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celine bag dupes

10 Popular Celine Bag Dupes You’ll Be Stand Out in The Crowd!

Being fashionable doesn’t always have to be expensive. That’s the old mindset. These days, we can find a lot of dupes fashion items that allow you to follow the latest fashion trend with a short budget.

Dupe is a non-original fashion product. However, it is different from fake or knock off products. Dupe product is simply a cheaper version of the premium product. The material, consistency, and quality are lower. But, you can’t deny that it has an almost-difficult-to-notice appearance.

The bag is one of the fashion items that have a lot of dupe versions. Among them, celine bag dupes may be one of the most popular dupe items. Celine is a famous fashion brand from France. They produce many beautiful and uniquely designed bags. One thing to know, when you wear its collection, guaranteed, you will stand out among the crowd. Now, for the dupes, we can find a lot of them. Here are some of them.

Box Bag Dupes

This is maybe the most popular dupe version of the Celine bag. The box bag allows you to carry it around on a formal or casual occasion. Similar to the real Celine box bag, the dupe version also has several options of colors and material.

The different material options can be considered as the best option you can get from it. It gives you more freedom to mix and match them with your clothes or other accessories. Furthermore, it also displays a unique pattern of each material. This one gives it more value for the dupe bag.

The real Celine box bag is well-known for its simple and minimalist style yet it shows the elegant appearance. With fewer accents and focuses on its simplicity, this line of product has successfully elevated the Celine brand into one of the most popular brands in the bag industry. And, the dupe’s version also can do that. So, it’s always a good alternative for those of you who have a short budget.

Luggage Tote Dupes

Functionality maybe is the thing you want to get when you buy this Celine bag. It has many rooms and a compartment inside, which allows you to keep different objects. Furthermore, the design allows it to protect the object you carry from anything that can damage them.

Even though this bag is more of a functional bag, Celine still gives it its magical touch. Thus, the result is one of the fashionable and artistic luggage totes you can have.

The dupe version also has similar features to the Celine luggage tote bag. However, it uses cheaper material, which also lowers its price significantly. Moreover, thanks to its low-cost production, now you also can find more color options for this type of bag.

Compared to the real one, maybe, you won’t find this kind of huge choice to choose from. Therefore, this is another great choice, if you are looking for a beautiful tote bag at affordable prices with many fashion options.

Mini Belt Bag Dupes

The infamous mini belt bag made by Celine is also available in its dupe version. The design is similar. It’s beautiful, cute, and elegant. The mini belt on the front side gives it a little touch of art, which you won’t find on other dupe bags.

The best of all, if you compare the real one and the dupe mini belt bag, you will find it hard to spot the differences. It is almost the same. Therefore, you don’t need to worry when you wear it to any places. Guaranteed, without trained eyes, your friends and public won’t recognize it as the dupe version. Isn’t it the best money-saving method to have fashionable looks?

Trio Bag Dupes

This is another famous product by Celine. It has three separate compartments inside which allow you to keep more objects in its small dimension.

It is a perfect bag for going to work, or if you just want something to carry your stuff when you hang out with your friends or lover. The dupe version is pretty much similar to the real version, which gives you more advantages when you buy it.

Things to Know When You Buy the Dupes

Those are several dupe versions of the Celine bag you can find on the market. However, if this is your first time to buy the dupe version, here are several basic things that you need to know about this version.


The price is a lot cheaper than the real one. We have mentioned it earlier. But, if you see the comparison, you will understand why the dupe version is the best choice for you with a limited budget.

The price of the original Celine bag is varying. However, mostly, you can get one authentic Celine bag starting from $3,000. Now, how much the dope version of this brand? Mostly, you can get it starting from around $70. It could be more or even cheaper, depending on the store where you buy it.


The real product is made with the best material and manufacturing method. Therefore, it can last much longer than the dupe version. However, with proper treatment, you can wear your dupe version more. Therefore, the first thing you need to do after you buy your first dupe is looking for the method and guide to treating it.


We said that the dupe version is very similar to the original. But, you can easily spot the difference in its design. We never said that the dupe version has the worst design. It is just not the same as the original if you carefully check every inch of its parts.


That’s all. If we have to say about the dupe version, this is one of the best solutions for you who are looking for a trendy and beautiful branded bag at a cheaper price. However, if you plan to collect the bag for investment purposes, it will be a good idea, if you buy the real one. Maybe it is much more expensive than the celine bag dupes. But, it has a better investment value

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