Celebrities With Acne Problem

In the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, the stars are famed not just because of their performing arts, but also for their corporal look. Actually, many of them are paid celebrity endorsers for beauty products because their outward show is a huge part of their fame. Anybody would imagine them to have soft skin and ideal features. Still, it may shock quite a few of us to find out that the stars put up with skin difficulties too. Celebrities who suffer from acne are plentiful, and here are a few of them.

One popular celebrity with acne problems is the ex- pop princess Britney Spears. Even when she was still solo, she was photographed numerous times showing her acne problems. Throughout her pregnancy, she not only added a bunch of weight, but her acne came back anew and paparazzi photographs gave support of this. America’s beloved Cameron Diaz is also in the middle of those hollywood stars with acne. Her skin issues may have been put in the shade by her incredible grin, but on high definition television, you’ll see the confirmation left behind by the zits she had previously in her adolescence.

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Unbelievably, Brad Pitt, delegated as one of the world’s hottest people, has acne problems. He may own amazingly good looks, but silky skin he without doubt does not. Just like Cameron Diaz, the bad skin condition he suffered throughout his earlier years has left its mark in the form of blemishes and scars. Several other stars who have become successful and fascinating regardless of their defective skin are model and actress (Elizabeth Hurley), as well as actors Ray Liotta and John Malkovich. Various other gentleman movie stars with acne scars are Edward James Olmos and Jerry Garcia, leader of the band Grateful Dead. Garcia had a hard time covering his acne problem with a long, hairy beard, while Olmos seems pleased with a mustache. Film comedian Bill Murray also puts up with the scars of his fight with acne, but they have not taken away from his accomplishment in the motion picture industry.

Techniques such as airbrushing and the clever application of makeup may bamboozle us into thinking that there aren’t very many celebrities or famous people with acne problems. As we have learned from the examples above, this is not correct. And it is one way or another reassuring to find out that in spite of their fame and fortune, the stars are not invulnerable to ordinary skin problems just like the rest of us. Numerous people are envious of those who have reached celebrity position. They are considered wealthy and influential… fascinating and sometimes even a little super-human.

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On television, in movies or in the lustrous magazines the men always look extremely gorgeous and the women look strikingly attractive. Hardly ever are we given the opportunity to see these celebrities, in the comfort and confidentiality of their own homes, as they wake up in the mornings. No hesitation the jealous people would modify their options somewhat knowing that nearly no one is principally sensational at that time of day. Cosmetics, technology and advanced photo editing methods can with no trouble make people look younger, thinner and magically cover up imperfections such as freckles, marks and acne problems.

Celebrities deal with similar problems the rest of us do, acne being one of them. Britney Spears, Judith Light, Stephanie Seymour and Elle Macpherson have all openly discussed how they have suffered from and resolved their acne problem. By doing so, they have not only helped out themselves, but millions of other acne sufferers across the world – they are encouraging testimony that acne treatments work. Your acne problem won’t be gone suddenly, it will take time. But as you begin to see a progress in your condition it’s quite possible that you will start to consider yourself a celebrity, too!