A Guide to Commercial & Home Tanning Beds 2019/2020

If you are looking for that perfect summer tan without the extra risk of exposure to the sun, tanning beds provide for a much safer environment where you have control over how long you will be tanning for.

Once you have decided on a tanning salon, there are several options you have for how you are going to achieve the perfect tan. The form that most people are familiar with are tanning beds in the shape of an actual bed that is in a sort of clam like shape. The second option for tanning comes from a tanning booth, where your body is positioned vertically instead of horizontally in the bed. There is no difference in the type of tan you will receive, it is only a matter of which one provides you with the most comfort of going through the process.

Tanning bed bulbs in the tanning beds that are older in age or more traditional come with both UVA and UVB bulbs. These are the exact same rays that are provided by the sun. Keep in mind that UVB rays can be harmful to your body, so make sure when you do a tanning salon walk through to ask the manager what type of beds they use. In most cases, salons have newer beds that give off mainly UVA rays without any UVB rays.

Studies have shown extensive periods of exposure to UVB rays can cause damage in the form of cancer, burns and in some rare cases, can even hurt the immune system.

Once you are inside the tanning bed, the temperature can quickly reach up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. When you are getting a tan, the most time you should spend in a bed or a booth is 20 minutes. It is ideal if you are able to find a salon that offers beds with built in timers so you never have to worry about going over your time limit. If you go over the time threshold, you are potentially risking injury to your eyes and skin.

When you are researching tanning salons, see what type of amenities they offer. A good tanning salon will be able to provide you with tanning bed lotions, some type of health assessment and a program for you to follow to help you achieve that perfect bronzed body look.

If you are looking to purchase a bed for your home or business, there are always tanning beds for sale at a wide range of retailers as well as online. Prices typically range from $1,500 to $3,000 for a decent tanning bed or if you are looking for something a little bit less costly, you can look for ads for used tanning beds that will allow you to purchase bed that you can use in the privacy of your own home.

Home Tanning Beds Mean Convenience

While outdoor tanning is a great way to spend time when the weather cooperates, consumers who want a great looking tan without leaving home and regardless of weather conditions or cloud cover should consider tanning beds  for home to deliver the tan they’re looking for.

The home tanning bed is installed indoors and can be used any time at the owner’s convenience. Residential tanning beds are designed for home use and are always available to fit your schedule. The indoor tanning bed can be used at any hour of the day or night, regardless of the weather. Home tanning equipment is available in a variety of styles and at retail and wholesale prices.

For people with busy lifestyles, beds for tanning located right in their homes can be a great time saver. Not only is the bed convenient and available, it can provide a place to escape to and a few minutes of relaxation as added benefits to go along with enhanced skin tones. A home tanning bed also reduces the chance of exchanging germs with other tanning salon patrons, thereby easing any health concerns you may have.

Anybody who’s serious about developing and maintaining a healthy, attractive tan might need to evaluate the amount of time and money being invested at a tanning salon. The inconvenience of going to and from the salon needs to be factored in, too. When all those details are taken into consideration, purchasing tanning beds for home can make good sense financially as well as providing a great convenience.

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Commercial Tanning Beds Come with Advantages

We’ve all heard how dangerous lying out in the sun is for us. The danger of getting skin cancer jumps to the top of the list of concerns. This risk is greatly reduced with the proper use of commercial tanning beds. The key to that statement is the word “proper”. Both indoor tanning and outdoor tanning is done with UVA and UVB rays. The difference is that by using a tanning bed, you can more accurately control the amount of rays your skin is exposed to.

Tanning equipment also allows any time to be a great time to tan. Whether you work the late shift and want to tan at 4 a.m. or you live in Alaska and spend part of your year in almost total darkness, you can still visit a tanning salon and receive a deep tan in the luxury of a controlled environment, with music piped in, and best of all, someone else responsible for repair, maintenance, and sanitation of the tanning beds. And, for moms, there is the added incentive of getting away from the children for a few minutes of peace and quiet, time to just concentrate on yourself with no interruptions. That alone makes the visits worth the price.

Tanning sessions at professional salons are relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of purchasing a home tanning bed and maintaining it, and chances are good, after just a few visits to a professional tanning salon, you will have a good base tan that will last more than a few days.

Commercial tanning beds have numerous advantages over tanning in the sun. The next time you’re looking for a great tan, consider visiting a professional tanning salon.

Tanning Bed Lamps: Just the Facts

The quality and performance of tanning bed lamps will determine the success or failure of any tanning session. Whether you tan in a salon or use tanning beds for home, you’ll benefit by learning some important light facts. The lamps, bulbs, or lights inside tanning beds emit the rays (UVA and/or UVB) that cause the skin to darken.

Good quality bulbs that are replaced on schedule provide the best tan. The strength and intensity of the lamps, located in various positions in the beds, are purposely arranged to give the best color coverage. On average tanning bulbs last up to 1000 hours, but their performance is at it’s best for the first 100 to 200 hours.

Keeping the bulbs clean will increase their intensity. Experts recommend changing all the bulbs in a bed at the same time so they all operate on similar intensities.

Before you make a purchase be sure you are buying a compatible bulb for your tanning system. Guides can be found online that show which brands are compatible. You need to know the length of the lamp, the wattage, and the type of base it has.

The BP connector base has two pins that plug in, and the RDC has one oval connector. Replacement bulbs are on sale from many sources online: wholesale, retail and discount. Careful shoppers can find sun-quality bulbs at a cheap price by looking for seasonal overstock and clearance sales.

Taking the time to search for reliable sources with high quality tanning bed lamps on sale will yield good results.

Tanning Bed Lotions: Perfecting Your Skin

When you’re working on the perfect indoor tan, you’ll need to purchase a good tanning bed lotion. Though this might surprise you, you can’t just buy suntan lotion.

Suntan lotions are designed with a sun protection factor (SPF) that you don’t need when you’re using a tanning bed. Besides, suntan lotions will leave a residue on tanning beds, and over time, this residual can damage the bed.

The most important thing to look for in good lotions is moisturization. No matter where you tan, your skin will dry out. The more moisturizer you have protecting your skin, the better your tan results will be and the more you’ll protect yourself from premature skin aging.

Indoor tan lotions should be applied prior to getting into the bed, as well as after your tanning session. For the best skin moisturizer, drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily in addition to using your lotion.

For the best results, use a tanning bed lotion on every part of your body that will be exposed to light during your tanning session. Pay particular attention to the areas that tend to dry out, and to places that aren’t used to tanning. If you tan nude, you should ensure that you have a good coat applied to your breasts. Anywhere you have a tattoo should also get close attention, and the front of your neck and face should have tanning lotion applied before and after tanning. This lotion should be left on for at least two hours, then wash thoroughly and apply a moisturizer designed for your skin type.

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