The Ultimate Buying Guide of Gucci Dupe Shoes

Gucci dupe shoes are quite popular on the market. It might be caused by its simple look and the luxury vibe spreads by the shoes (or the brand). Other than that, loafers have become a “staple” of dressing shoes. So, besides the need of having loafers as a staple, owning something that looks like a pair of designer shoes is pretty tempting.

Gucci Brixton Leather Horsebit Loafer

The designer shoes I choose for this article are Gucci Loafers. As I’ve mentioned earlier, this one reflects the casualty of an expensive lifestyle. Since the shoes have been around the internet (and the world) for years, quite many people want to own a pair. But, are you up for splurging your money for the original designer shoes?

Gucci Brixton Leather Horsebit Loafer comes with a USD 730 price tag. Its white leather makes your entire appearance look legit and expensive without trying too hard. It comes with a leather sole, foldable heels, and Horsebit detail. Half sizes are available.

In case you want to enjoy the look of these shoes, I’ve made a list of Gucci shoe dupes you can check out. The prices are definitely under USD 730 and the appearance looks so much alike.

#1 ASOS Movement Leather Loafers

Talking about designer shoe dupes, ASOS has released a similarly-looking pair of shoes to Gucci Loafers. For the similarity, I give 3 out of 5. It comes in black leather and horse-bit detail, just like the inspiration of the shoes.

With USD 56 price tag, you can get the look of luxury loafers and this has all components of Gucci loafers. For USD 56, the shoes look pretty decent even though not as luxurious as other dupes on the list especially Gucci. If this is your first time trying loafers then you can start with ASOS for sure.

#2 Sam Edelman Loraine Leather Loafers

If you are willing to spend more than USD 60 then you need to check Sam Elderman’s loafers. It comes with black leather material, foldable heels, horse-bit detail, and half sizes are available too. For the look, I give 3 out of 5 for similarity.

It looks more masculine than the original designer shoes though. The buckles look more square that gives a lot more masculine vibe. Still, this one is one of the best dupes on the market. You can buy it for USD 120.

#3 &other stories Horsebit Buckle Loafer

Are you looking for a pair of Gucci dupes at a lower price? Well, &other stories loafers should be on your list for sure. For USD 125, you will get a pair of shoes made of black leather material, horse-bit detail, half sizes if you need, and cushioned insoles.

The buckles are finished with golden brass color. The only thing that makes this pair of shoes doesn’t look like Gucci is the absence of foldable heels. The rests are quite similar yet reasonably priced. Going with Gucci look alike  shoes could be a good idea if you’re not ready for splurging yet.

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