Top 20 of Best Makeup Gift Sets in 2019

I love holiday makeup kits for women! The variety and “all in one” aspect makes me truly happy. I remember as a young girl, and a pre-teen, my grandma would take me to the mall to a department store like JC Penneys or Dillards and let me pick out the gift with purchase makeup set that came with her bi-yearly skin care purchase.

I loved them because they usually provided make up for 2 skin tones like warm and cool. So, I got 2 lipsticks and twice as many eye shadows. I always thought that was awesome!

Spring Cosmetic Products are here!

With winter nearing it’s end, bright colors are starting to show up on the fashion scene. That includes pastels and bright metallics in shades that range from pink to lime green.

One such makeup set for eyes is from Avon and this pretty spring cosmetic palette is fun and easy to use with highly pigmented color. (Photo shown in corner of this block.)

Not everyone needs to wear brights in an over the top way, either. It’s easy to pick a couple of colors and blend them for one pretty, bright, spring inspired look.

Makeup Sets for women – VS, Este Lauder, Sephora

Now, that I’m all grown up, I know how much I can get without a trip to the department store.
I like to order from because they offer several benefits.
1. Usually orders over $25 are free to ship.
2. If you are a member of PRIME, you can find most items with free shipping despite the price.
3. Returns aren’t a hassle.
4. They have most brands and almost any type of product you could ask for.

Make Up collections for beginners

The Masterpiece 7 Layers All-in-One Makeup Set by SHANY COSMETICS

1. Did you know that makeup kits can be collectible? The Sephora Make up Studio Blockbuster Palette shown below was discontinued and is no longer sold in stores. All-in-one makeup kits can be highly sought after because they are usually only made for a short amount of time or they are only put out for special occasions like Christmas.

2. All-in-one makeup sets have everything you need. Most kits will have eye shadow, lip stick or lip gloss, blush, eye liner, and sometimes they have foundation and concealer or brushes too. All in one cosmetic sets don’t have to be huge and overwhelming either. See example number 2 below.

3. Many holiday all-in-one make up sets will have a case, bag or tote specifically designed for it. This makes them even more collectible, but also easy to take with you while travelling.

What type of holiday Makeup Kit should I buy?

Many people feel the need to have more natural products to use for their make up sets, but others feel like natural products don’t always have the same color and depth as regular make up.

So, lets take a look at some options for natural make up. Mineral make up seems to be the top source for the natural make up category, though you can try for organic also. Organic can pose issues of sustainability, while minerals are usually inert and don’t collect bacteria as easily.

Regular make up is feared for the chemicals used in it, but the truth is, you can find regular make up without all the crappy chemicals that advocates gripe about.

How to put together a Makeup Set – The HOYOFO 4 Piece Cosmetic Bag

The most fun part of putting together a cosmetic set is figuring out what to put all the make up in! There are cosmetic organizers, cases, bags, baskets, totes, and hat boxes just to name a few.

I’m sure you could be even more creative and find other options to put make up items inside to make a makeup set for friends or family.

Keep in mind the person you are making the kit for. Are they teenagers, or middle age women? Maybe you have a drag queen friend?

Each person has distinct likes and dislikes, so try to find something that will appeal to the person’s individuality.

If I were to make a kit for my 15 year old, it would need to be black with skulls on it, or pistols or some of her favorite bands.

My mother, on the other hand, would appreciate a pretty box with owls or nature scenes on it.

The right kind of Make up Case – Travel, wheels, soft side

Travel cosmetic bags can be great because they are compartmentalized like a fishing tackle box, so it’s easier to see your make up at a glance.
They come in hard sided or soft sided boxes, along with large professional styles that have wheels.

What Cosmetic Brand should you choose?

Cosmetic brands vary widely, but there are some nationally famous brands in several price ranges.

Avon and ELF are both known for good quality with lower prices on their makeup sets and individual make up items.

Brands like Urban Decay and Bare Escentuals are known for good quality in a higher price bracket.

Is one better than the other?
Probably not that much. In my years of research and use, the products can perform great at a low price or perform poorly in the high priced product.

So, my advice if you are buying or making a holiday makeup kit is to understand what the gift recipient would use most, regardless of brand or price range.

I’ve included links to several brands in many price ranges.