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Oxygen Facial Machine

The Best Oxygen Facial Machines

Have you always wanted perfect, glowing skin like the celebrities that you see on the red carpet? There is a reason these celebs always appear to have flawless skin. Hollywood is typically several steps ahead of the public when it comes to the latest skincare secrets. One example of this is oxygen facial. In this post, we have listed some of best oxygen facial machines available in the market today. But, before we jump to the list, let’s learn first about facial machine

Best Facial Machines for Home Use – Top 5 picks

Technological advancement has made it possible for beauty specialists to apply different appliances and techniques to rejuvenate the facial skin. These special spa tools or equipment are commonly referred to as the facial machine. There are different types of them on the market and they almost serve the same purpose adopting different techniques.

These facial products can perform different functions and that depends on the type you want to apply, and the type of results that you want to achieve. The major purposes they serve are soothing and stimulating your skin. When a professional uses the equipment, you would be surprised at the excellent result it is going to produce in your face.
Beauty and spa salons across the globe would depend on one form of the device or the other to rebuild your facial skin. These products have become very popular and that is because of the various benefits that can be driven from them. Here are some of the great benefits of using this beauty products.


Many people resort to facial appliance because of the great benefits that they derive from it. It is always a soothing and relaxing experience for most people because it can actually make a difference in their facial appearance and in their age. They would look younger than their actual age. There are several benefits that you can derive from them when you apply them to your body.

  • It could boost your circulatory system: this is one of the most important benefits that you can get from this process. It offers amazing benefits to your skin as it facilitates the circulatory process. It stimulates blood circulation and ensures that enough quantities of oxygen find its way to your face. In this process, it eliminates those aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines, and several other marks on your facial skin.
  • Some of them could actually cure acne. This is because it makes the body become free from tension. It generally makes the facial skin look better and younger as well.
  • It detoxifies your skin: if you are looking for the perfect and natural way of detoxifying your skin, then you should opt for any of the products that would be listed below. When it detoxifies the skin naturally, it brings about a healthy facial skin.
  • It ensures a natural face lift: they are good to the skin, as it can help to achieve face lift in safe and natural ways.
  • It makes your skin to look healthier and grow again.
  • It can actually improve your mood: with a rejuvenate skin and mind; you are going to achieve an improved mood as well. When you apply any of them, you would discover that it refreshes your skin and rejuvenates the body and makes you happier as well.
  • It reduces aging signs: most importantly, they would help do away with those aging symptoms and make you look younger and healthier again.

Facial Machine for Home Use

These equipments used to be only accessible to skin care clinics and spas. But with all the advancement in technology and seeing the need for home facial treatment machines, manufacturers have developed a product that will match this need. Now, you can experience facial spa treatment right at the comfort of your home. You will not have to make appointments, brave the traffic, wait in line, and spend a fortune on spa treatments. You can do it at your own time and squeeze the ritual to your busy schedule. Just a few minutes with the tool each week should do the trick.

When looking for a home face lift machine, find one that is easy to operate and uncomplicated to use. Let us face it, there are times when even if the equipment is available to you, one may not always find the time and motivation to use it. You may think that you will do it tomorrow and then come home late in the evening the next day. And again, you do not have time to do it. Therefore, find a home facial equipment that is easy to assemble and use, so the ritual can be done in as little effort as possible.

Tips to Choose

When looking for the best facial machines for home use, it is important to know first what you want to achieve when using the product. As there are a lot of products in the market today, you will need to find one that suits your specific needs. You may want something that you can bring anywhere with you or something that targets a specific skin condition. The most important thing is to find the optimal device that equals or exceeds the amount that you have paid for it.

Today’s generation has put emphasis on the idea of work-life balance. And to achieve this, giving time for your self has been constantly stressed out. Self-pampering is just one of the ways that this generation copes with all the stresses of family, relationships, work, and studies. Getting a facial is one of the ways to relax oneself. You will feel rejuvenated after this soothing experience.

These equipments are being used in a lot of skin care clinics. With the help of a skin care professional, these equipments offer excellent results that can be seen right after each session. It is hard to imagine getting a facial without having a go at the clinic.

Types of Facial Equipments

There are different kinds of facial equipment for home use out there. If you visit a spa shop for facials, they would determine the most suitable equipment to use on your face. There are many possibilities, as there are different tools out there. Many of these products could actually transform your facial appearance as they can produce excellent skin firming and cleansing results. You can make your choice out of the various configurations available in the industry.

There are 7 types of Facial Equipments, the first one is Oxygen Facial Equipment.

Top Oxygen Facial Machines

This is perhaps the newest equipment to enter the spa industry, and it has become very popular since celebrities make it their number one choice. This tool applies oxygen to the skin alongside cosmeceutical ingredients, and the result would be the rejuvenation of the skin and it would create a more radiant look.

