How to Organize Your Makeup Beautifully

Are you looking for a little inspiration or advice on how to organize makeup? Or maybe suffering from the winter blues and looking forward to warmer weather. Since your stuck inside anyway, now is the time to tackle that messy disorganized makeup drawer.

I know you have acquired an enormous amount of makeup and you are having a very difficult time finding that purple eyeshadow you bought last fall.

Makeup Organization Ideas

After you read some of my makeup storage ideas your life will be decluttered once and for all. And you will be able to find that long lost purple eyeshadow you have been seeking.

Makeup is something we all use everyday and sometimes more than once day. Makeup organization is one of those areas which deserve attention to get it right. Just being able to find what you are looking for will help you get ready faster and feel so much better.

Follow along and let me show you best ways to organize that makeup once and for all and show you a few tools to help you stay decluttered.

Product Expiration Dates – Is your Cosmetic expired?

You may not want to hear this but some of that makeup you have been holding on to for years may be expired. Now your probably thinking…expired? Yes, unfortunately makeup does expire.

The other important fact about makeup is bacteria. Bacteria builds in up in makeup and can cause skin breakouts or pinkeye so it is very important to go through your make up and toss the old stuff.

You can check the expiration date of your cosmetics by the batch code. The batch code shows what date a product was manufactured. The code is usually printed directly on the bottom of the container or on the packaging.

There are a few sites which allow you to put the batch code in and it will show you the expiration date.

Or the easier method is to follow the general rules of Makeup Expiration by the experts. I have created a chart below to help you determine which products may be expired and should be thrown away.

Makeup Expiration – Guide for when to toss that old Makeup

Mascara – 4 months

Mascara expires quickly and it is important to replace your mascara in a timely fashion to avoid eye infections. Also to avoid your mascara from drying out, do not pump it in and out of the tube, this only adds air into it which will dry it out. Pump once and apply if you need more, just pump again.

Lipstick & Lip Gloss – 2 years

However if it smells funny, it is not good anymore. Lipsticks go rancid when they get old.

Foundations and Concealers – 1 year

Water based Foundations expire faster than Oil based foundations, which will last 18 months.

Powders & Shadows – 18 months

A good tip for those broken and crumbling eye shadows. Just add add a few drops of rubbing alcohol and press firmly into eyeshadow pan.

Gels & Cleansers – 1 year

Beauty So Clean – Healthy Cosmetics which Last Longer

Bacteria is everywhere and especially our hands. Beauty So Clean is your number 1 defense against bacteria and germs from your cosmetics without changing it or drying it out.

The Beauty So Clean system makes it easy to sanitize your make up everyday.

In the picture to the right, you see two compacts, the one on the top was disinfected daily with Beauty So Clean and the bottom one was not. You can plainly see the difference.

1. Beauty So Clean Sanitizer Mist

Cleaning is so easy. Simply hold about 6 inches from your beauty product and spray. A fine mist will be applied to the product and you are finished. It will dry very quickly and ensures your make up is free and clear from bacteria and ready for the next time you need it.

2. Beauty So Clean sanitizer wipes

Beauty So Clean sanitizer wipes are for Mascara, Lip Stick & Lip Glosses. These need to be cleaned. Imagine eating and then applying some lip gloss to your lips.

Your lips contain bacteria which now was picked up on the lip gloss applicator and when you push it back into the tube you have now contaminated the entire product.

By wiping the applicator with a Beauty So Clean sanitizer wipes you remove any bacteria and avoid contaminating the entire product. As far as Mascara goes, do you get those clumps on your wand which end up on your eyelashes.

What a mess! Beauty So Clean wipes will remove this. By cleaning your mascara wand after each use, you will never have a build up and your mascara is bacteria and germ free.

3. Beauty So Clean Conditioning Brush Cleaner

Brushes are a wonderful way to apply makeup and the most sanitary. However, those brushes do have to be cleaned. Beauty So Clean Brush Conditioner is your answer.

Simply spray some Beauty So Clean Brush Cleaner onto your brush and brush onto a paper towel. The brush will dry in a few seconds. Easy as that.

DIY Brush Makup Storage

Brushes posh a problem since you need that specific brush and need to be able to find it fast. Here is a great solution to organize makeup brushes in a cute way.

DIY Makeup Storage for Brushes

Find a suitable container to hold your brushes, one which you like because it will be most likely sitting out on your vanity. I used a clear floating candle vase I had laying around collecting dust. I like using something clear so you can see whats inside.

So what is inside? Well, I used yellow glass pebbles, I had laying around, which I most likely have overpaid for at Pottery Barn. But you can use anything. How about some dried beans, sand, gravel or anything small and colorful. Search around your home, you will to find something you can use. Otherwise head over to a craft store and your head will spin with all the options available.

Once your container is filled, stick the makeup brushes in and your done. I think this is the easiest project you will ever do.

Help your Makeup Last Longer – Beauty So Clean

Do you worry about bacteria on your make up or have you suffered from an eye infection. They are no fun at all. These products listed below will not only extend the shelf life of your makeup but will make them bacteria and germ free.

What kind of Cosmetic Storage Plan do you have?

Well, I must admit I kind of just toss it in and hope for the best. While my beauty storage is definitely not the most disorganized, it certainly is messy.

How to Organize Beauty Products – and Keep it that WAY!

Now that you have tossed your expired or old makeup, we can move on.

Look it over again and think about the last time you used that shade. If you answered, last year. Then you know what is next. TOSS it! Remember we are decluttering our lives. If you do not use it, GET RID of IT!

Next, you will need to separate all the items and put the similar ones together. All lipsticks, brushes, eye shadows and so on together. This is how we will be storing the makeup so it is easy to find and PUT AWAY again after you use it. That’s right we need to put it back where we got it. This is important or you will be right back where you started and all this hard work will go down the drain.

Do you have a plan of where you would like to keep your makeup?

You can keep it on your vanity, if you have room by using one of the Clear Cubes with Drawers. They look nice and keep all your make up right at your fingertips. I have several of these list below. They come in 5, 4 or 3 drawer models and and the Kardashian makeup organizer as seen on the Kardashians. Kim claims her mother had them made for all the girls through a tweet. But, the 5 drawer cube I have listed looks to be the exact same one. You can see for yourself since I have included a picture of Kourtney Kardashians cosmetic organizer.

Some people like me, prefer to store makeup in drawers with a drawer organizer.

Okay now you have a plan! Lets GO!

How Do You Organize Cosmetics?

Do you have any tips or advice on organizing and storing makeup? I hope my article has helped those who are clueless in their pursuit to organize their makeup or may have needed a little inspiration to get the job done. Good luck and Happy decluttering.

Please share any makeup organizing ideas you may have.

Thanks and have a great day!