Top 20 of Cute Best Makeup Bags and Cases

These colorful, fun and stylish travel makeup bags are perfect to put your shadows, brushes, and beauty tools in and it’s all in a neat perfectly organized place. These bags are excellent for eyeliner, blush, make up compacts and glosses, as well as a space for your everyday products. See these colorful, fun and cute makeup bags including some products with brush holder, compartment(pocket), zipper, mirror etc. They also come in several different sizes and shapes!

Organizing and Carrying your Make up is More Easy with These Pretty Makeup Cases!

Makeup boxes are necessary for teens to place their make up and brushes and also perfect for makeup professionals, or any makeup geek . Train cases like these ones can help them take their make up comfortably from one place to another. In this leaf you’re going to find some really adorable beauty cases for teen girls this 2019 or for artist professionals because makeup organizers don’t have to be boring, they can be fashionable also.

These cases are also great organizers and would avoid losing something.

#1 Hello Kitty Makeup Pouch


Carry all of your girly stuff in these fun and colorful makeup pouches. This beautiful pouch is made of cotton and polyester. Some are small and have lots of little pockets and are large enough to put your lip gloss, powder compact mascara and liners in.

Here is the Hello Kitty Bag, it’s perfect for all of your make up necessitates and super cute!!

#2 Zebra Print Bag


Put all of your make up essentials like your lipstick, powder, eyeliner and your purse size fragrance in this Zebra bag, it fits neatly inside your purse.

When you pull out this zebra print bag you can feel stylish and your friends will love it too. This one is so fun and sweet. I love the Zebra print on this one.

Another cool use for this bag is it can be used for pencils and pens for school.

#3 Canvas Bag With Saying by Adornlee


Put your daily make up essentials in this canvas bag, it will fit easily inside your medium purse. Its white color is so elegant and I love the quote saying “Follow Your Heart”! It is made of 100% cotton canvas with a black water-resistant nylon lining.

#4  Vera Bradley Designer Cosmetic Bags Available in Different Styles and Colors.



This is a super cute rumba bag by Vera Bradley. It has one main compartment for all of your beauty essentials! You can take it along with you on a long trip to Europe or for that weekend in Vegas! It’s really easy to wipe off if you get it dirty and it has a lined interior so its easy to clean on the inside.

These cheap designer makeup pouches come in fifteen different styles.

#5 Cactus Print Hanging Toiletry Kit


Isn’t this one sweet? It’s a cactus-printed hanging toiletry kit. You can hang it on the door in your hotel room while you get ready and everything is right there! It’s really convenient for all of your things to be in one place.

And, you don’t have to clutter the sink area with all of your make up, toothpaste, hairspray and other toiletries. I love the animal print! It’s made of microfiber. It zips together and then you can make it smaller so it can fit in small places while you travel.

#6 Gen SH’s Silverhooks Cosmetic Travel Bag for Women


This product looks like a bag more than a case, but it’s actually a case. It’s large enough to fit everything they need in their. It has zipper pockets and pouches for every beauty product. It folds 3 times for secures.

This product is more likely for teen girls, make up artist prefer something larger since they carry more cosmetics. Teens girls would love this product, because it’s fashionable and softer.

#7 Premier Fantasy Train Case With Mirror – by SHANY

Makeup train cases are made for ultimate organization and convenience, some models have sliding trays and movable dividers. If you need an attractive case for spa products then the products are great. They come in small, practical train and large professional make-up boxes.


How lovely is this item?! It’s definitely very girly with a lovely light pink color! It includes 2 keys, mirror, 3 trays, innovative design, brush holder and more! The brush holder comes in very handy for make up artist since you could move it around.

This fashionable product is awesome when you go for traveling, you carry everything in one train-case. The mirror is really good quality and great for yourself to use.

#8 SHANY Color Matters – Black and Pink


Preteens don’t use much make up only mascara and lip gloss. This product comes in very handy for them, they could place their nail polish also on the black top dividers. It comes with a small mirror and brush holders, it also has a place where you can place your lipsticks or lip glosses. It’s a very classy pink and black-case.

#9 ROWNYEON – #1 Amazon Best Seller


This bag is perfect for professionals that are just starting out. It is sturdy enough and carries every beauty product with not problem.

#10 Leopard Print  – for Classy Teens


Animal print boxe are the most fashionable classiest sets you can have. This leopard print-case is simply beautiful, it comes with a key lock for it to be really secured. It’s really good when it comes to carry your cosmetics or jewelry around. It has a secure place to place your valuable rings, necklaces, etc. If that teenage girls love animal print, she would sure love this one!

Are you looking for a train-case for a make up artist? Who said cosmetic cases don’t have to be girly? These nice boxes below will help any professional artist or teen to have everything organized.

#11 Lovely Pink Train Case With Straps


Light pink-case is perfect young girls, she can organize all her beauty supplies and still have plenty of room to place other stuff. This is such a girly vintage cosmetic case for teens. It’s very cute, not only her make up will fit in there but her perfumes, hair brush, nail polish, and jewelry as well. (-:

Say It With Dots!

If you are looking for a polka dot beauty bag to have a nice place to stash your make up then check out the pretty picks below. Who can resist a polka dot? They’re nice, pretty and look adorable when decorating something small like a bag.

Take a look at some of the prettiest bags on the web below and pick out your top favorite to help you keep organized at home or while traveling.

Polka Dot Cosmetic Bag Selection – Which bag do you prefer?

Makeup boxes are very convenient bags that can keep you organized and are incredibly helpful for traveling. Lugging around make up without a bag can be dangerous to your clothes as well. Anyone who has experienced something breaking or leaking knows this to be true! Keep everything in one spot with a dotty case. What’s your favorite color?

View the Stylish Dotted Beauty Cases

Most of these pretty cases are larger than your average makeup box but they sure are pretty! Some are even sturdier and offer a bit more protection for your valuable makeup pieces that can break. If you need something more sturdy then try a dotted train case. Just as nice as can be!

Black Polka Dot

Black bags are perfect if you want that classical look. See All Polka Dot bags in Black. They will also look a little bit tidier as well. Black and white is a favorite of mine and it never goes out of style.

Pink Polka Dot Makeup Boxes – Pretty pink dots…

Pink is another favorite for girls and some guys too! Take a look at all the pink and white or other pink combinations to make you look stylish when traveling with your make up.