Eye Makeup Tips For Beginners

How To Apply Eye Makeup

Do you see other girls with beautiful eyeshadow colors and wonder how they make their eyes look so great? Ever wish that you could do the same thing, but you tried and you just can’t seem to do it the same way? Well, you can do your eyes the same way, and I am going to show you how to apply eye makeup so that you can have that smoky sexy eye look right here.

Eye Shadow Application Step By Step

Here is a basic Eye Shadow Application that will help you get that sexy smokey eyes look that you want.!

First, you will want to start with a good primer. I suggest using Urban Decay Primer. It will make your eyeshadow stay on all day and will really make the color of your shadow pop.

1. Apply a light colored highlighter eyeshadow just under your eyebrow (the brow bone).

2. Put a light colored shadow on the lid from the lash to the crease. I like to do this because it covers any redness or flaws to the lid.

3. Put your mid shade on the lid now. Use your accent (the darkest) eye shadow in the corner of the crease on the lid and blend well.

4. Apply your eyeliner just above the upper lash and follow until the end of the lashes. I like to use a powder eyeshadow that closely matches the liner and go over it to set the liner. If you want a smudged line on the bottom use a shadow on a liner brush along the bottom under your lower lashes to create a smudged line.

5. Apply mascara to your lashes and you are finished.

This is a very basic Eyeshadow Application, if you want a more advanced tutorial you can see one by visiting How To Get The Smokey Eye Makeup Look