Choosing a Makeup Mirror

This article is a guide to the different types of makeup mirror available. It is designed to help you choose a make up mirror to suit your needs.

True Image Mirrors

A True Image mirror shows you exactly how your make up will appear to everyone else. The mirror does not distort or magnify the image you see. This means a true image make up mirror is great for applying make up evenly, and especially for admiring your handiwork as a whole once you have finished the application, to check if any areas need to be touched up.

Magnifying Mirrors

A magnifying mirror great for applying mascara or eye liner, or for plucking or shaping your eyebrows. This mirror really helps those who would normally wear glasses, and find it difficult to apply eye make up in a true image mirror. Another strength of having a magnifying beauty mirror is that it helps you to imperfections and blemishes of the skin that might not be visible when using a true image mirror. Most magnifying mirrors have a true image side to the mirror as well, for added versatility.

These mirrors tend to come in a range of magnification up to 10 times magnification. If your eye sight is not the strongest when it comes to close up work, it would be best to choose one of the stronger magnifications. If you do not really have any difficulty applying make up in a true image make up mirror, you may still like a magnifying mirror to see imperfections up close, and help you apply your make up.

Pedestal Mirrors

Pedestal mirrors are height adjustable. This helps you adjust the height of the mirror to the height of your face, eliminating the need to stoop down to see in the mirror – which may prevent neck or back ache. They are ideal for dressing tables.

Wall Mounted Mirrors

It is often difficult to find a suitable place to position a free standing mirror in a bathroom – all your surfaces may be in use, or you might find somewhere to put it but find it is at an awkward angle to apply make up every day! This is where a wall mounted mirror is ideal. Once fitted, it can be extended or pivoted around to the best angle for you to apply your make up in. Once you’ve finished you can move it back out of the way again.

Backlit Mirrors

Make up should always be applied in good lighting conditions, and preferably natural light. However, it is not always possible to apply make up in good natural light – you might have room with poor natural light, or you might just want to touch up your make up in the evening before going out. If this is the case, you are best choosing a back lit mirror. These are make up mirrors with built in lighting to help you apply make up in poor light conditions. They are available with main power or battery power (useful if you want to take it on your travels).

Travel Mirrors

When you’ve been on holiday, I’m sure you encountered hotels where the bathroom mirror isn’t very clear, or is too far away to apply your make up as easily as you would at home. These problems can be avoided by taking your own make up mirror with you! These days there are many light-weight but durable cosmetic mirrors available, with true image and a range of magnifications. If you are looking for a light weight travel mirror, try one made of acrylic, or light alloy metal.

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