Best Kids Luggage Sets

Children’s luggage brings fun and convenience to family travels. And children’s confidence and independence can be built by organizing their own luggage.

However, it’s not necessary to invest too much on that. Anyway, kids like changing. When choosing luggage for your children, you should look for discount kids luggage which is easy to clean and durable enough to withstand kid’s abuse.

Lightweight rolling luggage with wheels is easy for preschoolers or teenagers to maneuver. To attract your little travelers, the luggage needs to be really nice and cool.

Buying Guide

Luggage sets could be a fun way of making your children do their own packing and unpacking, thereby making them independent and organised.

When you shop for luggage sets, the first thing that you must keep in mind is the durability of the luggage. As children are more likely to rough up their luggage, it would be feasible to buy a set which is strong yet attractive. It must also be easy to clean and maintain because a child’s luggage will certainly require frequent cleaning.

There are several kinds of luggage sets for children available on the market. These generally have fancy designs and vibrant colours to appeal to a child’s fantasy. It is essential to choose an appropriate luggage set for your kid, which is lightweight and not cumbersome to manage because you surely would not want your child to be burdened by the weight of the luggage. It may be a little hard to decide what the ideal luggage set for your kids should be.

Duffle bags are a favourable choice as they can withstand the roughest of wear and tear conditions. They come in sturdy materials of cow, sheep, lamb and goat leather as well as in polyester fabrics lined with nylon inside. Duffle bags have several compartments that are divided by flaps besides which there are pockets lined inside as well as outside.

There are various types of duffle bags available wherein the larger sizes are designed for travel while the smaller ones are used as school bags. Bags with two straps are better while those with single straps should be avoided as they put all the weight on one shoulder. Some of them even come with attached wheels which makes it easy to simply wheel them around.

The best option is the lightweight roll-on luggage which has large compartments for storing clothes, books, shoes and other necessities while a number of pockets both inside and outside can provide them with more storage capacity. Some luggage sets also have small accessory cases for toiletries, money etc. But the best part is that it can easily be rolled on its wheels.

You must also ensure that the wheels roll easily. The four-wheeled roll-on luggage is far more convenient than the two-wheeled luggage as it can move in any direction the child guides it.

Avoid those with cheap plastic wheels.

Carry on luggage can be much lighter in weight as compared to roll on luggage. It is expandable and can store most of your child’s belongings and it also saves time checking-in at the airport. And for a hands-free option, a carry on backpack would be a good buy.

Finally, look for bright colours and luggage with animated pictures such as those of Disney characters. These will look attractive and also create an interest for your child to do his or her own packing and organising.

Types of Luggage

Choosing a perfect piece of luggage for your kids can be very tricky sometimes. Here, this introduction to luggage types may help.

  1. Kid’s wheeled luggage is always a great solution. It features spacious compartment for clothes, shoes or other necessities and the extra pockets outside or inside will provide better organization. With zip closure and locks, your kid’s traveling stuff will stay safe in the luggage. What’s more, with convenient spinner wheels, the luggage is easy to draw and usually has comfortable grip top and side handles.
  2. Kid’s carry on luggage is awesome for flight trips. It saves the time of checking-in and is also roomy enough for your kid’s belongings. It usually features expandable room and you will find how amazing the capacity is. Compared with a wheeled one, it is lighter and the carry on backpack can even free your two hands.

To combine the pro’s of the above two, you can buy your kid a luggage set. The luggage set is not only for carrying the traveling stuff but also for providing better organization and security. If your kid travels a lot, a luggage set can never be wrong.

Treat your kid to a Disney trip combined with a cute Disney luggage piece. He certainly can’t wait to take the wonderful Disney world with him everywhere and show it off to his little friends. The Disney luggage is certainly special for your child. Besides all the functions of ordinary luggage, it caters to kid’s unique needs for fantasy and fun.


Q: Is it necessary to buy my kids their own luggage?

A: Absolutely, kids need their own space too. Taking charge of the toys, clothing, snacks and alike teaches them a lot and builds their sense of responsibility. Plus, parents will feel much relieved as children can never mess up the adults’ belongings any more.

Q:How to choose suitable luggage for children?


  1. First, take the age of your kid into consideration. For little kids, small suitcase or backpack with wheels is enough. For elder kids a moderate-sized or large upright or duffel is the right ticket.
  2. Second, tell your kid functionality is more important than appealing appearance and then pay attention to your child’s preference.
  3. Third, ease of use, durability and capability of water-resistance should be focused on when deciding on a piece.
  4. Forth, let your kid carry the product and make sure he can handle it without much effort.