wounds), contrast agents injected for x-rays and many over the counter cough remedies.

  • Chemicals

    A little known skin condition known as Cloracne shows up as a rash after over exposure to certain chemicals and herbicides. Lesions usually are found on the cheeks, behind the ears, in armpits and around the groin.

    Chloracne normally occurs when aromatic hydrocarbons used in the creation of herbicides contacts the skin, is ingested or inhaled.

  •  Physical pressure and friction

    Chronic pressure to the skin can cause a condition known as acne mechanica. Heat, covered skin, constant pressure or repetitive friction against the skin surface irritates the skin surface that mar the complexion

  • Common causes include:

    • helmets and straps worn while playing football, hockey and motor cycle racing
    • tight uniforms made from synthetic fabrics
    • headbands
    • back pack straps and backpacks
    • violins and violas tucked for long periods against the neck
    • snug bra straps
    • snug jeans and leggings
    • tight underwear

    When it comes to getting zit under control, the key to finding the most effective and best acne products for adults is to first determine the source. If all those bumps, pimples, blackheads and zits are not clearing up, a different acne treatment may be your answer.

How To Treat Adult Acne

Whether you had pimple as an adolescent or not or those pimples you are looking at are appearing for the first time, dealing with pimplee can be frustrating.

For starters, what causes zits in an adult is often different from the cause as a teenager. This means that what cleared up breakouts of pimple and blackheads when you were a teenager won’t necessarily work for you as an adult. The good news is with a little patience and proper care your skin can return to normal.

Pimples and blackheads (known as comedones) if left untreated can permanently damage the skin. The resulting scars can last a lifetime sometimes requiring expensive and often uncomfortable surgery to correct.

Most adults head to the skin care aisle of their local drugstore as soon as the first blemish appears. For mild cases, over the counter remedies can work. Look for products that contain benzoyle peroxide (to kill the bacteria causing the inflammation) and salicylic acid (removes dead skin cells and keeps the skin surface healthy and clean)

Avoid acne products designed for teenagers unless you have super oily skin. Since adult sebaceous glands produce less sebum, men and women have drier skin than adolescents. Products marketed to solve teen age zit problems could be to drying for your skin.

With as many as 25% of men and 50% of women dealing with acne, more skin care products specifically designed for adults are coming to market. Look for products made Murad, L’oreal and Aveeno on the shelf. Over the counter products may take as long as 6 weeks to clear up your pores. If you don’t see results by then, it’s time to call in a dermatologist.

Topical Treatments – for Mild to Moderate acne

For mild to moderate acne, your dermatologist might recommend using a prescription topical cream or gel, topical antibiotics or a combination of the two.

  • Azelaic Acid

    Azelaic acid attacks Propionibacterium acnes, the “pimple germ” that causes acne breakouts, reduces inflammation and keeps skin pores clear. Brand names include Azelex and Finacea.

  • Topical Retinoids

    Retinoids like Retin-A are synthesized from Vitamin A. Topical retinoids are quickly exfoliate the skin. By keeping pores open, bacteria isn’t trapped, preventing comedone development Retinoids are helpful for if you have moderate to severe acne. Adults like using retinoids also make the skin younger looking by reducing wrinkles and “age lines”.

  • Topical Antibiotics

    Topical antibiotics work to inhibit the growth of Propionibacterium acnes, the bacteria linked with acne vulgaris. The antibiotics can be used as a as a stand- alone acne treatment or in combined with other medications to treat moderate to severe acne and reduce the severity of breakouts.

    Common topical antibiotics used to treat zit include clindamycin, erythromycin, sodium sulfacetamide and tetracycline and tetracycline.

  • Topical Combination Therapy

    Topical combination therapy blends topical medications to kill control acne causing bacteria, remove dead skin cells, clear out pores and reduce the number bumps, pimples and blackheads. The therapy offers the additional advantage of reducing the amount of antibiotics necessary to kill p. acnes as compared to using topical antibiotics by themselves.

When Topical Treatments Don’t Work

If acne doesn’t improve using prescription topical creams, the next step may require oral medications. The most well-known is Accutane (isotretinoin), an oral antibiotic. Isotretinoin is designed for severe acne like cystic acne and not for the occasional breakout.

Your doctor may prescribe a different oral antibiotic. Once the zit is under control, the oral treatments stop and topical treatment alone keeps zit from coming back.

