18 Stylish Luggage Sets for Women & Teen Girls

Are you looking for some cute luggages for women?  I am a girly woman and I am absolutely crazy about colorful, unique and super cute suitcases! My favorite suitcases are the most colorful and girly ones!

Why do I love them so much? I love to look different and stand out from the crowd! And can you think of a better way to stand out at the baggage carousel?

I love butterfly, heart, floral luggage sets, girly suitcases and whatever is fun and colorful! Britto makes the most colorful suitcases in my opinion and they are all very unique!

The fastest way to spot your baggage on the waiting wheel is to have stylish luggage! I bet you will be the only one with a pretty, bright colored travel bag!

(Watch people’s faces as you grab your gorgeous and vibrant colored luggage set while they struggle among all the black suitcases that all look the same!)
I hope you have fun here and find the best luggage set for you today!

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GORGEOUS RED Hearts Suitcases!

This trendy 3D red hearts spinner is one the cutest girly luggage sets ever for feminin women! It is my favorite! It is so nice, romantic and unique!

Wow! I had never seen one like this before! If they don’t spell ‘I am feminine and romantic’ I don’t know what will! Everyone will look at you at the airport!

Two Piece Butterflies Rolling Luggage

Next on our cute women’s luggage list, comes this gorgeous and unique butterfly luggage! Every girly woman loves butterfly stuff and they will absolutely love these butterfly suitcases!

Have you ever seen anything more feminine than that? “Fly, fly butterfly!” And they are super affordable as well! It’s a winner!

Heys USA Luggage Feng Shui 3 Piece Hardside Spinner  – Floral Suitcases for Women!

What an explosion of colors! And flowers! Wow!! This has got to be the most unique and stylish luggage for ladies!

It’s a super floral print luggage! Very colorful and feminine!! You will get 3 pieces!! And will have a lot of fun traveling! This floral bag is also perfect for feminine women! We love flowers! Happy (floral) traveling to you!!

Pretty Palm Tree Luggage – Gorgeous Heys USA Happy Spinner Set!

Look at what I just found! It is a very nice, fun, colorful and ‘happy’ palm tree luggage! I wish I could see people’s faces at the baggage carousel when they see this pretty luggage coming by! And you know what else? It’s cheap! Enjoy!

Cute Pink Luggage

Women love pink! Naturally we will love traveling with pink suitcases!

Cute Girly Suitcase

This is one of the girliest luggages! Very pink, very pretty, very lovely! Perfect for teenagers and children also!

Butterfly Suitcases – Stylish Butterfly Luggage

Another ultra fashionable butterfly luggage! Makes a beautiful gift to children, teenagers or women! Perfect luggage for a fun trip to Disney World!
(in case you get bored at the airport, just start counting all the nice and colorful butterflies!)

Cute Affordable Purple Hearts Luggage Set

This is a cheap cute luggage set! It’s under 100 dollars and you get FREE SHIPPING too! It’s made of 100% polyester.

Cute Pink Polkadot Luggage

This budget-friendly and nice pink baggage will be very easy to spot at the baggage wheel!

Heys USA Luggage Fazzino (New York City)!

Gorgeous and very unique baggage set! Have you ever seen anything more gorgeous and fun than this amazing bag? Wow!!

These are amazing! Everyone will stop to take a better look at them at the airport! (no one wil find out you love New York, right? Lol).

Heys USA Luggage Fazzino – Venezia – Soo Elegant!

This is a very elegant baggage besides being stylish! I bet you can’t wait to book your next trip just so you can use this bag!

Blue Plaid Suitcases – 3 Pc Hardside Spinner Luggage

Gorgeous, inexpensive and bright nice blue baggage designed for young ladies! Very easy to spot at the baggage carousel! Have fun!

Exotic Giraffe Carry-On Luggage

Wow again! A giraffe suitcase!! Very unique too! How fun it’s going to be traveling with this very exotic giraffe print suitcase? I love it!

Zebra Luggages

Another gorgeous zebra baggage set!! Now you will get 2 zebra suitcases! So cool!

Peace Sign Luggage Set

Fun and Colorful PEACE SIGN Two Piece Rolling Luggage Set. peace sign suitcases This has got to be the cutest, most colorful and most fun bag from here!

It’s literally ‘carnival’ time!! Let’s party away! Peace and Love to all! (I love peace sign stuff!)

