Best Facial Massage Creams & Oils – Techniques, Benefits, Tools

Looking for best massage cream and oil for facial..? In this post, we have listed top creams and oils for face massaging.

Getting a facial massages is both very relaxing and beneficial. We carry much of the tension in our bodies in our face, and releasing this tension can calm the nerves and be a very enjoyable experience.

Many people are so comfortable during the facial. Many of them even fall asleep while getting massaged ! There are many, many different variations of face massages so you can try various different types with massage therapists or beauticians or even perform many of the techniques yourself.

A combination of a facial massage and facial mask can be incredibly helpful to your mood and even your health in certain circumstances. While facials are not a miracle worker, they are a very soothing, non-invasive way to fight aging and let go of the tension held in your face.

Facial Massaging Tips

Just as there are many benefits to getting a face massage, there are also many ways to enjoy the massage. Here are some tips to get the most out of your massage:

  • Before your actual massage, exfoliate the skin and apply a mask. Leave the mask on for at least twenty minutes while you get everything else you will need for your mini spa treatment ready.
  • Make use of any aromatherapy oils, scented candles and herbs. Fill a bowl with steaming hot water and herbs that are known to be good for the skin and lean your head over the bowl for five minutes and let the steam open your pores.
  • Make sure you find a comfortable place to lat down while you receive your relaxing massage.
  • Have the person giving the massage use various tools such as cloths, brushes and sponges to get the most benefits.

You can give yourself a massage but it is much better to have someone else give it. If you have someone who can give you a massage at home, that is probably where you will be most comfortable receiving a massage, plus it will not cost you anything.

Now you can also do a face massage at home with help of an electric face massager. The alternative is to make an appointment at a day-spa and have someone there give you a professional massage. This is the best way to maximize the results of your massage.

Not only will a professional in a spa have all the tools, machines and equipments needed and all the extras, you will be able to pick and choose what it is you want. You can have everything or just pick a few things you want done.

The only disadvantage to going to a spa to have a massage is the fact that you will have to pay for it and depending on where you go and what you have done, it could end up costing quite a lot.

A good way to get a massage done at a cheaper price is to have someone who is being trained at a local beauty school to administer it. Most cities and towns have at least one beauty school and all it takes is one phone call to find out if they take clients for a lower price.

Facial Massage benefits

Not too many things in life are more relaxing than a massage. When most people think of massage, they think of a body massage, mostly the back.

Although that is probably to most relaxing type of massage, people tend to forget that the face also benefits from a massage every now and again and this type of massage is also very relaxing.

There are many benefits to facial massages besides the fact that they are relaxing and here are some of those benefits:

  1.  The first major benefit that most people attribute to facials is its ability to fight aging. Facials do this by both stretching and relaxing the muscles in your face. This helps strengthen these muscles and over time will help remove fine lines and wrinkles from your complexion. Having a massage at least once a week will aid in keeping wrinkles away and will help to smooth and reduce the appearance of any wrinkles you may already have.
  2. They also help remove built up fluids from your face and improve circulation, which helps both repair your facial muscles and brighten your complexion. Various massage creams that are used on your skin during a facial can also help improve the tone and color of your skin.
  3. The benefits of facial massages don’t just stop there however. They help remove dead skin cells from your face and give room for new ones to grow, which improves the tone of your skin.
  4. They reduce tension in your face, helping your body to feel infinitely more relaxed.
  5. Facials can also even help with drainage from your sinuses, which can help relieve some headache symptoms.
  6. Finally, the facial massage creams used by many therapists can help soften and even your skin, so that when you walk out of getting a facial you feel and look almost like a whole new person.
  7. A massage will get the blood flowing and give your face a natural glow
  8. If a hot cloth is used during a massage, the steam will clear sinuses and open pores in preparation to extract and wash away extra oil that has built up in the skin.
  9. If herbs and natural oils are used during a massage, many benefits will come from their usage.

Facial Massage Techniques to Use on Yourself

There are many different techniques to use to give yourself a face massage available from different sites on the internet. The following are some general guidelines to use to give yourself a mini-facial and can help relieve some of the tension you feel throughout your workday.

  • First apply a small amount of massage products to your face, preferably essential oils
  • When rubbing your face, use your palms and press upwards and outwards from your cheek bones
  • Use mainly your palms and thumbs, except when tapping or pinching certain pressure points
  • Know your acupressure points and push down in a steady, constant manner with your fingers
  • To relieve pressure on your eyes, start at the outside of your eyebrows and continue to move in towards your nose gently tapping the outside of the eyes and moving in a circle around them. Finish by pinching the skin under your eyebrows between your thumb and fingers.
  • To relieve tension in your jaw, make small circular movements all around the base of it with the knuckles of your index fingers. Continue by massaging the neck in circular motions.
  • To relieve overall tension in the face, massage the entire face with small, circular movements.

Facial Masks

There are two general types of facial masks, setting masks and non-setting masks. Setting masks include peel-off, thermal, fruit, and clay masks. Non-setting masks include paraffin wax and warm oil masks.

When you go in for your facial, whoever is doing it should examine your face to determine what the best type of mask t use for your skin type should be.

If you’re considering using a mask at home, you should use this time to ask them for a suggestion of what to use for a home based product.

Our skin is not all made alike, so you’ll get the best results with masks and creams that are designed with your skin type in mind.

Face massages are both relaxing and beneficial. They can help tone your facial muscles, release tension, and remove signs of aging. While you’ll get the best results by going to see an experienced therapist, you can incorporate some of their techniques into your everyday routine.

Overtime it will have much the same effects and you will feel more relaxed, younger, and more energized to face your day.