Best Makeup Kits for Professionals & Beginners of 2019

Whether you’re a pro makeup artist and looking for professional makeup kits or a beauty enthusiast looking for makeup kits for beginners, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we have picked and featured 6 make up kits that will fit your needs.

Why are make up kit one of the best gifts you can give? When I take into account all the items I need to help me look my best, buying makeup can be quite expensive. Like most women with a family, I hesitate to spend so much money on myself when family needs come first.

So receiving a makeup kit as a gift is perfect because it makes me happy that I can enjoy it guilt free. Forget about getting me any kitchen gadget or some other item for the home. Let’s face it, don’t we all appreciate gifts that are much more personal?

A makeup set or kit includes everything I need to help me look my best. From eye shadows to face powders to concealers and even lipsticks and nail polish in some kits, this is the best gift to make me happy because when I look good, I feel good. And what I like to receive as a gift, I find usually makes a great gift idea for someone else. What could be more perfect?

SHANY Carry-All-Trunk Cosmetic Kit


This set is a great starter kit I would buy for a young girl or tween. It has everything she will need to experiment with makeup as part of her learning process.

It has received very positive customer reviews with the only minor notes being that the carrying case has no compartments and the items were smaller than expected. However, the products were praised for their quality and variety all for a great price.

Cosmetic Kit Deals – All-in-One Kit for Women

These professional makeup kits come in a variety of shades that allow you to mix and match the colors to your heart’s delight. For young girls, it’s a wonderful way to sample the products to discover what is most flattering and suitable for them.


Makeup Brush Sets – SHANY Professional 13-Piece Brush Set and Pouch


Is it just me or do also find yourself missing the right makeup brush to do a specific task. So frustrating! No wonder the results are not what I want. Mind you, I have to be honest and admit that I only have about 4 brushes in all, which is no way nearly enough.
So wouldn’t I just love to receive a cosmetic brush set as a gift (hope springs eternal that one of my family members might check out this article!) and specifically this one as it is a bestseller with over xxx customer reviews! This 13-piece set includes 12 brushes and pouch.

Makeup Brush Set Deals – The essential makeup tools!

When you consider that sometimes only 1 brush could cost you the same amount as a whole set of brushes, buying a brush set is really cost effective. The quality might not be as good in some cases but then again, I have brushes that I paid very little for and have served me well for a great number of years. It’s a personal choice in the end. For me, if it will save me money, I’ll take my chances, thank you very much.

Makeup Kit for Eyes – Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette Eyeshadow Set


When I’m in a rush and don’t have a lot of time to do my whole makeup routine, eye shadows are my lifesavers. I have big gray eyes and dark circles, so without makeup I look sickly pale and 20 years older. UGH!

In the past I used to leave the house looking so horrid but, as is always the case, those would be the days I would run into people I least wanted to looking at my worst, like my ex-boyfriend or worse, his wife (horror of horrors)! I’m sure you all have experienced the same and know how yucky that feels.

But now by just applying some eyeshadow (and some under eye concealer, I confess), I am presentable to the world in a jiffy. No more of those embarrassing run-ins with exes of any kind.

Here is an eyeshadow set that is also a bestseller with over xxx customer reviews. It includes a total of 88 eye shadows that come in a a matte and satin finish all in a compact case with a mirror.

Cosmetic Sets for Eyes Deals – Eyeshadow Sets

Eye shadows to me are like the topping on the cake. Depending on the type of topping, the cake will end up looking simple or really fancied up. In the same way, eye shadows can be applied subtly for your everyday simple look or they can be applied with bolder colors suitable for a glamorous evening out. Choosing the right colors and shades can also enhance the beauty of the color of your eyes.

Applying eye shadow is my favorite part of my makeup routine. I guess the reason I am good at it too is because I love doing it. I am often asked by my friends to do their eyes for special occasions and am really happy when they approve of the final result. I was especially thrilled when people complimented me on my eye makeup for my wedding day. They thought I had it done by a professional!

Makeup Kit for Nails – SHANY Nail Art Set of 24 Colors


I confess I don’t pay much attention to my nails. As long as they’re clean, that’s all I care about. And although I find nail art really amazing, I don’t think I have the patience to do it. But in my defense, I do like to put nail polish when I have a special event to attend like going out for supper or a party or a wedding. So maybe you can forgive me.

This great nail polish set includes 24 colors with different finishes. Best of all, with the $25 price tag, you get FREE SHIPPING from Amazon!

Cosmetic Sets for Nails Deals – Nail Polish Sets

For all you nail art enthusiasts these nail polish sets contain all you will need to make your nails beautiful with all those amazing nail art designs.

Makeup Kit for Gifts HOLIDAY EXCLUSIVE! SHANY Cosmetics All-In-One Makeup Kit


I thought I was done shopping but then I came across this great specifically designed Holiday Exclusive! Isn’t it beautiful? This makeup set has everything you will ever need when it comes to makeup.

But it’s the case I love the best. The best part of it is that after having used up all the makeup included, you can even reuse it as a beautiful jewelry case! It is made of faux leather with a snakeskin texture in a beautiful darkish pink color.

This makeup set has over 40 different eyeshadow colors for her to choose from. It includes lip gloss, mascaras, lipsticks and more. The eyeshadows are perfect for those kids that are barely beginning using eyeshadow. This make up set comes in handy for beginners.

The make up kit is durable and is not only convenient for beginners, but for professional makeup artist as well. The kit makes it a lot easier to keep makeup organized since its all organized already. The set is also manageable when it comes to traveling

MORE Cosmetic Sets for Gifts Deals – Lipsticks and False Eyelashes too!

Have a look at these additional sets for makeup, eye shadows and nail polish. The Sexy Little Stowaways is by Benefits which is a cosmetics brand that is one of my top favorite. Their products are great.

I also came across some wonderful lipstick and false eyelashes sets. I love trying out new lipsticks but I’m still not comfortable wearing false eyelashes. I feel like I have spiders on my eyes. I do love the fullness effect they give the eyes. I think I will keep trying different brands until I find one that feels right and comfortable.