Tips to Choose Branded Bags

Choosing a branded bag is certainly not an easy task, with the myraid of offerings available originating from various countries such as France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It is important to take into account your budget in the process, as you do not want to break a bank or starve yourself for weeks just for the latest IT purse.


If you have a very limited budget, you should consider delaying the purchase until a few months later by saving over time. There are also fantastically desirable handbags at much lower prices, by relatively lower-priced but recognizable brands like Coach.

Choosing a brand also reflects one’s personality, status and sense of style. What you wear on your arm, just like your shoes, reveals a good deal about yourself. Obviously, it is not just the bag that counts, but your entire presentation, which should maintain proportion and excellent coordination.

Every respectable brand began with a different story, often with a century-old history, and its image is also very much dependent on time and location. For instance, in recent times, the Burberry brand has come to be associated with hooliganism in the UK, with the massive adoption of the brand by ‘chavs’.

Some public places like pubs have even barred Burberry-wearing customers from entry for fear of disruption. Recent reports indicate that Prada has also come down with such a threat. You would not want to be inadvertently identified as one of the undesirable types simply by your dressing.

Here, we shall deliberate on the overall image linked with some of the major handbag brands.


Prada is known for its sophisticated ladylike style, and its label is sensuous rather than sexy. Prada is also a leader in setting styles in the fashion world. If you are the type who tends to flaunt your sexuality, Prada is not for you. Once, when one of Miuccia Prada’s employees turned up to work in a low-cut top with her tummy exposed, Prada told her: “The more sexy you appear, the less you’ll have sex.” Ouch.


Chanel shows you are in touch with your femininity, and a classicist. For amazing women by an amazing woman, enough said.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton, having the benefit of a long illustrious history, is a choice which will never go out of style, with its timeless elegance. It is very popular in Asian countries especially Japan, where over 70% of women reportedly own at least one LV item.

Its iconic monogram continues to carry weight but this also means there are many counterfeits around, even for the latest Murakami multicolore. If you want a brand to differentiate yourself, though, LV is not the one (at least the more conventionally styled LV bags), since it’s rife on the streets, everyone seems to own a LV bag, and one cannot always tell whether it is real or not.


Gucci is all about chic and glamour, people who enjoy the fine arts and high dining, and famous Hollywood stars like Grace Kelly, Peter Sellers, and Audrey Hepburn. In recent times, Gucci has become synonymous with footballers’ wives.


Fendi-wearers tend to be fashionistas, always up above the rest in the latest fads and craze. We are talking about the Kylie Minogue, Stella McCartney, Kate Moss types. Note that as of now, the IT Fendi purse is the aggressively sculpted Ostrik bag rather than the baguette.


For classicists and people with truckloads of money. The brand that exudes the most exclusivity due the prices of its bags. The classicist knows why the plainest bags on earth are also the most exorbitantly priced.

Turn a soft Hermes Kelly bag inside out and you will find meticulous hand stitching and invisible seams. No dangly gold bits or leopard skin lining, please. Hermes is, of course, associated with the rich and famous. Even the designer Marc Jacobs wears it on the streets.