The Best Men’s Face Cream

The best men’s skin cream moisturizes, protects and counters the effects of aging. It might even make your wrinkles go away.

Don’t have wrinkles? Maybe not yet, but if you don’t take steps to protect your skin’s health, then you’ll end up with them sooner or later. If you don’t use the right male skin products, it might be sooner than later.

Look at the ingredients in the health and beauty aids you are currently using. If they contain petrolatum, throw them out. Petrolatum certainly isn’t the best face cream for men, but it is the cheapest and that’s why companies use it.

Sometimes they try to trick you by using the term “mineral oil”, which makes you think of minerals that are good for your health. Mineral oil is actually liquid petrolatum. The daily use of male skin products that contain these petroleum byproducts will speed up the aging process. Something most of us would rather avoid.

A skin cream to use every day contains a number of natural ingredients that “slow down” the effects of aging. Functional Keratin, for example, is one good ingredient. It has been shown in laboratory studies to stimulate the production of new skin cells and increase production of collagen and elastin fibers.

It’s good for a woman or a man, but men’s faces are particularly prone to redness and inflammation. Functional Keratin has been shown to reduce both redness and inflammation.

Another good ingredient for male skin products is witch hazel. At one time, it was the most common ingredient in after shave. Now, most of them are mostly alcohol. Witch hazel extract is a natural astringent, so it prevents infections in razor nicks and scrapes.

A skin cream to use on their bodies is a little different. Elbows and heels need special moisturizers that penetrate deeply and other ingredients that promote healing. If you have scrapes, scars or stretch marks, you can fade them or make them disappear completely. You just have to know what to look for.

Jojoba oil, for example, is a deep moisturizer. It is very close to sebum, the oil produced by the skin. Male skin products that contain jojoba will fade stretch marks and lighten scars. They are effective for treating acne and psoriasis. In oily skin-types, they reduce sebum production. In dry skin-types, they moisturize. So, you get a better balance.

A skin cream to use under their eyes is more like a gel, than a cream. If you have bags, puffiness or dark circles, you can get rid of them pretty easily. Newly created active protein peptides and newly discovered plant antioxidants will do the trick.

So, look at all of your old male skin products and find the ones that might be causing you problems. Once you throw those away, you can order new ones that are better and more effective.

A word of warning: the best men’s skin creams is not available in your local department store. You have to order it direct from the manufacturer.