Best Makeups & Foundations for Acne Prone Skin 2019

Every woman dreams for healthy and beautiful skin. However in human physiology and real science, skin care is a complex process. In spite of innumerable advertisements of beauty cream or products, it’s not that easy to get a clear, smooth and wrinkle-free complexion.

Well, there are many factors that should be considered when we opt for any skin care products. Moreover acne has always been a permanent problem and a restriction for all of us when the topic comes of makeup and beauty. There is not a single woman who doesn’t wants to put on makeup. Makeup and acne prone skin do not usually synchronise with each other. Now this article will provide you with some best makeup for acne prone skin.

Find Out The Cause of Your Acne

The main question is that which makeup will work better for your acne prone skin. You should opt for a product that will not block your pores and avoids your face to look like a painted picture. It will also last for more than one hour or two. However certain makeup may also produce a mild form of acne instead of infuriating the blemishes already present and this condition is known as acne cosmetic. However the organic and natural products are the best makeups for acne prone skin.

Best Makeups for Acne Prone Skin

Well, let’s discuss some top cosmetics that will not damage your acne prone skin. If you want to look beautiful but are unable to hide the acne marks from your skin, then here are certain simple tips


Before applying your makeup, first cleanse it properly. By this excess oil can be removed from your face as acne prone skin is normally oily. Make sure to opt for the best brands available for cleansing your face. One most important thing is that your cleanser should comprise of salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide (more about top 5 tips for cleansing acne-prone skin on

Use Rose water

Natural products like lavender oil, tea tree oil and rose water soothes your acne prone skin. Well you can rose water as a sunscreen product and toner. After cleaning your face with the best cleanser, squirt rose water on your face to get the natural glow on your skin.


For acne prone skin also, it is necessary to apply moisturiser, because, it increases the silkiness of your skin. You should buy a moisturiser applicable for oily skin and before putting on makeup, apply it on your face. Burt you should opt for a non-greasy moisturiser.


For covering acne, it is the best cosmetic. You should choose the concealer according to your skin type and the colour should go with the complexion of your skin.


You should opt for a non-comedogenic foundation. It should not clog the pores of the oily skin.

Mineral makeup

This product is in great demand for acne prone skin. Instead of ordinary makeup, you can apply mineral. It consists of zinc oxide, botanical extracts, and titanium dioxide that are rich in anti-bacterial properties.

These are some of the cosmetics that serve to be the best makeups for acne prone skin. However, avoid applying makeup products that consists of alcohol. If you go for a wrong make up for your skin type, it may lead to some trouble.

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Best Foundation for Acne Prone Skin of 2018/2019

Appearance of acne puts many people in challenging situations. However, the main challenge is on how to find the best makeup for acne prone skin. It calls upon going for the medicated kinds of makeup while individuals look for the best foundation for acne prone skin. People might be wondering whether the foundation is safe or not.

Different individuals have different makeups that work on them. Avoiding potential irritants is the key for acne prone skin. There are foundations that are acne-friendly and some application techniques that minimize the chances of flare-up.

Best Acne Foundations

  • Oil-Free Foundation

    Oil based makeup should be avoided by people who are prone to acne. They should use water based and dry formulations because they are the best and should be adopted. Labels like ‘oil free’ should be noted. They simply mean that the product is free of ingredients that could cause pore clogging.

    Oil makeup is one ingredient, which can clog the pores. There are many types of oil based makeups which can clog the pores. Try to avoid any cosmetics which contain several dangerous chemicals, such as isopropyl and lanolin. Those chemicals are known as the main factors causing pores clogging.

    It is necessary to search the right composition of the makeup before using it. Try to find the right information from the website. Always look for the ingredients of the makeup before deciding to purchase and use it.  People need to read some reviews about those cosmetics in order to know the real effect of the cosmetics. Try to find the high rated makeup products in order to avoid any problems in the future.

  • Fragrance-Free Makeup

    There are many cosmetics using some dangerous chemicals, such as fragrance, to give the makeup some pleasant smell. People who are sensitive to acne should not use those ingredients. Some fragrances are able to stimulate the growth of acne on people face.

    It is recommended to find the best foundation which is ‘fragrance free’ or ‘hypoallergenic’ product.  Fragrances can enter the human skin very easily, especially on the face area. It means that the chemicals contained in the fragrances are able to enter the skin. Most of those chemicals are dangerous because they are made of the synthetic compounds which are usually derived from petroleum.

    Always remember to choose the fragrance free cosmetics in order to avoid any health problems in the future. Always remember to read the ingredients before buying a new cosmetic. It is necessary to make sure that there is no fragrance or any other chemicals in the products. The fragrance free cosmetic is the best choice for people who are looking for the best acne foundation.


The Application

Here are some step by step on how to use the makeup for acne prone skin. People need to realize that the main thing that needs to be considered is doing the right skin care. People need to have a good skin care during the application in order to get glowing and radiant skin.

  • Wash The Skin Properly. Before using the foundation, people need to wash their skin properly. This step is crucial to make sure that there are no bacteria, dirt, and any other things that can cause acne breakouts. Try to wash the skin with clean water.
  • Applying Sunscreen and Moisturizer. The next step involves spreading on sunscreen and moisturizer before applying a foundation. Individuals with acne problem should find the best moisturizers for acne, sunscreens and acne medications for their skin. It is advisable for them to search from the internet or consult with a dermatologist.
  • Choose The Best Acne Foundation. This step is essential for people who are sensitive to acne. There are many products in the market which are able to cause acne breakouts. It is necessary to buy the foundation from the drugstore or the dermatologist to make sure that the foundation is only for people who are sensitive to the acne. Apply the foundation on the skin smoothly. Do not try to apply too much foundation on the skin in order to allow the skin to breathe normally.
  • Apply The Facial Powder. After applying the foundation, it is the perfect time to apply the facial powder. The powder is effective to dust off the face skin. This step is vital before applying any other applications, such as adding colors on the eyes, cheeks, or lips.
  • Remove The Foundation at The End of The Day.  At the end of the day, the foundation needs to be removed from the face. People need to wash the skin in order to remove the makeup. Then people usually apply the night lotion or acne cream before going to sleep. Those lotions are excellent for healing the skin during the night time. It is necessary to smoothen the skin and improve the whole appearance of the skin in the upcoming days.
  • Bonus Tips: Change The Makeup Brush Frequently. It is vital to change the cosmetic brush frequently. This step is effective to prevent any bacteria to build up leading to acne. Cosmetic brushes need to be kept clean every time. There are many ways to wash the cosmetic brushes. One simple way is by rinsing them under running water. The running water will remove all dirts and dusts which can cause acne breakouts. Try to clean the brush at least once a month to make sure that the brush is ready anytime.


Those are some tips on how to make makeup for people who are sensitive to acne. Try to follow those tips above for getting radiant and glowing skins effectively. Visiting a dermatologist can be a good choice for people who have problems with acne. Many of those doctors usually recommend the use of the best foundations for acne prone skin because they believe that acne prone skin needs high quality foundation.

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