Makeup Tricks to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

If you’re like most women you want your eyes to look bigger. Bigger eyes look youthful, alert, and animated! Eye makeup techniques for Hooded, Protruding, Droopy, Close Set, Deep Set and Wide Set Eyes. Eye-enhancing eyeshadows, eyeliners, colored contacts and mascaras for bigger eyes.

Use Eyeliner Sparingly

In order to make it appear as if you have big eyes, you’ll need to use liners sparingly as too much liner will make your eyes seem smaller.

Only line the outer one-third to one-half of your eyes with liquid eyeliner, eyeshadow liquified with water, or an eyeliner pencil. If you must have eyeliner in the inner half of your eye, then use a lighter color all the way up to a white.

Putting eye makeup too close on the inside of your eye, can make your eyes look closer together. I recommend using a very light color of shadow to pop in that area for bigger eyes.

But if you have wide-set eyes, here’s a few tips. Do put eyeliner on the outer one-third and inner one-third of the eyes. What I do is use a kohl eye pencil on the inner and outer one-third of the eyes and draw a fairly thin line, then I apply a darker eyeshadow (with a small brush) over the pencil line going slightly beyond the pencil line for a smokey look. Plus the shadow sets the pencil line so it does not smudge off easily.

Smashbox Eyeliners

I ordered this Smashbox Cream Liner and just love it. You can apply it over eyes with powder eyeshadow and it blends magnificently and has a lot of staying power. In fact, I find it blends and holds better on top of eyeshadow. Available in 2 or 3 different shade palettes.

…another color palette, which I might buy in the future. Beautiful slim and elegant compact, great in small cosmetic bags. The brush is semi-soft but with enough firmness to apply and blend with ease!

Lighter Colored Contacts  – Non-prescription and Prescription Colored Contacts

Colored Contacts can make your eyes pop and appear bigger. Light illuminating contacts by Freshlook in “Radiance” colors: Moonlight, Eden, Autumn, Sunrise. The Freshlook colored contacts in Radiance are prescriptions.

The Freshlook Colorblends in Bright Contacts is immediate right.

The non-prescription contacts are in the rotating widget below.

Eye Makeup

Make your eyes look bigger with the right Eye Shadow. Adding light colored eye shadow to your eye lids will make your eyes appear bigger. For subtle light and sparkle choose a cream eye shadow.

Select an eyeshadow color that is suitable to your skin tone and doesn’t contrast too sharply. Younger women can get away with the more extreme colors, but not if you’re older. Older women have to choose matte finish eye shadows, not the sparkles. Sparkley eyeshadows tend to accentuate eyelid wrinkles.

Stroke lighter eyeshadow on your eyelids and a darker eyeshadow across the crease above your eyelids, blending well. Extend eyeshadow in the crease outwards at the sides of your eyes blending beyond your eyes slightly. Make your eyes pop with light luminescent eyeshadow near the inner eye (see video below for an example).

You can also make your eyes stand out by lining the lower rim of your eyelids (above the lash line) with white eyeliner (demonstrated in video immediately below).

Don’t line the inner edge of the lower eyelashes; it will make your eyes look smaller.

For an instant eye lift and brow lift add off-white, cream or a very light shade of eyeshadow to the arch just below the eyebrows.

Eyeshadow Kit and Eyelid Primer

To create a great base for your vibrant colored eyeshadows I recommend Bare Escentuals bareVitamins PrimeTime Eyes Eyelid Primer (below). This would go well with the New Shany 2009 Boutique 40 color Eyeshadow Palette Kit.

For an added lift to the eyes and an optical illusion face lift, apply half lashes to the outer half of your eyes.

You’ll be delighted with the results ! For the same effect of an eye lift/face lift and bigger eyes, with a full lash, try out these great lashes which flare out into the corners.

If you still prefer to try out false eyelashes, but aren’t sure which style is the most complementary, then try out 10 different pairs!

You can also try out for Halloween a black eyeliner and follow the outline like our delightful model here.

How to apply Eyeshadow to Various Shaped Eyes

The video ( is a Master Class Video that demonstrates how to apply eyeshadow to Hooded, Protruding, Close Set, and Wide Set Eyes.

Tips for Brighter Eyes – Video

For Bigger and brighter eyes use white Kohl eyeliner on lower rims of eyes, apply a light-colored eyeshadow over lids, silver eyeshadow on upper brow and near your tear ducts, apply thin line of eyeliner, curl lashes and apply mascara – great tip use a business card to shield eyelid from mascara.

For daytime or more natural looking makeup, put a light eyeshadow all over your entire eyelid (lower and upper eyelids). Brush a medium shade of eyeshadow in the crease of your eyelid, (but slightly higher than usual) and with another brush put some brown eyeshadow on the tip and blend it just above the lashline. (It’s softer and more natural looking than liquid liner for daytime wear).

Then put the brown eyeliner pencil on the bottom line of your eye. Dab highlighter in the inside of your eye [near the concealer, draws attention to your eyes for that bigger look effects] and then put on your mascara!