Top 16 Health Benefits of Infrared Saunas

There are a vast range of sauna benefits to using a Far Infrared sauna. While some are included below, the general agreement throughout the reports is that the results have been nearly impossible to believe.

#1 Vastly Improved Mental Clarity:

Many brain damaging toxins make their home deep inside fat located throughout your body. Far Infrared Rays(FIR) are the only heat source that can safely penetrate deep into your skin to reach these toxins and help them pass out of your system in the form of sweat.

Far infrared therapy has the power to literally melt subcutaneous fat under your external skin where most of these toxins are stored. As this fat melts, the acids and toxins are shaken loose from their protective fat cells and forced out of your body.

Your skin is not the only organ that received detoxifying benefits, however. Organs such as your liver and kidneys can also begin to do their jobs much more efficiently with many toxins removed from your system.

#2 Improved Cardiovascular Function:

You will quickly begin to see the benefits of increased cardiovascular function after only your first 60 minutes. A single session in a Sauna product simulates the feeling that you get after intense biking, rowing or running for the same amount of time. Far infrared radiation increases blood flow to all portions of your body.

#3 Improved Organ Function:

There is also fat protecting your internal organs. This fat can also store harmful toxins that need to be removed to restore your internal organs to full function. Infrared heat is adequate to reach these internal organs and cleanse the fat around them.

#4 You Will See Weight Loss:

If you need to drop a few pounds, Saunas can help by reducing the amount of fat in your body naturally. Your body uses excess amounts of fat to filter out additional toxins in your body that your other internal organs cannot handle. However, when your body detects that such an excess of toxins is no longer present, the need for the fat reduces and your body begins to shed it away. This makes your body much more receptive to fat loss than normal making your normal diet and exercise plan much more effective.

#5 You Will Burn Calories:

Far infrared Sauna products can help you burn as much as 600 calories in a single half hour. This is equivalent to a half hour of heavy rowing or marathon running for a 150 lb. male. If you weight a little more, you can expect to burn even more calories. It takes about a half calorie to produce a gram of sweat. You can sweat as much as 4 lbs. of water during a single session – do the math.

#6 You Will Experience Mental Clarity:

Toxins in your body sap your energy and prevent full mental clarity much of the time. As these toxins are removed, you sleep better and have more energy throughout the day. Toxins that can cause continued brain damage exist in your body right now. Only with far infrared technology can you eliminate them today and start using your brain to its full potential.

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#7 Your Skin Will Improve: Dramatically:

You will no longer need to use lotion to improve the feeling of dry skin. Your face will begin to look younger and your skin will get smoother and tighteral. Infrared rays can also reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes quickly.

Many people have compared the feeling that their skin gets after a session in a Sauna to the feeling of tightness experienced after a face lift. Blood circulation improves so oxygen and nutrients can arrive faster to various parts of your skin.

Collagen can more effectively rejuvenate in your face – causing a healthier and younger appearance.Also great for scar removal. You Will Strengthen Your Immune System – Far infrared therapies increase cardiovascular activity in order to allow your blood to travel faster and produce a higher level of white blood cells.

These white blood cells are your body’s natural way to fight serious diseases and illnesses. Your Prostate Swelling Will be Reduced (Men) – Especially in men over the age of 50, far infrared rays have been shown to have a positive effect on enlarged prostates. This is because of the removal of toxins and the improvement in blood flow.

#8 You Will Have More Energy:

Not only will you experience more energy after dropping a few pounds, but you will experience increased energy as a direct result of toxin removal and increased blood circulation. If you use Sauna products while adhering to a healthy diet and exercise plan, the energy levels you experience will be amplified radically in as little as 10 days with 30 minutes sauna sessions. You will feel younger and lighter so you have the energy to do things you never thought you could do before trying a Sauna.

#9 You Will Remove Toxins From Your Body:

Far infrared technology has even been proven to remove mercury from your body – it’s that powerful. There are no controversial treatments involved in Sauna products – just safe, natural and healthy toxin removal. Sauna products have been tested extensively and every time were found to be the best method of detoxification.

#10 You Will Experience Natural Pain Relief:

The deep penetrating power of far infrared rays have been found to relieve pain associated with sprains, arthritis, joint stiffness and muscle spasms – among others. A far infrared therapy generate heat that has been proven pain relief. This is not an Eastern medicine gimmick – Sauna products have been proven to work.

#11 You Will Strengthen Your Cardiovascular System:

Far infrared heat sauna has been shown to improve your heart functions by increasing heart rate, metabolic rate and cardiac output. Best of all, a 30 minute session in a Sauna has been shown to reduce blood pressure levels (if higher than normal) for a period of up to 24 hours.

#12 You Will Relax:

Every Saunas unit is designed to be the ultimate experience in comfort and relaxation. The heat will help you relax while the oxygen rich environment will help you breathe easier. Each unit comes with a built in CD system so you can relax to soothing music or read a favorite book.

#13 You Will Reduce Stress:

Heat has been used for centuries to reduce tension and stress – such as natural hot springs. Far infrared rays allow this heat to penetrate deep into your body to relax your entire system. After a Sauna session, you will feel relaxed and refreshed with the far infrared sauna benefits.

#14 Your PMS Symptoms Will Be Reduced (Women):

Studies have shown that infrared heat technology can not only reduce the symptoms associated with PMS but also control excessive leukorrhea and prevent yeast infections – through regular Sauna sessions.

#15 You Will Absorb Nutrients More Efficiently:

With the absence of excessive toxins and acids in your system, nutrients will be more readily absorbed by your system and be processed more efficiently. Thus, you will be able to secure more nutrients from the foods that you eat and will feel better.

#16 You Will Experience the Viagra Effect (Men):

One hidden benefits of far infrared heat products is that they have been shown to help production of nitric oxide – the active ingredient in products like Viagra┬«.

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