How to Treat Child Acne The Right Way

Acne doesn’t only attack teenagers and adults but all ages including baby and children. The recent study found that more than three-quarters of 9 and 10 years old girls had pimples. However, many 7 and 8 year old children show early signs of acne.

The main cause of child acne is the early puberty. This article is trying to explain more about acne in children including the causes, symptoms, and also child acne treatment.

The Way Acne Grows

The body consists of hair follicles and sebaceous glands. This is the reason why hair grows in some part of the body. Hair grows well with the help from sebum or oil produced by sebaceous glands.

The process runs well because of the tiny holes known as pores. The problem appears when the pores get clogged. Some of the properties such as bacteria, dead skin cells, and sebum will be stuck there.

Without any proper treatment to clean the clogged pores, you will be attacked by several skin problems including acne. Children and adult between 11 to 30 years will get acne problem and it is mostly because of their puberty period.

Types of Acne

It seems that acne looks similar but it is not. There are several types of acne you should know. By learning about the type of acne, you know how to treat it, especially if it is attacked your children.

There is an acne called pustule acne. This acne happens because there is an inflammation in the hair follicle caused by bacteria. Mostly, the acne grows closer to the skin surface.

There is also an acne namely papule acne in which it happens because of an irritation on the wall of the hair follicle. The acne grows in the deep part of the skin.

If your children suffered from a solid acne, there is a possibility that they are suffered from nodule acne. The characteristic of this acne is solid, large, and growing in the deep of the skin. If there is pus within the nodule acne, it means they are suffered from cyst acne.

The Causes

So, what are the causes of acne in teen? It is true that hormonal factor during puberty becomes the main cause. During the rising of androgens or the male sex hormones and puberty in female increases the level of sebum and dead skin cells.

But, hormonal changes are not the only cause. There is a possibility that the pores are blocked because you don’t clean makeup or cosmetic perfectly.

Even, acne can be triggered by the skin wash product you use. It seems that the ingredients are not suitable for your skin and you don’t know about it.

The way you choose clothes is also an important consideration. Some of the materials are sensitive to your skin and it irritates the skin.

The skin irritation triggers acne. Clean your sweat perfectly because sweat also triggers acne. Acne is also triggered by specific medicines you take.

Just ask the doctor the side effects of the medicine before consuming it. For those who have a family history of acne has also a bigger risk to suffer from acne.


There are several symptoms you need to consider. Just go to the doctor if you see small white or skin-colored bumps in your child body.

Sometimes, the small bumps are in dark color or known as blackheads. The symptom appears in the form of nodule where the pimples are filled with pus and red in color.

Ask your children to push it slowly to check whether it is hurt or not. If it is hurt, there is a possibility that your children are suffered from nodule acne.

It has to be treated properly right away otherwise the bumps raised and become solid. The location of the symptoms is anywhere.

As long as it is the place of hair follicles and sebaceous glands the symptoms may appear there such as the neck, face, upper back, shoulders, and many more.

What To Do

So, how if you know that your kids are having some of those symptoms? You may help them before bringing them to the dermatologist or doctor.

Let say, you have to remind your child not to pop, pick, or even squeeze the acne. This is the forbidden action done by most people who are suffered from acne because they are uncomfortable with it.

Doing such kind of action will spread infection and cause scars. Moreover, you also need to control their emotion because the uncomfortable condition triggers depression and anxiety problem.

Then, you can try to think about bringing your children to the dermatologist if the basic treatment doesn’t work. You have to bring your child to the dermatologist right away if they feel uncomfortable and upset because of the acne.

Acne can make them unconfident and it is dangerous if you let them without any solution. Indeed, just take them to the dermatologist if you see that the acne is getting worse.

Child Acne Treatment

You may do some basic acne treatment for your beloved kids to overcome the pimples before visiting dermatologist. In this case, you can buy some unprescribed medicines which you can buy in the drugstores close to your living area.

You have to follow the instruction from the American Academy of Pediatrics or APP although you can use an nonprescription medicine. For example, it is better to find a product contains benzoyl peroxide.

This ingredient is considered the best and effective agent to treat mild acne. The main function of benzoyl peroxide is to kill bacteria and to prevent the acne worse.

Moreover, you also need to find a product which contains salicylic acid. It is not a lot of research yet about the benefits of using salicylic acid to get rid of acne. But due to the compound, this agent has similar benefits with benzoyl peroxide.

If the medicines above don’t work well after a few weeks, you have to bring your children to the dermatologist for further treatment. You will get some prescribed acne medications such as Retin-A, Avita, and Differin.

The main function of those medicines is to boost the skin cell turnover and helps to unclog pores through the vitamin A. Just make sure that you know the side effects when your children use it.

Commonly, your kids are suffered from skin irritation and dryness. The dermatologist gives your children oral antibiotics if the acne is moderate to severe.

The moderate and severe acne is caused by bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells due to the clogged pores. The antibiotic kills the bacteria and reduces the inflammation effects.

The important thing to notify is that your children need to use the antibiotic strictly to the instruction. This is due to the side effects such as stomach upset, dizziness, and yeast infection for girls.

Treatments to Prevent Acne for Children

As a preteen, your kids are active. They want to play and do many things all day long. Actually, it is good for them but you also need to remind them to clean their face.

Outdoor activity can make their skin dirty and the dirt can be clogged the pores. This is the cause why they are suffered from acne.

Before it happens to them, ask them to wash their face two times a day with a soap-free pH-balanced cleanser. How about the foods?

Do they have to stop eating specific foods when your children suffered from acne? The good news is that APP said that there are no foods to stop while suffering acne as long as your children eat it in the normal portion.

Even, they are allowed to eat chocolate or any kind of foods which believed to be the cause of acne. There is a few research explain that sugar diet is able to trigger acne. At the same time, there is no clear research yet whether diet can reduce acne.

The point is that you have to keep your children clean and hygiene to prevent clogged pores. Let them eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water to keep their metabolism works well.

Ask them to wash their hand anytime after going to the toilet, before eating, and after doing something. The dirty hand consists of a lot of bacteria and if it scratches the skin, it might trigger acne or its symptoms.

Try to notify the acne symptoms above so you know what kind of acne it is and then find the best acne treatment to get rid of it without any marks.

If they are suffered from acne, don’t let them do something which makes the acne worse such as a scratch or push the pimples. Instead of that, show them how to treat acne in the right way to prevent the side effects.

Later, you can bring them to the dermatologist to get further effective medication. By following the tips, hopes that your children are free from acne and get their confidence back.

In conclusion, it is common for children or pre-teen to have acne. The important thing is that how to handle this problem in the right way so it doesn’t lead to other problems such as unconfidence, anxiety, and even suicidal action.