Best Facial Treatments 2018/2019 : Improve the Health of Your Skin

A lot of people have different skin issues, particularly with the face and they find it difficult to have a proper facial treatment. These skin problems may be as a result of harsh weather conditions, things that we eat, dust, sweat, dirt, and sometimes by the lack of understanding of our skin types. These problems often cause issues with our confidence and self-esteem.

Some of these skin problems include acnes, blackheads, and dark spots or even sunburn pigmentations. There are several ways to treating skin problems, but facials have proven to be the best remedy so far.

Best Facial Treatment 2017/2018

What is Facial ?

best facial treatment and its benefits
A facial is a procedure that involves the application of skin treatment to the face. These facials are usually done in the spa but can also be carried out at home on a less expensive scale. Facials help to soothe out your face, remove front lines and any other facial problems you might have.

Type of Facial Treatments

There are different types of facial care depending on the skin type, the machines used, application method, to mention but a few.

Indeed there are lots of them. However, two basic techniques are easy to use, convenient, affordable and equally rejuvenating. We have the hands on and the electrotherapy.

  1. Hands-on 
    • For this treatment, the masseuse uses her hands to massage your face to help remove front lines, blackheads, eliminate dead cells and help in regeneration of new cells.
  2. Electrotherapy
    • In electrotherapy, electronic devices are used for the these treatments and hands are not used.

Both methods are suitable for facials, and both have their advantages and disadvantages.  But today we’re going to be talking majorly on hands on facials.

Hands-On Facial

This treatment involves the use of hand to apply the facial treatment on your face by the beautician or masseuse. For these treatments, no electrical device will be needed apart from the steamer.

Now as I said at the beginning of this article, knowing the nature and maturity of your skin are imperative as, the treatments used in this technique are usually made from oil or cream, and you can’t use both, you’ll have to use the one that suits your skin type the most.

Now, depending on the maturity and type of skin, the treatments to use will differ. For instance, gels are used on skin surfaces that are prone to acne and are oily while the oil and moisturizers are used for dry and mature skin.

After the cleansing process, mud or clay based face mask is used to open the pores on the face to enable proper cleaning and removal of blackheads and dead skin and also add nutrition to the skin. The option of steam could also be used to remove dirt and also open up face pores. People with tender skins cannot handle this facial, so instead of a mud mask, or steam, they use peel off masks to open the pores. The peel off masks is usually applied on the face and left to dry before peeling it off. This peel off mask also helps to tighten the skin and make it more beautiful.

Benefits of Facial

Amidst your busy schedule inability to make out time for things like these, I think you need a facial at least once every month, and these are the reasons why I think you should get one at least once a month.

  1. Facials are relaxing: They give you a relaxing feeling and even if you’re doing yourself or by a beautician you’ll enjoy this stress relieving experience and ask for more.
  2. Facials help to increase the rate of blood circulation thereby helping to a rapid regeneration of new cells to replace the dead ones.
  3. Facials help to reduce the amount of waste that lies just beneath your skin that could make your face rough. It also helps in the detoxification of your face.
  4. If you’ve noticed fine lines on your face that may suggest that you’re aging too quickly, then you should get a face massage to remove them. Yes getting a face care is one step to anti-aging and a more youthful look.
  5. Deep cleansing. The facial will clean more than just your skin; it’ll cleanse underneath it very deeply and eradicate any possible skin reaction that may be caused by dirt beneath your skin. With facials, you can stop any acne forming attempt, clear your pores and equally adjust their sizes if they’ve been stretched by debris or too much oil and made overly broad.
  6. Going for a facial care at the spa would give you an opportunity to consult a professional beautician on anything that has been giving you concerns about your face and skin in general. You can also get advice in how to maintain your new glowing look before returning for the next facial.
  7. Getting facials help you even out your skin complexion. Dark spots after a while of recurring, begin to make some parts of your face look darker than the others. And this, in turn, makes you look really aged, but with the help of facials, you can even the tone out and go back to the young version of you.
  8. I know we’re all going to get old and have wrinkles on our faces that will be inevitable but, now that we’re still really young I think it’s safe to live while we’re young. Facials help you to look younger than your age, gives you an awesome, glowing and hydrated skin. You’ll look beautiful and almost irresistibly younger, so why not take advantage of the anti-aging procedure to help you look good.
  9. No, facials are not miracle workers, and so you’re not expected to see the effects immediately, but with time, maintenance and more routines, you’ll have no choice but to glow.


Facials aren’t just for ladies to look pretty all the time, men can also go for facial treatments. The thing is, taking care of your skin will give you a very pleasant appearance. You’ll be so happy you took the facial treatments at the time you did, and be more than proud of the results you’ll get afterward. Just remember to make it a routine, maybe once every month and then maintain your glow wherever you go.

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