Laptop Backpacks – Carry your Laptop in Style

People tend to neglect the importance of having a good laptop backpack. To have an idea of a great computer backpack, start browsing the Internet. You can find what features to look for in a laptop backpack and reviews of the major brands of these backpacks online. You must know the importance of having a laptop backpack as much as knowing how important your laptop is.

Shopping can be fun, but sometimes it can be a bit stressful. It will be difficult to choose from a wide range of great brands. This is especially true when you have enough money for what you are shopping for. However, if you have limited budget, your choices may narrow down. So here are some important tips on how to choose the best backpack for laptop.

  • If you are a person who has to travel a lot, a laptop backpack is more preferable than just a laptop bag. In looking for the best laptop backpack for travel, the four major features you should consider are weight, size, comfort, and capacity. The size must be just enough for your notebook and other notebook accessories. That is why you should bring your notebook with you when shopping for a backpack.
  • To have less strain in carrying your bag, the straps should be broad. This can give comfort to your shoulders while carrying the backpack especially when your computer weighs seven kilos. Comfort is also a very important feature you should consider in buying a computer backpack. Another feature you should look for are the extra pockets. This is where you can put your CDs, DVDs, wires and other computer accessories. This is very important especially when you are traveling.
  • You should also consider the style of the backpack. It must fit your personal style and attitude.

Top 4 Brands

Here are some of the best laptop backpack brands you should consider buy:

  1. The Samsonite Radius Backpack is a very stylish backpack. Not only is it stylish, it is also lightweight and easy to carry. It has internal cushion that can protect your laptop efficiently. This product also has shoulder straps that are padded, which makes it very comfortable to carry. It also has extra pockets for your music purposes. Its looks, capacity, comfort and styling is an amazing thing to consider.
  2. The High Sierra Access backpack is also another brand to consider. Its capacity and comfort is great. This backpack is very sophisticated, with an air technology to keep you cool and your computer. It also has extra pockets for all the things needed for your computer. The functionality of this backpack is superb.
  3. The next brand you should consider is the eBags Downloader backpack. The Wall Street Journal’s Catalog Critic chose this as the best computer backpack. Its space capacity is amazing.
  4. Ogio Fugitive Black backpack is very sleek. It is very comfortable for the shoulder, and has a big capacity. This bacpkack can even fit your books. It has also extra pockets for your laptop accessories.

Laptop Bags – Carry your Laptop in Style

Laptops are lightweight portable computers that can be easily carried around. Laptops must be carried in a special bag to prevent damage during travel. The bag must also have appropriate space for adapters, cords and other accessories that one need to use with the computer.

A laptop case or bag is very important to protect your laptop from damage or theft. Various types of bags for laptops are available in the market these days. The purpose of all these bags is to hold at least one laptop and its accessories securely. These computer bags differ mainly in terms of design as they are designed keeping in mind the sensibilities of different age groups who use the notebooks. Some of the common types are follows:

Laptop Backpack

These funky laptop bags are mostly for the college going crowd, as young people prefer more sporty and cool laptop bags. Also they need to have space for other materials such as lunch boxes, water bottles, textbooks and stationery. As they are comfortable to carry, they are a preferred choice for many. Because of this many companies have come out with various models of these bags to suit the taste of professionals. The most common brand of bags in this category is Jansport. Even Samsonite has bags in this category which have a more elegant look.

Laptop Briefcases

These sophisticated bags are designed especially for professionals. These bags look like suitcases and are the preferred choice of office goers. Briefcase style leather laptop bags have a very classy look and are popular with businesspersons. They have an extra pocket or compartment for storing documents and files.

Slim Portfolio Notebook Bag

The purpose of these bags is to provide a snug fit. Thus, they come with minimal padding and don’t have much space for accessories. Each bag is designed specifically for one laptop model.

Computer bags for women include purse-like designs and pink laptops bags. Other top choices are top-loading,  messenger notebook bags. Expensive designer notebook bags are also available for those looking for exclusivity. Some cute notebook bags having the look and feel of a softy are also available for children.

Points to Remember before buying a Computer Bag:

A badly designed bag can harm your computer rather than protect it. Here are some important things that you have to keep in mind while buying a computer bag:

  • Laptop Size.  Make sure that your laptop and its accessories can fit inside the bag properly. If you need to put your files and folders, ensure that there’s ample space in the bag.
  • If you are a person who is constantly on the move with your computer then you should consider buying one of those laptop travel bags. These bags are padded from inside to offer maximum protection to your computer.
  • Consider the climate of the location where you’ll be using the bag. Some bags are custom designed to stand heavy rainfall and be shockproof.
  • Check the material of the bag. These days bags for laptops come in nylon, leather and many other fabrics. Although leather bags are more in fashion, choose a fabric according to your usage and needs.
  • Check the style of your laptop carry bag. It should go with your personality and you should be comfortable carrying it around.

After you have checked all the above things, keep your budget in mind while shopping. The bags are available in all kinds of price range and for people who do not travel much, even the cheap laptop bags might be better.