Best Leather Duffle Bags & Luggages

Leather bags are durable, water-proofing and attractive. While you choose a piece of leather luggage, you should get to know lot of details including color, size and types of animal skin. There’re also many popular pieces of leather suitcase to accommodate various needs of consumers.

Piel Leather Multi-Pocketed Wheeler

This bag offers three color options which include black, chocolate and saddle. The wheeler has the main compartment, three pockets on front panel and ticket pocket on the back, which can be securely stuffed with everything you need to take during your journey. Strong elastic straps available are used to protect your stuff organized and secure.

David King Leather Duffel

This bag is most recommended by many frequent travelers. It boasts top quality rich and soft vacquetta leather which expose all these features of hides. It’s produced through superior tanning process which keeps the natural oils of the hides. If you use this type of duffel bags, you can only maintain it occasionally with professional leather conditioner.

It offers removable shoulder straps which will add convenience to your trip.

Piel Wheeler With Top Pocket And Laptop Compartment

Piel Wheeler With Top Pocket And Laptop Compartment is not only durable, but also practical. It’s designed to combine a piece of wheeler luggage with a laptop bag. The laptop compartment is exclusive for holding and protecting your laptop from heat and blows while main compartment can hold the rest of your items you take yourself. It’s made of Piel Colombian Vacquetta leather. It’s really a type of luggage which will make your journey easier.

Tumi Alpha Business T-Pass Leather Business Class Brief Pack

This type of leather brief backpack is specially designed to make your check smoother and easier because it meets TSA checkpoint requirements. Besides, it’s suitable for business travelers because of computer compartment, numerous interior and exterior pockets which will keep your items in order. It’s made of deluxe full-grain leather.

Alberto Bellucci Berliner Travel Bag

Alberto Bellucci Berliner Travel Bag can be use as necessity of your short trip as well as necessity of your daily use to hold several items while you go to gym. Italian polished calf-skin leather and brass and stainless steel hardware make the travel bag durable. It offers both handles and detachable shoulder strap. There’re a wide range of colors including red, honey, dark brown, brown and black.

Buying Guide

No matter you leave for a family or business trip in any season, you need a luggage. Nowadays most of people choose leather bags because of its waterproofing ability and durability. Usually people choose a piece of leather bag depending on factors below.

Types of Luggage

Think about the list of items you must take with yourselves during your journey. And base on the quantity and specific item and decide what kind of types you need. For example, if you have to attend a business center and need to take a laptop, you’d better buy a laptop bag which will protect your laptop from heat, shock and blows. If you’re a backpacker, what you need will be a roller backpack which will be easily carried.

Types of Leather

Leather bags are made of cattle, sheep, pig skin and skin from animals such as snake, ostrich and alligator. Different types of leather have different appearance and features.

For example, sheep or kid leather owns wrinkle effect. It has looser fiber network than cattle skin. It is much more welcomed by women consumers as it’s softer. Buffalo or cattle leather are more closely packed together. It makes up 65 percents of these hides and animal skins in the market place.

While using this type of luggage, you should notice that it must avoid excessive drying or scratching.

The Details

When you choose a luggage, what you should care more about should be handles, straps, wheels, frame, zippers, textures and seams of the luggage. Just all these details of the luggage will decide whether you will satisfactorily use this piece of luggage or not.

The best and most sturdy frame is made of aluminum or fiberglass. Why choose strong frame for luggage? Because when luggage is stuffed with items, the frame supports the whole luggage.

Wide-track wheels don’t easily break and is stable and good at keeping balanced. Wide-track wheels are good choice. Straps must be durable, adaptable and detachable.

Leather luggage needs big zippers which are uneasy to break and fall apart and therefore a lot durable. Compartments are areas inside the luggage which are specifically divided and will greatly help leisure and business travelers keep their stuff organized.

These seams in the exterior must be piped and add reinforcement. To ensure the greatest strength, all the seams of the luggage must be lock-stitched.

Things to Consider

If your family plans to spend a vacation, the first matter you should consider is whether your luggage has enough space to hold all these items of your family members.

You should carefully consider several factors if you want to buy a suitable leather luggage set.


How many pieces of luggage included in your bag set should base on your budgets at first. The luggage will usually cost quite a sum of money. If you have a limited budget, you may only select two or three pieces of luggage produced by notable luggage manufacturers. With the same budget, you can choose a whole set of leather suitcase which will satisfy all your needs of your journey.


As is known, luggage always suffers from a series of rude treatments including drags and bumps from the airport to the flights. Therefore, the quality and the material are the most important factors you must consider while you choose luggage. It decides the durability of your luggage so that it can be used in the long run. Leather affords textures which are much more packed and durable. It’s also waterproofing due to its nature.

While you choose a set of luggage, leather is the most suitable choice. For a frequent vacationer, durability comes first. Handles, zippers, handles and other details should also be of high quality and carefully examined.


You may be surprised to find that there’re such a wide range of types of leather luggage. There’re leather briefcase, laptop bag, duffle, rolling bags and so on.

You can choose a bag set based on your needs. According to these items you should take by yourselves, you can select several pieces of luggage and place your items in the pieces.

For example, if you have lots of leather suitcases, you should get one leather rolling bag which can be stuffed with lots of items and be easily taken so that your trip will be hassle-free and smooth. If one of your family members leaves for your vacation with personal computer, you should choose a luggage set including a laptop bag.

The standardized and common items of leather luggage sets include two luggages of different sizes, a carry-on bag which looks like a mini suitcase and a garment bag specially designed to hang and hold clothes tidy.


The luggage is available with different sizes to cater to different requirements of vacationers. The sizes of luggage pieces should be chosen after considering how much stuff you should take. Ask yourself how long your family will spend your holiday and where you go. This luggage set consists of various sizes of 40, 54, 60 and other inches.

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