Top Facial Toning Device Reviews

At some point in life, especially in your mid-life years, you may start experiencing the dreaded wrinkles and fine lines on your face and body. However, with facial toner machine, you may be in an excellent position to diminish the fine line, bringing your young years back. The microcurrent facial toning devices are more efficient compared to the many face creams and expensive toning massages that you have previously used in the first place.

There is a sizable population in the world that understands the importance of exercising the face muscles, just like other muscles need to. Undoubtedly, this is among the reasons why more and more beauty products are hitting the market, enticing consumers with all sorts of acne-curing and wrinkle-ridding powers, but the face toning device is here to stay thanks to its many benefits.

What is a Facial Toner Device?

It is a machine used to send gentle electrical stimulation to your face. The medical technology is equipped with two gel pads, which stimulate underlying nerves to control the user’s facial muscles. It is a non-surgical machine that gently pulses the face muscles, similar to a light facial massage.
The stimulation soothes the sagging and drooping facial muscles, to enhance skin health while also boosting collagen production. Here, the skin tends to get firm, then eliminating the fine lines and wrinkles.

Face Toner Device Benefits

A toner for face uses the electro-stimulation technology, which helps in relaxing the group of facial muscles and skin to achieve the best results. Also, the machine offers a non-surgical and cheap form of getting facial tissues to where they were. In fact, the machine is a substitute for facelift surgeries.

Moreover, the vibrations from the machines help in recirculating blood flow back to the skin around the neck, cheeks, eyelids and neck. Through this, the users’ complexion is improved significantly. Most machines are plug-and-use gadgets. They have various intensity levels, with many starting from a low intensity to higher levels.

How the Machine Works

To effectively provide anti-aging solutions, the face toner machine comes with two gel pads that are medical grade. When the machine is placed on your face, signals from the machine are sent to the underlying nerves, hence control muscles on the face. The signals create a soothing effect on the face, giving the effect of massage. The technology behind this effect is known as microcurrent face toning.

Additionally, the electrical stimulation in the machines helps in reducing the severe droops and sags in the face and around the eyes. Through this, the stimulation of the muscles helps in reducing the undesirable aging effect on the forehead, cheeks, neck and jaw region. The facial machines are common in spa facilities and medical institutions.

Top Facial Toning Devices of 2018/2019 Review

NuFACE Trinity Face Toning Set

The NuFACE easy to use home system offers a variety of spa-quality therapies at the comfort of your home. It helps in rejuvenating the skin and toning the facial tissues. In the package, the face massager is packed with a collagen booster to stimulate collagen production, and gel primer to help in transmission of soft micro currents bellow the skin’s surface.


  • Smart Skin Sensor- The skin sensor makes it easy for the users to massage the different parts of the face, which some require the delicate application of the massage.
  • Interchangeable Heads- The easy to switch heads enable the application of a variety of spa-quality therapies, to help in rejuvenating and building to strong facial tissues hence improve your appearance.
  • Push-Button Controls- They allow users to easily switch between the different modes of therapies hence achieve great results after using the machine.
  • Charging Cradle- Help in charging the machine, when the batteries run out.


  • Easy to use wrinkle reducer.
  • Brightens the face giving it a more wide-awake look.
  • Helps in tightening the jowl area.
  • Greatly improves the skin’s elasticity and texture.


  • Some consumers have reported cases of charger break down.
  • An expensive product in the market.


NOTIME Galvanic Eye and Face Toner Massager Tool

The face toning device offers a specialized skin care as well as promote an anti-wrinkle solution to you. It is a facial cleaning tool that utilizes both positive and negative ions to cleanse the skin deeply. It aids in improving the skin’s metabolism while stimulating the absorption power of the cells.


  • Single Massager Roller and Eye Treatment Head- The former helps in massaging the larger part of the facial skin while the eye treatment head massages the delicate parts of the face such as the lips and eyes.
  • Dual Control Settings- The Face massager has two control buttons that activate the ion sensor; push downward for the skin and the push upward to monitor the eye treatment head to help you massage delicate parts of the face such as the eyelids and lips.
  • LED Indicator- It is a light indicator that alerts the owner when the massager is turned on.
  • Battery Powered- It is easy to use and requires 2 AAA batteries so as to power it.
  • Function button.


  • Greatly improves the toning of face muscles if used on a daily basis.
  • Very gentle on the skin.
  • Works wonders in reducing wrinkle on the face even for patients with arthritis hands.
  • Boosts skin’s elasticity and eliminates puffy eyes.
  • Stress-free massager which offers convenience for use thanks to the dual-control settings.
  • Value for money.


  • If you are experiencing the problem of sagging skin, you may have to give this device some time to see better results.


There are many skin firming gadgets in the market today. However, before settling on one, it is important you go through the various reviews on safety precautions and contra-indications on some of the devices.

Additionally, the effects of using the facial toner machines many not be realized immediately as it may require owners to use the devices religiously, giving them some time to tighten the muscles. All in all, the massagers offer one of the best, inexpensive antiaging benefits on users, especially when used for longer periods.

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