25 Super Easy Christmas Neighbor Gifts: Just Add a Tag

It’s getting to be close to Christmas! For my kids, it still seems forever away, but for me, I feel like time needs to slow down!

Who else feels that way?

If you’re scraping for extra time and need a quick and easy gift idea, I’m your girl today! Here are 25 easy neighbor gifts that you JUST need to add a tag to and they are good to go! How simple is that? You’ve totally got time to pull this off and have something great for neighbors and friends!

Sometimes these are the best types of gifts, not only because they are so easy, but because they are actually useful too, right? These are a lot of things that are handy and helpful and make great and easy neighbor gifts that you can pull together so quickly.

If you’re looking for great Christmas gifts, here are a few other things you might want to check out as well:

But for now, let’s take a look at these easy neighbor gifts and decide which one you want to do!

Easy Neighbor Gifts:

OK, here’s a peek at some fun and easy options for you to try! Pick on this year and another next year! So simple!

Cinamon Rolls

Hot Chocolate Gift

EOS Gift


Memorable Merry & M&M Gift

Wrapping Up the Holiday:


Joy Neighbor Gift:

Flavored Hot Cocoa:

Chocolate Kisses:

Nacho Ordinary Neighbor Gift:

Lotion Gift:

Let the Dishes Be On Us This Year:

Cookie Dough Gift:



Pineapple Gift:

Warmest Wishes Gift:

Chex Gift: