How to Deal With Acne And The Emotional Side Effects

Dealing With Acne and The Emotional Pain

If you have acne, then you know just how troublesome it can be. It can mar your otherwise beautiful face and body. Even if you have a face like an angel, a little pimple can ruin the whole effect and make you feel- well- ugly.

I understand. I spent my entire adolescence plagued with acne so awful that I was actually known for it.

The other kids in my school used to stare at me in disgust. Sometimes I could hear them talking about it behind my back. And after a couple of times of hearing that, I got a little paranoid. Whenever I walked up as a conversation was drawing to a close, I wondered, “Were they talking about my face?”

It was horrible. I hid my face a lot. I almost never looked directly into the face of the beautiful kids. It made me very shy. I had few friends except for a couple of the other “rejected” kids.

This acne made my teen years sad and lonely. I was always afraid to talk to people (except a few close friends), always afraid to let people see me, always afraid to draw any attention to myself by doing fun things. That meant that I didn’t join clubs, didn’t do plays, didn’t go to dances, and didn’t play sports.

I sat in the back of the classroom and didn’t participate in class discussions. I left for home as soon as school was over and walked around with my head down pretending to stare at the ground so people wouldn’t look at me. I was more comfortable going outside at night and going to the drive-in movies because people couldn’t see me as well then.

I hope none of that sounds familiar to you… I hope you’ve never had to go through anything like that before. But it’s possible that you have. Unfortunately, way too many people have zit problems.

The worst part about it was that I couldn’t seem to get it to go away. My parents and friends told me that it was all because of hormones and that it was just part of being a teenager. I know now that they were wrong, and that it had a lot more to do with what I was eating. (I’ll explain why later.) But I didn’t know that then, and neither did they. They told me all I could do was wait to become an adult.

In the meantime, they bought me over-the-counter acne remedies. I tried Clearasil. But it didn’t prevent pimples. It didn’t do anything to blackheads. And it didn’t really honestly clear up my pimples very well. Even worse, it left dry spots on my face where the skin would turn red and peel.

Stridex (astringent pads you wipe over your skin) was even worse. It dried out my entire face, making it pink and scaly. And if I used too much of it, it even felt like it was burning my face when I put it on.

All the other “over-the-counter” stuff did pretty much the same thing. It all dried my skin out, none of it seemed to prevent the pimples from coming, and the resulting dead skin looked even worse sometimes that the pimples.

I sometimes got huge whiteheads. Now that’s a problem. If you leave the whitehead there, then it’s noticeable and you feel like everybody’s staring at it. If you pop it, then you’ve got this big red mark on your face (possibly bleeding), and it still takes days to go away.

Sometimes, you try to squeeze them and you can’t get them to pop. That’s bad because then they ooze pus and a hard, rough patch forms over them. Oh, and another thing-popping pimples makes permanent pits in your face. That alone makes it a bad idea.

Ever try covering Pimple up with makeup? I did.

It doesn’t work. Even if you can match the color, the pimples still stick out. So a lot of times makeup makes them even more noticeable. The makeup irritates your zit and can make it a lot worse. It can also clog up your pores and cause new acne to form.

If you have rough, dry skin, then it’s impossible to get makeup to look right on top of it. Liquid and powder foundation both clump up on the dry spots, drawing attention to them like a spot light.

Nope, makeup didn’t work and over-the-counter remedies didn’t work. Squeezing them didn’t help. I was desperate for adulthood to come so that my struggles with pimples would end.

But even though the years passed, my acne stayed. I was 25 with a face full of acne. My last hope seemed to be fading away.

As a last shot, I tried a dermatologist. Dermatologists are the last place that people with acne usually end up. They’ll write prescriptions for you. They’ll give you shots, cleansers, pills, antibiotics, and creams.

Does it work?

Most people who go to dermatologists to cure their zit come away disappointed (and broke). Even the prescriptions that do help clear up acne almost never clear it up completely, almost always have bad side effects, and NEVER keep the zit long away after you stop using them. There is one exception…


Accutane is a powerful prescription drug that most Dermatologists won’t prescribe you unless you have severe acne, and have tried some of the other prescription treatments. Sometimes I think this is just another way to milk money out of people because I’ve never heard of anyone having much long term success with the other prescription acne treatments.

Accutane does work for a lot of people, but comes with a price. The side effects are wicked, painful, and often embarrassing. Things like aches, painful dry skin, lack of night vision, and nose bleeds make your time on Accutane down right miserable.

Eliminating acne

The easiest method to eliminate acne is to avoid the sebum swelling that can have a say in the appearance of the flare-ups. Cleansing your face twice a day with a natural soap and warm purified water is therefore necessary. And it is also important not to scrub your skin too hard with the cleanser.

Furthermore, you have to keep in mind that you can’t just polish away the disease. As a matter of fact, overacting with washing and scrubbing will irritate your face even more and worsen your condition. So when it comes to daily skin care routines, remember that the epidermis is already very sensitive and the process of clearing the pores has to be extremely gentle in order to avoid new breakouts. Washing your face is a very important tip to help you eliminate acne, especially if you work or spend a lot of time in greasy places, like fast foods, so that no oil from there gets on your face because you already have skin problems with the excess of sebum.

Of course, it is advisable not to forget washing your face after any activity you may perform that makes you sweat intensively.

Also, be very careful when applying a hair spray. Those are usually not delicate with your skin and they are very toxic for the pores. So avoid as much as possible to put them in contact with your forehead or other parts of the face.

No matter what hair products you use, make sure you bathe your hair often enough to keep oil and chemicals away, mainly if you have long hair that touches your face all day long.

One of the most common things that cause acne is inappropriate make-up or face lotion usage. The first thing you must verify when you go shopping for those things is if the labels have written on them: “nonalergenic”, “non-comedogenic”, “non-acnegenic” or “non-oily’. Chances are you will find none with all these inscriptions, but even just one of them is sort of reassuring. If you use other types of products, then you can forget about any acne treatment and be sure that you will never find a cure for your skin.

Obviously, even if you use the right kind of make-up or face lotion, it is very important not to leave it on your skin during the night. Either you use poor quality cosmetics or you use reliable makeup but you forget removing it on time and in the right way, it is just as worse.

Remove Acne from your skin

You could reflect on using special acne treatments. The nearby drug store or supermarket almost certainly has many over-the-counter lotions and creams containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, which can prevent pimples to form and remove the old ones at the same time.

Before you decide on one of them, you should pay a visit to the doctor so that he would recommend you the one that best suits your needs. It’s also important that you precisely follow the instructions, because otherwise, the product will probably dry out your skin.

So fight the temptation to apply it in a larger quantity or more often than you should, because it will do you more harm than good. So, don’t be desperate; acne treatments are there, you just have to try Clear Pores and eliminate this problem from your life for good.