How To Choose A Makeup Brush Set

Everyone knows that makeup brush  is a girl’s best friend: it can make her positively glow, and it can really make her facial features pop. What people may not know is that women cannot get the full benefit of makeup without the perfect cosmetic brush.

Indeed, the brushes used to apply makeup makes all the difference in the world. With good quality brushes, women can be confident that they look their best. It is still possible to get a good make up brush today. Some of them, namely MAC, are prohibitively expensive.

Most MAC brushes are nearly $30 each: with professionals saying that the minimum number of brushes women need is 8 or more, one can see how the dollars quickly add up for top-of-the-line, exclusive brushes. However, there is no need to shell out the big bucks: there are several brands that compare favorably with MAC, and they start at just $1!


The Essential Cosmetic Brush Set

There are four essential brushes for the eyes and another four for the face. For the eyes, a woman needs a flat stiff, stiff dome, soft dome and a pencil brush.

  1. The flat stiff brush set is great for patting on eyeshadow, and its stiffness helps it to pick up color.
  2. The stiff dome brush set is for the “smoky eye” effect—feathering in darker shadows and applying more color to the crease.
  3. The soft dome brush set gives a soft, blended look, while the pencil brush smudges eyeshadow and eye liner; its smaller tip lets women apply more precise lines.
  4. For the face, the stippling or pencil brush set is a necessity: it gives an airbrushed look. As its name implies, the contour brush is for contour around the cheek area. Women also need an angled blush and highlighter brush.

Finding High-Quality Products at Lower Prices

There are plenty of brands of affordable makeup brush, and this means that women will find the ones that work for them, and their budget. These are some of the popular brands if you want to buy a cosmetic brush:


First of all, Makeupgeek has its own brand of brushes, the MUG line. Though they make the brushes, Makeupgeek does fair reviews of its brushes and comparisons of MUG with MAC products.

Most of the time, the MUG products compare favorably. MUG has a loyal legion of fans who swear that the MUG brand is the best brush for the dollar.

A woman who bought the MUG blush brush for just $8.99 wrote that she was very impressed with the product, especially with the price.

Real Techniques

Real Techniques has brushes and brush kits that range from $7.99-$18.99. Its “core collection” of essential brushes is just $18. The E.L.F brand has been tested by professional makeup artists, and the line contains three brushes that are just $1.

The E.L.F Essential Professional Complete makeup brush set of 12 brushes is just $12. Other brush kits by E.L.F start at $5. There are websites with a 32-piece set for just $29.99, and a seven-piece starter set at $4.99. Most women find the brush to be great, as you can have 32 inexpensive brushes that will serve you for a long time.

Bundle Monster

This is also a good source for women seeking a high-quality brush. Bundle Monster’s 15-piece make up brush set is a bargain at $18.95.

Final Verdict

In order to get all the appearance-enhancing effects of makeup, women need to be savvy about every brush, as high-quality brushes are a necessity.

MAC is clearly a superior brush, but many less expensive brands compare favorably with MAC. Women seeking quality, inexpensive brushes can benefit from the many reviews of different brands online.