How to Clean Makeup Brushes With White Vinegar

In the daily life, women need a daily make up to make their performance better. Makeup is also purposed to create better confidence toward ourselves. Make up itself should be chosen wisely, so that it is still attractive without leaving the healthy problems. Washing makeup brushes with white vinegar can be one of the step to keep your make up tools is always clean. Have you ever consider the bad potential for having you brushes unwashed? Well, here we will know more about. The better you clean your makeup tools, the better healthy you will get.

You can clean cosmetic brushes with:

  1. Bare mineral
  2. Baby shampoo
  3. White vinegar
  4. Olive oil

How to Clean Makeup Brushes with White Vinegar

Way to clean makeup tools is totally different with cleaning our face from the makeup itself. There are so many chemical that can be used to clean the brushes, however cleaning make up brushes with white vinegar is considered to be the most appropriate. There are so many benefits that are emerging since you replace other chemical with simple white vinegar. First, your cleaning liquid is so natural and also not dangerous. White vinegar is purely safe to be eaten, which means it is also safe for our brushes and face. When the brushes are not dangerous, our face will also kept pretty well.

Then, by considering the sequence steps of cleaning cosmetic brushes using white vinegar means that you are ready to cut off the overpriced budget of buying the makeup brushes cleaner in the makeup store. You can get white vinegar easily from any food store near you. It also has huge volume in once buying so that you can keep the rest for the next cleaning as well. Basically, cleaning the brush is not needed to be done every day. You can do this once a week or once for each two weeks. Cleaning your brushes too often will only damage the tip of your brushes later.

To wipe the rest of make up which is stacked on the brushes, you can use some soft tip. If you do not have any additional tools to clean it up, you can use cotton buds as the replacement. Grab the tip of cotton buds carefully then try to wipe the tip of the brushes while it is inside the vinegar. Vinegar itself is not as dangerous as the alcohol. It is softer and does not react to fire as alcohol can do. So, to clean cosmetic brushes with white vinegar is also having better safe especially for the teenagers who want to clean the brushes by themselves.

Sometimes, you will see the brushes that are stack together. It is affected by the wet makeup which is stack too long in there. To solve this problem, you can start to pull of the makeup using the finger. When it failed, do not push it too hard. You can leave it under the white vinegar for couple of minutes. It can be the bored thing during cleaning the brushes by utilizing white vinegar. However, usually the make up will be leaked by itself so that the brushes “broom” is as clean as its new condition. If you still keep its original place of packaging, you better use it as a standard place for the brush.

Original place from the brushes manufacturer was designed to fit the length and the width of the brushes. To make sure that the brushes are very appropriate to be used, do not forget to wait it until dry. Also, do not use the brushes again to do make up activity. At least you need to leave it for a single day. If you force to use it after it washed, your brushes can be messy and even unusable. To avoid it happen, just paying attention to the detailed steps to clean makeup brushes with white vinegar which is given to you.

The mistakes of doing cleaning your brushes with white vinegar are commonly located at the steps of washing the tip. You should not force the tip of the broom to its contrast direction. Just wipe it along its direction. By doing this, you will be able to keep your brushes age much longer than before. Of course by keeping it long last, you will be able to keep your budget for next needed as well. By continuing using vinegar as a cleaner, you can also cut off your cleaner’s budget because we know price of vinegar is pretty cheap, is not it?

Amount of the brushes is also affecting the amount of vinegar to be used. Some people are even found the way to keep the usage of washing brushes with white vinegar. All they done are by putting tissue to the vinegar at first. Then, they wipe the tissue down to the brushes to clean it until over. By doing so, your vinegar amount can be kept properly. However, its function is the same as using wet tissue as cleaning tools. The wet tissue is much practical, actually. However, it is up to the users to select which method is better.

For most of woman cleaning make up brushes with white vinegar is a waste of time. Actually this kind of argument is wrong. All you do when you are cleaning your brushes is the same with cleaning your faces. The brushes are already fulfilled with thousands of makeup color. It is not so impossible if many bacteria are exists in your brushes. That is why you are offered to try white vinegar as a cleaner. It has so many benefits that are never exist before. In the other hand, the price is also very cheap. There is no reason to not clean your brushes for makeup.

You have to consider the condition of the brushes also, if it is not comfortable, it is your time to replace with the new one. So, just check your brushes before you put it into the vinegar. This element is having so hard sensation to anything around it. The reactions can be in days, but it is a very awesome liquid actually. So, do you still want to be healthy? Do you want cheap price and easy maintenance? If you say yes, cleaning makeup brushes with white vinegar is the answer. Go get it from the regular store, and remember that you need to buy white vinegar, not the common vinegar.