2020’s Best Hanging Toiletry Bags For Women Review

Are you looking for a convenient but good looking women’s hanging toiletry? Whether at a hotel, an office or at the gym, having a good travel toiletry bag that you can hang up on a shower rod, door or towel rack makes accessing all your toiletries and cosmetics easy.

You don’t need to get an unexciting plain bag for your cosmetics and toiletries. There are lots of fun and chic hanging travel toiletry bags which boast beautiful designs and colors also being totally functional at the same time.

Here, I’ve presented the best rated and most popular designs that will keep your toiletries off the counter and properly organized.

Best Hanging Cosmetic Bags for Girls

Large Toiletry Travel Bag

If you’re a frequent traveler or going out of town for more than just a day or two, you know that a small toiletry pouch is not going to cut it. You’ll need quite a few items to take with you and in sufficient quantities to last the entire trip.

You’ll also need to take your cosmetics, so if you get a large bag that’s handy for cosmetics as well, you’ll see how easy it is to keep everything organized and handy. A hanging one will have a hanger hook or loop provided so you don’t need a clean counter to place it on.

If your bag looks great you can just use it as your one carry on and toss in a few other essentials, or use it as an overnight bag. Pockets can keep everything secure and handy, and when you get to your destination just open it up and hang it on the bathroom door or shower rod to have everything you need at your fingertips.

Melody Susie


Exepert Travel ( Large & XL Size)


You don’t have to carry more than one bag for your toiletry and cosmetic needs again. Spacious enough to hold full-sized bottles and containers with plenty of pockets, elastic bands and compartments to satisfy the organizational freak in you!

In spite of its size, it has a very strong loop to hang the bag over a hook. It is large enough to use as an overnight bag and is meant to be carried as a separate piece of luggage.

Made of high quality microfiber and available in black, khaki, leopard print and red, it is one of the top selling hanging toiletry bags for women.

Medium Sized Hanging Toiletry Bag

For short trips, you probably won’t need large bottles and containers, so a medium toiletry travel bag can hold just enough and can be easily packed into your luggage or carry on bag. These can hold plane hand luggage liquid allowance bottles quite easily too.

Medium Hanging Bags for $10 and above

Pack Like a PRO (Purple) by BAGO


This bag is made of stylish and durable quilted microfiber and comes in 6 colors – purple, black, red, periwinkle, leopard and zebra. It is deceptively compact when closed, as it contains numerous compartments and zippered pockets for lots of travel-sized and a few full-sized toiletry containers to sit upright.

It perfect fit into your suitcase, briefcase or carry on. There is a fabric loop for hanging on a hook, and a strap for clipping around a towel rack or shower rod. If you plan to carry just cosmetics and toiletries, this is the best selling medium bag.

Lavievert Hanging Toiletry Bag


If you’re looking for an inexpensive hanging bag to carry just essential toiletries and cosmetics, this is the one. Made of durable nylon, it comes in black, navy, royal blue, teal and red.

One compartment has clear plastic zippered pockets for small items and folds over, while the main zippered compartment is good for larger items. There is a carrying handle and a metal D clip to hang the bag on a hook when open.

Stylish Printed Hanging Travel Cosmetic Bags

Looking for stylish prints with pops of color? There are some great printed bags available that you’ll love to show off while carrying toiletries and cosmetics. These bags make great gifts for your girlfriend, wife, mother or friend too!

Vera Bradley Iconic Hanging Organizer Signature Cotton


This cute travel toiletry bag comes in several cute prints and is quite large and functional at the same time. It features a cotton exterior with the bottom compartment lined with plastic.

This bag has a tie closure, two carry handles, and a metal hanger that you can pull out to hang the bag up when it is open. It makes a great gift to woman who travels.

What you should consider when shopping for a Travel toiletry bag


The first thing to consider is whether you’ll need to carry a lot of toiletries. If you normally use lots of them or if you want to use the bag primarily for travel or day-to-day storage, you’ll possibly need a bigger bag that can keep all your daily toiletry items.

However, if you’re the type that uses a minimal number of things, or if it’s just for the gym or office, a smaller one will probably do. A large travel toiletry bag can also hold your cosmetics along with toiletries.

Another thing to consider is TSA’s hand luggage liquid allowance on planes. You can’t take large bottles of liquids in carry ons, so a medium bag is best in those instances.

Number of compartments

The second thing to consider is if you’d like to have several small compartments or holders for each of the items, or whether you prefer tossing everything into one or two compartments.

Several pockets and holders will keep everything more secure and organized and are best for travel, but the bag may cost a little more. A single or double compartment bag is normally enough for everything else.


The last thing to consider is the material and style of the travel toiletry bag. Certain bag materials will be more expensive, especially if there are extra design elements and hardware on them. Some bags can be washed easily, while others, like leather, will need to be maintained well.