How about Some Polkadots Luggage? 

Another gorgeous and very unique fun luggage ! It’s a polka dot pink luggage set!  This is so perfect for feminine teenage girls! Will definitely turn heads! This is one of the prettiest bag sets I’ve ever seen! Very affordable too!

Beautiful and Very Unique Bright RED Luggage! 3 Piece Red Quilted Spinner Set!

No words can’t describe how beautiful and unique this red quilted baggage is! Very smooth too! I would feel in love with them immediately!

Can you imagine how awesome will it be picking these up from the baggage carousel while watching everyone else struggling to spot their black suitcases? The price is excellent too!

White Floral Luggage – Very Pretty!

This is one of the cutest baggage sets we’ve reviewed here! It is a white garden bag set!  (Can you see the delicate flower prints on it?) Perfect set for three feminine ladies traveling together! It is absolutely gorgeous!! How Many Times a Year

Stylish Luggages

Luggages have a variety of different bags located at your local mall or even online. They range from Jansport, Guess, fashion, Polkadot, and even the latest Roxy luggage. Most of these brands are the most popular and offer adorable designs for any lady who wants to be fashionable. The point is that – there is plenty to choose from.

If you want designer luggage, you don’t have to search through the sky high mall prices. You could pick up a used one or even head over to Ross for up to 60% off on brand names. There store has many different backpack items that you can choose from so finding one won’t be a hassle. With so many options available, you are sure to find a wonderful deal, and bag.

One type of luggage that the majority of teenage girls like are the Polkadot luggage. These are extremely pretty and even adults can utilize them too. Some of them have cherries, fruits, or other colorful patterns etched over the purse itself. You’ll definitely look noticeable, walking down the street with your new bag. You could even match it with a few of your best outfits or buy two of them.

Let’s be real here, most cute luggage is made for kids though because they love something which is simple and colorful. Purchasing a brand new bag for your children is a great way to make them feel special when they go to school. They will appreciate it and also will love showing off the bag to their friends as well. We know you don’t like sending them off to school every morning, but if you really want your child to grow intellectually – you’ll allow them to go. You can give them the best experience by providing stylish luggage sets. Make the event even more special by allowing your toddler to choose what bag they want. They will definitely be happy if you let them do this, and the bag will be more personalized for their style.

Cute Luggage Sets

Luggage sets are extremely pertinent to travelers. These sets are more than accessories. In order to look stylish, it is expedient to look for the cutest bag in the market. It is the one that will make your trip enjoyable. Look for a bag that will not sacrifice the function of luggage. Apart from looking for elegance and storage space, trendy bag sets are light weight and compact. This is the best bag for travelling abroad. It is reasonable to know that there are many bags in the market that you can make use of.

If you want to buy suitcase sets, it is expedient to consider the use of the bag. It is beneficial to know your personality and choose what will best suit it. When you are in the market, you will find many bags that come in different styles and models. If you are buying a bagage set for your kid, it is reasonable to pick a set that is designed for kids. There are many playful designs that match the personality of kids. If you purchasing the same for female, you should go in for a stylish and elegant bag that will fully cater for their needs.

The brand of the bag sets is another thing you should consider. There are many brands of bags in the market. Take your time to consider buying a bag from a well reputed company. It is vital to check on all the details of the bag. Bag sets that are made from well reputed companies are of high quality. It is beneficial to buy a bag that will give you the full value of your cash. Making use of reviews will help you get a bag set that is well reputed. If you are keen to research over the internet, you will get a durable set that will best address your needs.

The bag sets come with neat features like padded straps for ease, compartments, waist belts for security, and pockets for easy accessibility. They are stylish sets that come in elegant designs. There are excellent bags for both men and women. It is advantageous to look for striking bags for boys and girls. The modern ones are made up of trolleys and handles for easy pulling.

Another thing you need to look at is the cost. Different baggage sets will retail at different prices. The price will be determined by the design, style, material, and quality. You can buy nice luggage sets at cheap price if you make use of the internet. There are many online stores that you can make use of when you want to buy these accessories. All you need is to do prior research to get a bag set that will best skirt your budget. There are stores that offer coupons for stylish baggage sets. These are the ones you can make use of to buy these sets at discounted prices. These bags will allow you carry your bag with convenience. Of immense significance is to get trendy luggages that will satisfy your needs.