If zit doesn’t improve using prescription topical creams, the next step may require oral medications. The most well-known is Accutane (isotretinoin), an oral antibiotic.

Isotretinoin is designed for severe acne like cystic acne and not for the occasional breakout. Your doctor may prescribe a different oral antibiotic. Once the zit is under control, the oral treatments stop and topical treatment alone keeps zit from coming back.

Oral contraceptives are occasionally prescribed for women to help balance hormonal fluctuations that lead to zit development. Birth control pills won’t clear up serious acne cases, but can be effective for those women who get a few pimples at the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

Getting zit under control not only reduces the risk of permanent scarring, it also improves the quality of life. The longer zit is left untreated the more likely scarring will take place. Research underscores that adults respond more negatively to the effects of zit on their quality of life than do teenagers.

Adult pimple solutions can be effective. But you need to be patient and understand clearing up those blemishes may take some time.

Adult Acne Diet & Food

The relation between acne and diet/food has always been a debate. Recent studies have shown a direct relation between diet and zit. It has proven that the American diet( high carbohydrates and refined sugar) are the causes of zit for many people. There are certain food that can seriously aggravate acne. Of course, there are other food that will be beneficial for acne treatment.

Some people have experience fantastic result for their acne skin care by switching their diet. Diet definitely is part of the zit linkage, but diet is not all. Diet is just one of those complex factors that can lead to zit. Different food tackles your zit source differently. Chromium can control hormonal balance, while vitamin A can help to promote tissue renewal.

It all depends on every individual whether he/she if they want to change their diet to treat zit. Certainly, a well planned diet would helped in treating zit. Many of us finds it difficult to make a complete switch to eat food that will aid heal zit.

My point is that, you don’t have to force yourself to make a complete change over(though it will be better), but the minimal thing you could do is to reduce the intake of those food that can aggravate zit. There’s a limit for over-the-counter products to help in your adult acne treatment. I hope you at least make an effort to cut away those food that are acne-unfriendly if you ever wants to be acne free. Every effort you make will help you fight zit.

Adult Acne Home Remedies

A myriad of people around the globe have problems with acne. Having acne may be one of the most horrible issues that may happen to an adolescent, as well as a grownup. It spoils your self-esteem also it can stop you from performing things the majority of people at your age carry out.

Seeing that I recognize how you sense, I have accumulated the ideal home remedies for adult acne that are not only inexpensive but also reliable.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a kind of vinegar produced from apple cider. This acne home remedy has assisted plenty of acne victims to lessen and perhaps eliminate this traumatic skin issue.

A large number of acne victims noted that their acne started to alleviate in a day or two since beginning to apply apple cider vinegar. Then how to use apple cider vinegar? Get clear and unfiltered apple cider vinegar and thin it down with water.

Apple cider vinegar has acids and if utilized in the absolute form can break the skin. As a result it requires to be watered down. Blend vinegar in water in the coefficient of 1:8. Soak a cotton wool ball in this remedy and utilize right on the acne as well as the scarring and marks. Leave it overnight and rinse away the next day.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera assists to minimize swelling and redness in acne-prone places and is successful being a spot treatment home remedies. It may ease and lower aged acne scarring, and assist to regrow skin to ensure that scars can be substituted for clean, healthy skin.

You need to rinse your face two times a day employing a facial soap including aloe vera. Aloe vera soap can be employed more often in case you battle with oily skin. You perhaps make use of an aloe vera lotion or cream to hydrate the whole face devoid of putting oil.

The aloe vera in the moisturizer will aid to avoid potential breakouts generated by a buildup of extra oil. And make use of aloe vera gel as a mask in the evening. Use it to impacted areas and sleep devoid of cleaning it away. Clean with aloe vera soap the next day. Constant use of aloe vera to cure acne may boost signs and forestall more breakouts.


Implement fresh, natural garlic as one of your acne household acne remedies. Garlic is nature’s anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic medicine. It is extremely efficient at lowering the inflammation and redness of your acne.

Furthermore, nevertheless, it assists to get rid of the bacteria that induce your acne. Don’t rub garlic on your skin though because it will just poke and burn your skin. Merely add fresh garlic into your diet. You may also boil them, cool the broth down, and consume it as a juice.

To get its taste more tolerable, it’s fine to use a bit of honey to that remedy. Make sure to attempt these adult acne home remedies on a tiny part of your skin initially before using it on your overall face so that you can pay attention to any allergy.