Best Affordable Eyeshadow Palettes Under $20

Cheap eyeshadow Palettes can be found online as there are lots of discounts and bargains to be found on Amazon and Ebay. These makeup palettes come in all shapes and sizes and it really depends on what it is you are looking for.

If you are relatively new to makeup and are unsure which colors will suit you, then you may want to go for a large eyeshadow palette set and experiment with lots of different shades and styles. Or you could buy a Large Palette to see what works best with your skin tone and eye color and the effects you are trying to achieve.

If you are more experienced with makeup, and know what works best for you, then you would get better value for money buying a smaller palette to suit the looks you most prefer. Try and break down the looks you use most often such as natural tones, or smokey eyes and match that with the appropriate makeup or eyeshadow palettes. Buying a palette tailored to suit your individual eye color is also a good buy.

The right eyeshadow palette can also be a huge money saver. Instead of buying everything separately, most things can come in a large palette. Some of the larger palettes include blushers, tones you can use as eyeliners, applicator brushes and colors you can mix and match for wearing during the day or at night time.

If you are looking to give someone an eyeshadow palette as a gift, then buying a budget eyeshadow palette online is a great idea. There are lots of large palettes that are cheaper than you might think and are great value for money. Although the price is less than you’d imagine, these palettes are still high in quality and the receiver of the gift will think you spent a lot more than you actually did!

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Best Inexpensive Large Eyeshadow Palettes – Under $25


If you are looking for a large eyeshadow palette and want to save yourself some money by getting most of your makeup products in one container, then the NYX Makeup Artist Kit will be perfect for you.

Not only does it come with 35 eyeshadows, three bronzers, five blushers and five lip colors, it also has two sponge applicators, a highlight and contour powder, various applicators and a handy mirror.

This palette is so easy to take with you on your travels. So even if you plan to get ready at a friends house or are going on holiday, it’s really easy to pack everything back into the container and take it with you! This is my favorite eyeshadow palette.

Whoever you give this gift to will never believe it cost less than $30!

When you buy this makeup artist kit there’s free shipping and can get next day delivery. You won’t have to worry about a damaged product as all the products contained within the package are bubble wrapped to protect them from damage.

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Shany All In One Makeup Kit (Eyeshadow Palette, Blushes, Powder and More) Holiday Exclusive
If you can push your budget out a little further then this Shany All In One Makeup Kit is a bargain!


This inexpensive makeup kit contains a number of makeup palettes, including an eyeshadow palette with 45 colors, a blush and powder palette and a foundation palette. The first layer in this makeup kit has 45 eyeshadows and 6 double sided foam applicators.

The second layer has one blue shimmery eye pencil, one dark red lipstick, one light rose lip gloss, one dark pink lip-gloss, one brown lipstick, one brown liner pencil a color lip palette with 12 different shades of pinks, reds, browns and purples. The third layer has 2 cream cover up and 6 large face colors, 5 of which are shimmery and one small face brush.

If you were to buy all of these makeup products separately it would cost over $150. And you’d miss out on the beautiful dark pink snakeskin textured leather case with stylish silver buckles.

Even when the makeup in this set has been used completely, you can keep your new makeup in this handy case.

Inexpensive Small Eyeshadow Palettes for a Professional Look

Reduce the Number of Makeup Products Means You Can Get a Cheaper Makeup Palette

If you know the kind of shades of makeup that suit you and complement your style and skin tone, then choosing a smaller makeup set can save you money. These cheaper makeup kits are small but pack a punch. They can help you create the smokey eye effect you love so much, or a more sophisticated day look to go to the office.

Whether you are looking to go partying or go out for lunch, these inexpensive smaller eyeshadow palettes are easy to fit into a clutch and make it easier to re-apply in the restroom or in the car.

For around $10 you can still create a number of different looks!


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