These facial treatments involve the use of a pressurized stream of oxygen to deliver various active ingredients. This includes a variety of antioxidants, along with peptides and moisturizers. If you want your skin to be camera ready all the time, just like your favorite celebs, then you should learn a little more about these facials.

What is an Oxygen Facial ?

What exactly are these oxygen facials? As mentioned, they require the use of pressurized oxygen. The theraphy was first developed in 2002. Since then, it has been refined and improved.

You will typically need to visit a beauty clinic or spa to enjoy this treatment. The process starts with the exfoliation of your skin. From there, your aesthetician will determine which specific treatment is right for your skin.

What Types of The Oxygen Facials Are Available?

There are four types of treatment. Each one features a different blend of active ingredients. The four options include:

• Atoxelene
• Clarity
• Opulence
• Rejuvenate

Atoxelene is an alternative to Botox and is used to soften your skin and firm expression lines. It can also help give your lips a plumper look.

Clarity is the treatment of choice for those with acne woes. It helps to calm and prevent acne flare-ups by adding moisture to your skin.

Opulence is used for those with uneven skin. It will help make your skin appear more luminous.

The final treatment is referred to as the Rejuvenate treatment. This can diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also adds more moisture to your skin.

All four treatments include hyaluronic acid. This is key to the effectiveness of these treatments. Hyaluronic acid is actually a molecule that is naturally found in your skin. It is used to bind moisture, which how this theraphy can help give your skin a firmer appearance, while also hydrating your skin.

Once you and your aesthetician select a treatment, the infusion is sprayed directly on your skin. The pressurized oxygen is then applied using a wand, which is attached to the oxygen facials.

The delivery device is similar to the airbrush guns used by professional makeup artists. It is able to deliver a continuous flow of pure oxygen under pressure. This is another primary feature of these treatments.

The pressurized oxygen can enhance the absorption of the active ingredients into your skin. As a side benefit, the oxygen also has a natural cooling effect and acts as an antibacterial agent.

Does It Work?

You honestly have to try this treatment to believe it. The results can be truly amazing. It is a completely safe theraphy using natural ingredients. The entire process only takes between 30 and 60 minutes. The result is healthy, luminous skin.

People have enjoyed the success of this theraphy for dealing with a wide range of skin problems. Not only can these treatments improve the condition of your skin and prevent acne, they may be able to help treat your eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea.

Oxygen Facial Benefits

There are numerous reasons for getting one a facial using pressurized oxygen. Thousands of satisfied individuals can attest to the effectiveness of these treatments. Some of the main benefits include the following:

• Treat a variety of skin conditions, including eczema
• Clear up acne flare-ups and prevent future breakouts
• Tighten your skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles
• Keep your skin hydrated and give yourself a natural glow

The primary benefit of this treatment is the fact that you can treat a variety of skin conditions and improve the health of your skin in a completely safe and effective way.

Using these treatments, you can clear up acne and hydrate your skin. You can give your lips more volume, make your skin appear firmer, and tighten up your skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and the signs of aging.

How Do You Choose ?

Now that you understand the reasons for getting an oxygen treatment, how do you choose the right treatment? The theraphy that you choose will depend on what you are looking to get out of the procedure. Here is an overview of how to choose the best treatment for your skin:

• To achieve softer skin and firm your expression lines – Atoxelene
• To clear up your acne and prevent future breakouts – Clarity
• To make your skin appear more luminous – Opulence
• To fight the signs of aging and tighten your skin – Rejuvenate

Along with the basic four treatments, the creators of this facial tool have added four booster serums. You can mix and match these with the treatment that you choose to get specific results. These serum boosters include:

• Vitamin A+ Booster
• Vitamin C+ Booster
• Collagen+ Booster
• Antioxidant+ Booster

The Vitamin A+ Booster is perfect for those with oily skin. It can also help reduce visible pores and resurface fine lines or wrinkles. Many people enjoy this booster due to the fact that it is not as irritating as other types of retinol.

The Vitamin C+ Booster is used for all skin types. It can help even out your skin tone and reduce the signs of sun damage.

The Collagen+ Booster is full of peptides, which can add volume to your skin. It also helps to tighten your skin, which is beneficial for those that have begun to lose elasticity in their face.

The last booster is the Antioxidant+ Booster. Rejuvenate your skin in a natural way. Many people find that the Antioxidant+ Booster helps provide a boost when they look tired or exhausted.

Overall, all of the treatments can help to rejuvenate, hydrate, and clear your skin. For a natural glow, the facial with oxygen theraphy is the way to go.

How Do You Get One of These Treatments?

In order to get one of these facials, you will need to find a clinic or spa that offers these treatments. Check with spas located near you. Give them a call and ask if they have facial treatments involving pressurized oxygens.

Due to the popularity of thess treatments, you can expect an increasing number of locations to begin offering this procedure.

If you want to give your skin a natural glow and finally conquer your skin problems, then an oxygen treatment could be exactly what you are looking for.

