The Amazing Benefits of Facial Steaming

When we talk about a complete facial cleansing, we can’t part it from talking about facial steaming. A face steaming is a harmless way to open and unclog the face pores by heating the facial area. The grimes that are trapped in the pores often cause acne in teenagers, whiteheads and pimples in face.

Therefore, unclogging the pores is important to prevent those flaws. Moreover, the skin face with clogged pores looks rougher and unhealthier than the normal skin face. In the past, facial steam was only done in a beauty salon when a person does a facial session.

Even so, however learning from the past, our grandmothers and mothers knew that steaming your face occasionally would help clean your face and leave a healthier impression on it. Also, formerly, it was done before cleansing, at home by inhaling a hot steam from a boiling water in a basin.

But nowadays, you can find facial steamers almost everywhere at the drugstores, malls and even by online. There are several varieties of a face steamer.

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Top Facial Steaming Machines

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Different Types of Face Steamers

There are 3 different types of steam facial machine :

  1. Ozone type
  2. Ionic type
  3. The Hot and Cold type

The Hot and Cold type is a type which it blows out a hot steam to unclog pores before, then blows a cool steam to close the pores back after some facial cleansing.

There are several kinds of facial steamers, starts from the smallest and also the most portable one to the biggest one that looks like the one you can usually find in every salon. Facial sauna comes with a lot of different designs today, like the portable one which you can literally bring it when travelling.

Also, there are kind of steamers than can help your breathing to beside cleaning your face. Even a popular brand has introduced a new design of steamer that is able to actually be used as a nebulizer too.

Facial Steamer Benefits

But, no matter what type is the facial sauna, it still has the same purpose, to unclog and clean up the pores of face. Principally, all of it still has the same basic function, by putting water in the hollow part of the steamer.

Some say to not use the water from the tap, it can probably contain some chlorine or other minerals that may harm the skin face. Hence, distilled water or rosewater is preferred more. Even though some of you, that may not be too sensitive, is okay to use the tap water.

You can also use the steamer as a aromatic therapy that will soothe you when you’re having cough or cold. Some people would add essential oils such as lavender, eucalyptus or peppermint to the water so eventually the steamer also produce aromatic scents.

And it will relieve your breathing and soothing your cold because the steamer changes water into steam that blows right at your face. Now, let’s imagine a face steaming like the one in the salon or spa. The treatment doesn’t only clean your face but also detoxify and make your face skin look younger, cleaner and smoother eventually.

Even though majority of people often found out the advantage from having a face steaming after they visited some salon and spa. But, having steam facial at your own home is more affordable and feasible to do, also have the same advantages as many as the steam facial treatment that a salon offer.

It Removes Your Facial Mask

Beside enjoying the feeling of your dead skin being pelled out, you can also use the facial sauna as a easier way to remove your facial mask. First, put your mask on and let it dry. Then turn on the device, and it eventually soften the mask and you can simply remove it with a warm cloth. You don’t have to scrub away the mask roughly like before, now you can take the mask off easier and won’t cause any inflammation towards your skin.

It Supplies oxygen and Moisture Your Skin While Detoxifying Your Face Skin

Other advantages of the steamers, it also supplies oxygen and moisture your skin while detoxifying your face skin. The steam that the device produces, unclogs the pores so the blackheads or the whiteheads that is trapped will be uncovered and the steam also prevent future blemishes on your face.

Other Benefits

If you have some blemishes or a dry skin, Hot and Cool steam is maybe the perfect solution for your skin problem. Steaming face has a lot of advantages for you, especially for your skin. Beside open and unclog the pores to remove some dirt or grimes, these are several other benefits it can offer :

  • Removes the dead skin cells on your face
  • Rehydrate the outer layer of your skin
  • Enhances the blood circulation thus will make your face looks more fresh.
  • Opens the blocked nasal and sinus passages, relieves your breathing

Home Facial Steaming

Previously, people had done facial steam by staying in a gym’s steam room, using the steam from a boiled water, and even applying some hot compresses to steam their face up. But, sadly, those ways have some safety issue. Nevertheless, a steam facial at home offers advantages as many as facial treatment at the spa.

A home steamer make you able to perform a steam facial at your own personal time. You can enjoy steaming face in the morning or just before you go to bed. A face steaming at home is easy and flexible. All you need to do is just filling the water into the steamer, plug the machine in and turn it on. And the steaming is ready to be enjoyed in just a moment.

Tips to Use a Facial Steamer

Remember to let the tol atomizes the steam first before you use it. It is important thing to do because atomizing the steam means ensuring the particles in the steam are small enough to then be absorbed by the skin. Some steam particles are too large, so you have to make sure the steamer actually atomizes the steam.

Nowadays some new steamers come with cold mist feature. The feature helps you to relieve your allergy. Because it can literally removes the allergens from you skin. Then, eventually you will realize that the steam facial machine tightens up your skin and shrinks in the face pores. The cold mist feature also helps to reduce the redness and inflammation caused by the cold.

If you want, you can also add some essential oils to into the water in the steamer. The essential oils you should use may depend on your skin type. Usually, oily skin can get more advantage by using the rosemary, lemor of fennel essential oils. Sensitive and dry skin is recommended to use the lavender or chamomile essential oils. The sun damaged skin should use the lemon or the oil of patchouli to get more satisfying result.


The price for a good kind of facial sauna ranges from 30 up to 50 dollars.You can also complete the clean result from the steaming by adding some other exfoliating products, a slight of soap or a skin toner. You can do the treatment as your skin care daily routine.

Like you’ve read, there’s a lot of advantages that a steam facial offers and you can actually feel all of the luxury of having face steaming in the salon at your own home. If you plan to buy this device, be sure to read our guide to the best facial sauna/steamer for home and professional use.

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