How Does Zink, Chromium, Selenium and Water Help in Acne Medication

How Does Zink Help in Acne Treatment?

Zinc helps by balancing your hormonal production, doing so the amount of sebum your body produced will be reduced greatly. Not only that, zinc also helps in your body’s absorption for vitamin A, which also helps out in your acne treatment. Zinc is also essential for the production of more than 100 enzymes in your body. It helps to enhance our body’s immune system, helps growth development and aids in skin healing process.

With so much benefits zinc gives us to counter against acne, it is no wonder why this mineral has been on comparison with tetracycline.

But do you know that most of us can’t get our body to its full potential to absorb all the zinc we consumed.

Most of us don’t really absorb all the zinc we consumed, why is it so? Copper and iron will hinder the absorption of zinc in your body. Therefore you should consume more zinc if you do have a diet that has large concentration of copper and iron. Scientist recommends you consume no more than 100 mg of zinc per day.

How Can You Increase Your Zinc Intake ?
It is amazingly rare to find sufficient zinc in many people’s diet in today’s society. You diet itself won’t be providing enough zinc for you. Hence I would advise you to depend on zinc supplement to fulfil your daily zinc intake.

There are basically two types of supplement available for zinc, zinc gluconate and zinc monomethionine, the latter also known as Opti-zinc. I would strongly encourage you to only buy Opti-zinc if you do consider purchasing any zinc supplements because research and statistical results has shown that Opti-zinc works best for acne treatment and body’s absorption as compared to other zinc supplement.

How Does Water Help in Acne Treatment?

Allow me to explain how water can helped in your acne treatment.

Your kidney clears all your toxins from your waste products and all these products had to be dissolved by water before it can be clear by your toxin.

In another words, without water, your body will be filled with toxins because your kidney can’t function properly, that’s no difference from kidney failure am I right to say that? Accumulated toxins will be expelling through your skin.

How can you expect no acne when all the toxins in your body expels through your skin?

Besides skin, your kidney will also expel toxins to your liver if it can’t clear the toxins.

One of your liver’s jobs is to clear excess hormones, by dealing with toxins; your liver won’t be able to function properly on clearing excess hormones. This would eventually lead to hormonal imbalance which would cause acne.

How Does Dehydration Lead to Acne

Dehydration happens when our body lack water. When your skin is dehydrated, pressure on your skin cells increases, causing pores to be blocked. You can look at the causes of acne to know more about blocked pores causing acne.

Due to todays briskly environment, dehydration occurs frequently in people’s life. We always tend to drink water only when we are thirsty. In fact, when we are thirsty, our body is already starting to dehydrate. Always try to drink water constantly to avoid that “thirsty” feeling.

It has been said you should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.
My opinion is that you should try to drink as frequent as possible. Different bodies works differently, for me my body tends to gets dehydrated easily.

I don’t think it’s possible for anyone acne-free and maintain good health if he or she doesn’t have a good habit of drinking water. Drinking water should be the start of your acne treatment, it works wonder and best of all, it costs near to nothing.

I really can’t emphasis on how important and effective water can help in your acne treatment. For Acne-Free…….. DRINK WATER.

How Does Chromium Help in Acne Treatment?

Chromium works by regulating our body’s sugar level by controlling the insulin level on our body and enhance our glucose tolerance.
In another words, chromium helps to make hormonal imbalance balance.

For people with sweet tooth, you should consume adequate amount of chromium to control the sugar level in your body.

A disturbing statistics shows that more than 90 percent of the population have chromium deficiency. Hence if you do intend to buy any supplement for your acne treatment, chromium supplement could be the one for you.

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