Other Types of Facial Machines


This technique would achieve a deeper level facial when compared to the traditional techniques. One thing great with this is that you are going to achieve an increase circulation and achieve a more refreshed and better skin when you apply this instrument. The instrument itself has a paddle attached on its end and utilizes low-frequency ultrasonic vibration and that is why it penetrates deeper.

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This is another great tool and it is a handheld device. should expect to derive a high-end value when you apply it on your face. When it is used with charged gels, it softens and smoothens your skin and facial appearance removing wrinkles in the process.

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High Frequency

This is popular equipment used by spa professionals to restore beauty and freshness to the facial skin. It can equally be used to treat as well as prevent acne in teenagers and adults, reduce enlarged pores as well as minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine line and decongestion of the puffy eyes and so on. This tool is such unique that it is often considered as an essential and timeless rejuvenating tool.

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Facial Steamer

This is another valuable tool that is used to steam your face in a more relaxed way to achieve a long-lasting effect. When it is applied to the face, it does many things such as enhancing facial blood circulation, as well as opening those pores to do away with those impurities in the face.

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Radio frequency

This is a very popular method and there are different kinds of gadgets that can be used. Whichever gadget you decide to use, one great thing that makes this method popular is the fact that it can deliver high-frequency radio wave energy anytime that it is applied to the skin. When it is applied, you are going to be better as you would notice a transformation in the body in the form of skin rejuvenation.

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The hottest machine to hit the industry is the microcurrent anti-aging face lift machine, which is attributed with several qualities. The technique is effective and has proved to be a unique muscle stimulator since it started being used in the 1980s. This equipment has proved to be very effective in the cure, as well as lifting and flagging of facial muscles.

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Portable Facial Tools

With all the advancement of today’s technology, there are a lot of efforts in making things portable so you can bring them wherever you go. This increases a product’s accessibility and convenience. Having a portable facial equipment in your bag will not give you any excuses as to why you are not able to take care of your skin. You can use it during traffic, between breaks, and virtually any time that you are idle. You can even bring it to vacations or take it with you during sleepovers. You and your friends can each take turns in using it.

When looking for a portable face lift machine, you need to consider how it powers up, how long it will last if not connected to an outlet, the size, and the level of effectiveness. All these things should determine whether you should buy this gadget or not. You would not want a device that consistently dies on you or a portable device that does not look portable relative to its size.

These facial tools will make it possible for you to take care of your skin and slow down the hands of time. You can enjoy a spa treatment wherever you are.

Facial Device for Wrinkles

Wrinkles are time’s way of letting you know that it is coming right at you. But you can slow down the appearance of wrinkles despite the passing of time by taking care of your skin. Find a regimen that will work for you. And one of the best ways to combat wrinkles is with the use of these appliances.

Facial treatment machine will not totally put a stop to the skin’s natural aging process, but will help reduce fine lines and lift the skin by applying low-level of heat or electric current. The heat and electric current may help in speeding up skin repair, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, and increasing blood circulation. These processes will improve your skin’s appearance and ultimately delay the signs of aging.

To top it all off, this machines is affordable, painless, and definitely works wonders. As opposed to going under the knife for beauty enhancements, you can use this device as part of your beauty regimen. It will help you tone the muscles of your face and tighten the skin as a result of muscle contraction.

How to Use Facial Machines

Face lift machine is an effective anti-aging device that helps tighten the skin by applying low-level heat or electric current to your skin. Here are the steps you need to do when using your tool at home.

  1. Cleanse. Using your usual beauty products, cleanse your face and neck. Pat your face dry using a towel. Use a cotton ball or a spritz bottle to apply toner to your face. Leave your skin to dry.
  2. Steam. Applying steam to your face will help cleanse your pores through the production of sweat. It will feel satisfying and will help loosen up the muscles of the face. It also weakens blackheads and whiteheads.
  3. Exfoliation. Exfoliation can happen at any time around the steaming process, depending on the technique being used. There are several application choices that you can use to exfoliate the skin. You can use a cream, peel, mask, or exfoliating gel during this process. You can use the sponge and brush attachments that come along with your device to help you with this process.
  4. Vacuum. You can use the small vacuum attachment that comes with your device. The vacuum is used to get rid of the remaining dirt and dead skin. The vacuum usually looks like a flat glass placed on a tube generating the suction.
  5. Massage. To relax your facial muscles, a massage will be done using oil or lotion. Using your device, attach the small disk to the same wand that you used during the exfoliation process. Facial massage will stimulate blood circulation and will help you relax.
  6. Mask. After the massage comes the application of facial mask. This will be used to treat specific skin conditions. Allow a few minutes before the mask works its magic.
  7. Use The Gadget. After removing the facial mask, you can use your gadget to apply low-level heat or electric current to your skin. In a circular motion, allow the wand to massage your face and neck. It will help tighten the skin and postpone the signs of aging. Follow the instructions on your tool on how long and how frequent you should use the product.
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