The Best Birth Control Pills For Acne

There are a lot of acne treatments nowadays. One of the treatments that a lot of women use is birth control for acne. This treatment is widely used by women in order to get a beautiful skin, which is one of the side effects of the oral contraceptive pills.

These pills are only intended for women and not men. It is not advisable for men. Those pills are like wonder drug for women because it has two primary and secondary functions.

For women, the primary function of birth control pills is to prevent unwanted conception. It prevents women from getting unwanted pregnancies. The secondary function of the pills is gaining a beautiful ski. The pills have side effects that can decrease the pimple on your face. It also has properties that make your skin glowing and blemish free.

How Does It Work

Usually, women have breakouts before their menstruation. A lot of pimples come out due to hormonal imbalances. With the help of oral contraceptive pills, the hormones are being regulated by the pills. The pills contain hormones that are present also in the female body.

With the hormones being regulated at its acceptable level, the pimple breakouts are lessened which means every month, your pimple gets lesser and lesser. Therefore, getting rid of pimple using contraceptive pill take time and will depend n the severity of the pimple you have.

If women do have breakouts, teenager do have major breakouts because teenagers are still under puberty stage wherein a lot of changes happen in their body and hormones are getting very outrageous. The hormones estrogen and progesterone as well as little testosterone are very unstable during the start of puberty.

Those fluctuating hormones are the reason why acne breakouts happen to teenagers. With help of the pills, the worse zit breakouts will soon lead to milder zit then later on to a smooth and clear skin. Not only that, teenagers, with their raging hormones, will prevent any teenage pregnancies.

Their hormones are responsible with what they feel in terms with sexuality. But it is quite sad to know that teenagers use pill to have sex as well as to get a good skin like what adults do. Proper monitoring should be done to prevent other diseases like cervical cancer.

Birth control pills do not effectively work on severe acne. That’s the reason why doctors choose other acne treatments to combat severe acne problems. An example of it is called Accutane.

It is a highly effective pimple treatment that is contraindicated to pregnant mothers because it has components that is teratogenic. Before taking this drug, it is advisable to have a two consecutive negative pregnancy test.

Side Effects

If you consulted the doctor, the doctor gave you the right contraception pill for you, gave you the right dose and followed the instructions, then, possible side effects are lessened.

Other side effects of oral contraceptives are weight gain, which is one of the reason why anorexic patients take pills. Another side effects are nausea and in between spotting or bleeding. In other cases, it can cause blood clots and hypertension. With those type of side effects require special consideration and monitoring.

Finally, the main point on birth control to cure zit is to consult your doctor because if your main purpose is to get rid of pimples, the doctor will add antibiotics to combat the pimple as well as the infection within the pimple. As a result, you are vulnerable in getting pregnant.

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