Best Treatment for Baby Acne

In this guide, you will learn about baby acne including the causes, how to cure it and the best treatment to cure the acne.

Given birth to a child is the best gift God has ever given to any woman!!! As rightly said, baby’s face is the innocent face, but suddenly you see small red pimples appearing on their cheeks. These are called baby or infant acne. Acne in babies begins with small red spots in the form of pimples.

You may be surprised to see that sometimes these pimples clear out automatically, whereas sometimes these really show up on their face, because the severity of baby acne directly depends on the mood and state of mind of baby. If a baby is constantly crying for hours, or is upset, or hungry, or irritated, the acne really breaks out in full.

4 FAQ about Acne on Baby

Are you lucky enough to be a new parent? Do you have a beautiful baby boy or baby girl? Does your baby have baby acne? What causes baby acne ? This may seem like an unusual question because most people believe acne doesn’t surface until adolescence. However, even babies can deal with acne. Baby acne is different from child,  teen and adult acne, but it is acne none the less. Following are answers to common questions about infant acne.

What is baby acne?

Baby acne appears as small red bumps on the skin, most often on the face. These pimples can be red or fleshy in color. The acne is most commonly found on the cheeks. However, your baby’s chin and forehead are ripe areas for baby acne as well. Usually the pimples are red, but sometimes whiteheads will surface.

Why do some babies have acne, while others do not, even in the same family?

Acne on baby is the result of hormones that are transferred from the mother to the baby through the placenta right before the birth of the child. These extra hormones from the mother affect the baby’s oil glands by stimulating them. This stimulation causes the oil glands to produce more oil which leads to baby acne. Since infant acne is dependent upon this transfer of hormones, it can be hit or miss with each baby in the family.

At what age do babies normally get baby acne?

Sometimes your baby will have baby acne from the moment they are born. Otherwise, most acne on baby  appears when your baby is about one month old. You may also find that your baby has the highest level of gas when their acne surfaces and/or worsens. This has to do with the stimulation from the hormones transferred to them during birth. They may be extremely irritable as well. Don’t worry; they will outgrow the acne.

How to Get Rid of Baby Acne?

All you should do is gently wash your baby’s face with water. Avoid soaps and lotions as they could make your baby’s acne worse. However, if your baby has severe acne, you should consult your Doctor. They can prescribe medicine that will help clear the skin. Usually, your baby will outgrow their acne when they are four to six months in age.

So does your child have baby acne? Make sure to double check with your Pediatrician. Thankfully, infant acne is not a lifelong condition. Your child will grow up with clear skin. That is, until puberty hits and then they may have to deal with acne again.

Some Facts About Acne on Baby

  • Acne on baby is common. It may be caused due to mother’s hormone level as while giving birth the hormones are allowed to pass through the placenta to the baby of a period of time. Now these hormones stimulate the production of the oil and increase the level of oil in the skin which results to baby Acne. Sometimes due to the withdrawal of maternal hormones after delivery also leads to acne. The boys are likely to have more acne than girls. And you can forget about the scars totally as they disappear automatically.
  • Never should you use any kind of products for their skin as they are very sensitive, herbal or organic. Doctor’s might advice you to wash your baby’s face with fresh water or very mild soap. It usually takes five to six months to disappear. But if you see it’s taking time, please visit your doctor. Make sure baby’s clothes like the towels, bibs, socks and other clothes are carefully washed so that there’s no soap or detergent left on them. Sometimes soaps also play some roles for the acne. Keep your baby clean so that he or she is not getting irritated with saliva or milk which is falling or aggravating the acne.
  • The recovery of the acne largely depends on your baby’s mood. Also do not panic and start looking for baby acne treatment to cure acne as sometimes even after using oils or creams and proper medication, the rashes don’t disappear. But it may further add to more acne. Extra care has to be taken during winter season by the mother’s. Make sure that the baby’s skin has space to breathe. The blankets or sweaters should not touch the affected area. Do not use lotions or oils on the skin which again might add to more acne. While clean the face, dab the towel very slowly on the skin without hurting the acne and making it worse.
  • There are natural products which are on the market like baby washes and lotions which are natural products and made specially to treat infant acne instead buying the daily products as your baby’s skin is very sensitive.
  • Also, Milia – white bumps on your baby’s nose or chin are different from infant acne and can be cured faster than infant acne and not common like acne.

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