Blue Light Therapy to Treat Acne at Home- 2019 Guide

When we think of treating acne, we usually think of applying a cream to the face. However, there is a new trend starting where pimples are treated not by cream, but by light. It is light therapy device and it is getting some big results for many of those who suffer from acne.

Blue Light Therapy for acne is probably the most widely known acne light treatment. Another popular treatment is high frequency which is not only good for  acne but also best for getting rid of wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots.

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Light Therapy for Acne – Does It Work?

The reason light therapy seems to work is because of the common belief that sunlight improves acne. While previously it was thought that ultraviolet light was the cause of the improvements, it was found that visible violet light activates porphyrin in acne which kills the bacteria that causes it. Studies have found that by doing 8-10 light treatment sessions can reduce acne by nearly 70 percent.

Light treatment for acne is safe to be used on anyone except those who suffer from porphyria. It is important that eye protection is used though due to the bright lights used in the treatment and the damage they can cause to the pupils. With a safe treatment like this, it is no surprise that so many acne sufferers are beginning to look at this acne treatment as the answer to their prayers.

Overall, improvements in patients who take part in light therapy have been found to be 76 to 80 percent over the course of three months. It has even had better results than benzoyl peroxide in many cases. Again, just another example of how this treatment is changing the lives of those who suffer from severe acne. It should be noted that 10 percent of those who do have the treatment, see no improvement.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on creams, and you don’t want to waste money on something that won’t yield results, then light treatment is what you should be looking at. Many acne experts feel that it is the most effective way to deal with acne and possibly the cheapest.

Rather than allow yourself to suffer from acne for years, and possibly suffer damage to the skin on your face and scarring, then you should look at light therapy. This acne treatment is changing lives and revolutionizing how those who suffer from acne deal with the problem. It is effective, safe and cheap, what better for someone who needs to get rid of acne now?

Blue Light Acne Therapy – 2019 Guide

What is Blue Light Therapy? Blue light is probably the most widely known light treatment. The FDA has approved the use of blue light to treat mild to moderate cases of acne. The light is pain free and safe and it doesn’t contain harmful UV light or lasers, which of course we now know is a big no-no.

Who Can Benefit from Blue Light For Acne?

Anyone suffering with mild to moderate acne can benefit from this type of acne treatment. This type of treatment will prove beneficial to anyone whose skin is resistant to ointments and medications and even those that simply prefer to use light treatments instead of ointments.

How Do Blue Light Acne Treatments Work?

When blue light is used to treat acne it simply kills p. acnes, the acne-causing bacteria that cause breakouts. Blue light can be used alone as a therapy or in combination with a topical treatment. Studies show that blue light provides treatment for both active acne and inactive acne to help prevent the breakout before it occurs. It has become particularly popular because many people report faster results with blue light therapy as opposed to just using topical creams or ointments.

Typically during a blue light therapy session, a light source is placed close to the face for specific time period; anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. If you are using a topical treatment also, that is usually applied about 15-60 minutes before the light therapy.

The light therapy is painless with minimal side effects. Typical side effects include redness or flaky skin; no more than you would see from using a topical ointment. Treatments are usually repeated for a specific amount of time, usually over several weeks, until the desired result is achieved. While many patients are acne free for months after their treatments, maintenance treatments are usually recommended to prevent future breakouts and to keep your skin acne free.

The Best Blue Light Therapy for Acne in 2019

At one time, you would have needed to visit your doctor or dermatologist for blue light treatments and they were usually costly, of course. That is still an option for those wanting blue light therapy, but better still; the FDA has cleared home versions of the same blue light that is used in doctor’s offices. Blue light for acne is definitely gaining popularity as it becomes more affordable for all acne sufferers.

Are You Looking For A Drug-Free Pimple Solution?

Blue light maybe the alternative drug-free non-invasive way to treat your pimples then that you have been seeking. Acne is not just a skin problem it goes much deeper than your skin. This condition goes deep into your psyche attacking your self esteem, confidence when in social situations, causing you to be depressed and other related issues.

The question of what to do to resolve the problem of acne on your skin is full of mine fields in the form of myths making it very difficult for someone suffering from acne to sometimes see a clear path of action or actions to take to alleviate their pimple skin problem.

Blue light treatment is something for you to consider if the other approaches that you have tried to address the problem have not been providing you with the results you desire.

It Sounds So Futuristic, Right?

It is not really. All that is required is for you to sit in front of a blue light lamp for about 15 minutes. The treatment is usually done in conjunction with a photosensitizing ointment ALA (5-aminolevulinic acid) for best results.

Here is what happens. Prophyrins is a substance that occurs naturally in the body which happens when the haemoglobin in red blood cells breakdown. A high-intensity ray of blue light is directed at the area being treated and when the bacteria releases prophyrins which absorb the light, they produce free radicals which in turn kills the Propionobacterium acnes or P. acnes bacteria which is responsible for your acne.

Previous forms of light therapy used UV light which can result in unwanted skin damage which would mean having to deal with an additional skin issue.

How Many Treatments Do You Require?

Usually 2 sittings per week over a period of one month should be sufficient but of course that is dependent on the extent of your problem.

How Much Does It Cost?

As this is considered a cosmetic procedure it will not be covered by insurance. The price range for blue light therapy is approximately $800.00. Now, you do have the choice of purchasing what you need to administer the procedure yourself and while budgetary considerations may play a part in your decision, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of doing it yourself or have it professionally done for you.

How effective is it?

The studies have shown encouraging results for blue light therapy as a method to improve your acne condition. Further studies are needed to prove the long-term effectiveness of this treatment.

Any Side Effects?

Side effects are minor in nature and may include:

  • Some dryness and swelling of the area that has been treated.
  • There may also be some temporary changes in pigmentation of your skin.

If you have not found the type of result that you have been looking for with the other methods of treating your acne maybe it is time to look at blue light therapy as an alternative.