Best Rosacea Face Washes

One treatment that works best while rosacea is still at its onset would be a cleanser . In this guide, we have listed best rosacea cleanser products including soap, shampoo and face wash. As said earlier, this will work best if the condition is still starting out and as we all know, prevention is the best cure.

What is rosacea?

Roscea is a skin disease that affects many and that is also called adult acne, because it causes a redness to appear on the face, and this redness is very similar to acne. Although it may be mistaken with acne, rosacea has nothing to do with it. Aproximately 15 million Americans are suffering from rosacea, but fortunately it is not dangerous of life threatening, and the treatment for it is usually simple. However, if nothing is done to treat it, it gets worse and worse as time passes and it can be a serious problem.

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What are the signs and symptoms?

Rosacea symptoms vary from one person to another, but it has some common signs that usually appear in the majority of people that have it. It always includes at least one of the following:

  • Pimples and bumps appear on the face, and at a closer look you can see that these pimples are different from the ones caused by acne.
  • The blood vessels on the face become visible at the surface of the skin, especially on the cheeks and on the nose.
  • Areas of the face become red
  • Sometimes a burning sensation in the eyes can be experienced
  • In some patients the nose turns red and swallows

Rosacea has three phases. The first phase is called pre-rosacea, and when it is in this phase it only causes a mild redness to appear. The second phase, referred to as Vascular rosacea, appears when the disease evolves and the blood vessels on the face begin to swallow. Finally, in the third and last phase, called inflammatory rosacea, the illness has reached its maturity and all its symptoms that are mentioned above appear.

What causes It?

The causes of rosacea are not entirely known. Scientists are trying to find them and they have discovered some theories on what they could be. Most researchers believe that the causes are hereditary and that they also depend on the environmental factors. Other theories suggest that it is caused by an infection with a bacteria, or by tiny mites. However, nothing has been proven, these are just assumptions.

How can It be treated?

The rosacea treatment varies from one patient to another because so does the illness and its symptoms. After a close examination the doctors prescribe certain medication that can treat the redness and the bumps. The medication most commonly used are topical antibiotics, and the antibiotic treatment is followed by other therapies like laser treatment or surgery.

Surgery is needed if the swallowed blood vessels caused by rosacea become permanent. The treatment duration depends on each patient, and on how much the disease has advanced. In most cases the treatment lasts for one or two months before the signs and symptoms are gone.

Best Facial Cleansers for Rosacea

Product ImageDescription


pHat 5.5


- It's made of hempseed oils, aloe vera, cehami, plumeria, manuka honey, olive, coconut oils.

- It targets all the rosacea symptoms and signs for optimum results.


Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser


- It helps thoroughly remove, dirt, excess oil and makeup.
- It cleanses skin with acne, rosacea or eczema, even the most dry and sensitive skin.


Paula's Choice Cleanser


- Thoroughly soothes and hydrates dry skin to reduce the appearance of dullness and redness

- The best treatment for fine lines, acne, dryness or sensitive skin.


Chilogy Face Wash


- It helps improve natural firmness of your skin, keeps your skin hydrated, renews and rejuvenates damaged skin
- It's made of powerful antioxidant Ingredients: coconut, Sunflower, & olive oils, soothing aloe vera gel, organic orange peel, rooibos leaf extract, white & green tea, vitamins B5 & C and DMAE

A cleanser is a great product for treating rosacea. This skin condition can typically be found between men and women who are between the ages of 30 to 60 years old. You may already be familiar with its effects, like the reddening of your skin around the nose, forehead, and cheeks.

Tired of the embarrassment?

It is a rather unappealing condition which can vary in its severity. There are a number of people who are currently living with the condition but are unaware of it. If left untreated, it can become much more difficult to manage and can cause a lot of problems in your social life.

There are many kinds of rosacea treatments. the efficacy of each treatment will depend heavily on your circumstances. Some treatments will be more effective for one person but may do very little to help another. To find out which rosacea natural treatment is ideal for you would entail a visit to a dermatologist in order to properly determine what would be the best course of action.

Ever tried a Cleanser?

One treatment that works best while rosacea is still at its onset would be a cleanser. It can come in many different forms, such as soap, shampoo, or even face wash. As said earlier, this will work best if the condition is still starting out and as we all know, prevention is the best cure.

A rosacea cleanser will normally clear your face of any sort of dirt or irritant which can cause the condition to increase in intensity. One thing that you should be worried about are the ingredients of these rosacea products. Some of them can actually cause some harm and may even make your skin worse.

This is not the case for quality rosacea cleansers. Most of these will simply take away dirt from the skin and leave behind a clear complexion after a number of uses. A cleanser is normally recommended as it works well for just about everybody.

Maximizing its benefits

To maximize the benefits of a cleanser, it is recommended to use it alongside other treatments. For example, after washing your face with a cleaner, you need to keep it moisturized and supple. And what better way to do that than with a quality rosacea cream, like the one developed by Revitol? This will help bring your skin back to full health as quickly as possible.

Be sure to double check with your dermatologist which treatment would be best to compliment a rosacea cleanser so as to make sure that your rosacea is dealt with in the appropriate manner.

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