Hair Care Guide

Hair care has a history going way back to the very olden days. Even the ancient Egyptians mixed water with things like citrus juice to create hair cleansing shampoos and made hair combs out of branches and fish bones.

Hair care, which is just hygiene for the hair, is a necessity for most people. And for most people in the Western world hair care is more than just a quick shampoo, especially for women. Although hair is important for males it is by far more important to most females.

Just like you I have struggled with hair care. I too would like the movie star and fashion magazine hair. So I decided to gather all information I could find so I would have the Best Hair Care Guide for myself and others. Although the mainstream has many brand names that have been made popular by commercials with men & women beautiful, flowing, luxurious hair, more recently natural hair products are becoming more popular. People are realizing that maybe all the chemicals are not the best and nature may have the best products yet.

Shampoos and Conditioners are the basics of hair care and are used even by people who don’t want to use any of the other huge array of products. Since human hair has a variety of textures: fine, coarse, thick, straight, curly… major manufacturers have taken advantage of this and now market products for each of these kinds of hair. Therefore, even the staple products come in so many varieties that it can make your head spin.

After the basics you have products for styling. You do want the hair of movie stars don’t you?? Things like gels, mousses, leave-in conditioners, deep conditioners, pomade, serums, hair spray are needed for that polished look. And let’s not forget hair color, highlights, low lights, permanents, and straightening. There are tools for hair: dryers, curlers, straighteners, special brushes and combs ….. You have hair accessories, wigs, and up-dos for special occasions. You also need haircuts, hair trims, hair styling, hair cut consultations and probably a lot more that I have not included — yet.

But don’t worry; this is what my site is all about. I will try and research all these and others that come up and will add info to my site periodically. Please email me if you would like more information on a particular hair care product or if have good tips for me and others.

Wishing us all a Good Hair Day!!

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