10 Gorgeous Gucci Bag Dupes and Why We Love Them!

Gucci bag dupes are all over the internet. Some people said that those bags are just inspired by Gucci and other designer brands. Since Gucci and other designer bags are quite expensive, it is a good thing to start going dupes.

Other than that, you can get a luxury appearance for less unless you want to spend thousands of dollars at once.
We don’t say that dupe bags are comparable to the original items. Even there are some pros and cons you need to run in the first place before buying dupe items.

Still, nothing’s wrong with buying dupe bags, shoes, purses, belts, and anything you name it. In this article, we will show you some dupe bags inspired by Gucci along with why buying dupes are tempting. You can also check our buying guides to celine and channel inspired bags.

Things to Know About Dupe Bags

The term dupes refers to an identical copy of a thing. In this case, Gucci bag dupes mean that those bags look alike the original designer bags. It doesn’t have any logo of the original brand but the appearance looks much similar.

Generally, you can find dupe items from shoes, bags, purses, or even belt anywhere. However, not all places provide quality items. In case you are interested in buying dupe bags, you can check some popular online marketplace.

Why we love dupe items

There are a lot of reasons to buy the original items from the designer. However, there are also a bunch of reasons why we love dupe items in the first place. The price could be the first on the list. Splurging thousands of dollars require good saving, willingness, and a lot of consideration beforehand. Thus, if you are not sure that you would love the designer bag or use it a lot, buying a duped one is a good idea.

Other than that, many of the dupe items are made perfectly nice. Even though it doesn’t bear any logo, if you can find a quality dupe bag then you will get a quality bag as well. Sometimes the product comes in more color varieties while also include real leather as the main material. Dupe products are still better than counterfeits though.

The Best Designer Dupes Under USD 100

If you want to go dupes, we have a list of dupe bags you can get for under USD 100. The first on the list is Hermes Ostrich Birkin. Willing to buy the original designer bag requires you to pay around USD 34k. It’s no wonder though since it was made of ostrich leather with palladium hardware. However, you can get a Hermes bag dupe for USD 39.99.

Gucci also released its Black Leather Sylvie Medium Tote that costs around USD 1,800. You can always buy it if you want to splurge. On the other hand, you can always go dupes for USD 39.99. The color might not be the same and the materials different from the original. Still, it looks trendy and Gucci-vibe. Gucci look alike bags will make you look richer as long as you know where to buy the quality one.

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