Best Compact Mirrors to Buy in 2019

Whether you need a quick moment to apply make-up, or would just like to make certain everything is in place before a major event, a compact mirror can be an extremely useful cosmetic tool to have.

Apart from serving as a practical object, the mirror can be chosen aesthetically as well, with numerous designs and shapes available for you to choose based on your own personal style and preference. With so many varying options to be had, it can often be difficult deciding on which mirror to purchase.

Top 5 Best Cheap Pocket Mirrors

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- Compact Pocket-sized Travel Mirror
- 2 Sided Square Mirror with 5× Magnification + 1× Mirror
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- Perfect for Travel - Fit Your Purses
- Double-sided with 10X Magnifying Mirror
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- LED Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror
- 1x/10x Magnification

- Daylight LED

- Compact & Portable
- 5”Illuminated Folding
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- Travel Makeup Mirror with Lights

- Round 7x and 1x HD Magnifying Mirror

- Portable Battery Operated for Hand Held,
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- Compact Folding Travel and Vanity Mirror

- 2 Sided LED Lighted Makeup Mirror 1X/10X Magnification
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Tips to Choose The Best Compact Makeup Mirror

Choose The Right Size

Before style and design is considered, the first thing that must be kept in mind is the practical purpose of the mirror. No doubt, you will want to purchase one that has a size suitable for your needs. Compact storage should be kept in mind, and of course, durability should be considered after you have an aesthetic theme in mind.

The size will affect not just the storage utility, but also the viewing space that you have to work with, and as a result may play a large role in your makeup application or checkup.

The Shape

Square mirrors will work best because of the easy-to-see surface area provided for your utility, though round ones will store easiest. More creative shapes, such as hearts and pentagons, may be chosen based on their raw surface area size as well as your personal preference for the shape itself.

Additional Features

There are many additional features available within these mirrors as well, each of which can be considered depending on your needs. Standard compact mirrors will usually feature two mirrors lining the two sides of the closing compact mirror, but different mirrors may be purchased with extra functions, all depending on what you may need in your mirror.

One can purchase a mirror with a compact brush case built-in, to sort and prioritize your brushes for immediate and portable use. Others may want a larger mirror, and sacrifice storage space for the addition of foundation and creams, along with brushes to use them (if there is space available).

There are many of these additional features to choose from, but one must take care to not over-clutter their mirror and always keep practical utility in mind.

Stylistically, there is an infinite variety of aesthetic selections available with these mirrors. The wide assortment of colors is one of the most customizable options with these items, each of which can be chosen to reflect your own personal style.

Many may choose to further complement the surface of their mirrors with images as well, creating a more personalized look and feel to the mirrors.

The Material

The material is subject to variety as well. Though durable plastic is one of the most common materials for the mirrors, there are other variations available for your purchase – such as a metallic alloy.

Silver Mirror

A silver compact mirror is an especially attractive mirror to own, particularly for those with such a theme in mind. The metal surface provides near infinite potential for customization, with just about any type of engraving or sculpting available to be set on the surface of the mirror.

Many of these compact mirrors can make excellent gifts for friends and family. The potential for customization and variety, providing both practical and aesthetic appeal, is an alluring prospect to consider when purchasing these handy items.

Browsing through a store’s display for one can be extremely fun because of the wide range of options available as well. Many will even enjoy shopping for one almost as much as they will enjoy using it. Whether gifting to a loved one, or purchasing for your own use, you will no doubt be able to find a compact mirror certain to fit you.

Buying a Compact Mirror Gift – Options and Prices

A perfect Gift for Wedding

If you are looking for wedding favors, then a compact mirror gift may be just the right choice of gift for your wedding. Compact mirrors come in different shapes and styles and there are a good many wedding favor companies that sell them for as little as dollar a piece.

Out of the ones in the dollar selection, some are round, some are heart shaped or purse shaped, and some have butterflies etched on the outside. Most of these are silver colored mirrors but you can get ones in other colors as well in the same price range.

A perfect Gift for Girls

Giving a compact mirror gift to your wife or girlfriend is also a good option. Naturally, you would not give the one-dollar variety; there are some that are a lot more elegant in style; the prices vary a bit but any woman would find a small mirror compacts to be not only an elegant gift, but also a useful one.

These small mirrors fit into any purse or handbag and are just perfect for makeup touch ups on the go. There are mirrors that are ‘general’ in style, in that they can be given for pretty much any occasion, and there are customized ones that are made for anniversaries, graduations, friendship, Valentine’s day and births.

Vintage Compact Mirror

If you are looking for something elegant and classy, then a vintage compact mirror may be a good choice of gift. These are made from a variety of materials.

There is presently one for sale on eBay for only $10 that is made from faux mother of pearl. This is not only a very beautiful choice of material, but also an affordable one.

Gold Mirror

There are also gold mirrors as well, if you are looking for something a bit more elegant but take not that they often cost a bit more. The prices vary wildly depending on what brand name and style you choose.

Welforth’s gold round one with butterfly flowers and rhinestones is $25; you can also opt for a 24k gold plated mirror with either bright pink crystals or black and brown ones in leopard print pattern for $59 per mirror.

Either of the $59 mirrors can be engraved on, although there are more affordable mirrors that can be engraved on as well. While having a customized engraving done on the mirror you are gifting does cost a bit extra, it personalizes the mirror a lot more, making it that much more special to the recipient.

Silver Mirror

A silver compact mirror can also be a classy choice; silver mirrors also vary in price but silver items tend to cost less than gold ones. For $30, you can buy a silver plated heart shaped mirror that can be personalized for an extra fee.

For $20, you can get a square shaped one with accenting crystals; this particular one also comes with a black velvet pouch free and you can have it engraved if you wish. One stunning option is the Silver-Tone Brass Swarovski Crystal Compact Mirror, but it is also a bit pricey at $45.

Crystal Mirror

There are also crystal mirrors of this nature; some have only a few crystals while others are completely covered in them. Some are elegant, some are retro, and some are more chic in style.

It pays to have an idea of what the recipient of the gift would like before purchasing a mirror, as the styles vary a lot and what one-person likes, another one does not. If you are unsure, then you can always err on the side of being more cautious and get a plain silver or gold mirror that is elegant and yet not too ostentatious in style.