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Makeup can be great when you get your shades right and apply it properly. On the other hand, if you sport shades that don’t harmonize with your skin tone, or your make-up is poorly applied, you would have been better off without it.

Not every one can wear blue eye-shadow, or green eye-shadow, or use bronzing beads. Find out what YOU can wear, play it safe and keep looking great…

Your skin tone is dark, you have dark eyes…

With this combination it’s best to stick to dark and neutral shades of eye-shadow. Bright colored eye-shadow will rarely compliment this person, unless it’s a deep purple shade. Avoid blue and green colors. Try dusky, shimmery shades like a dusky pink or cream.

This is the only combination that heavy black eyes look gorgeous on. Dark black eyeliner applied top and bottom, and plenty of mascara on both top and bottom lashes will look great on this person. Go for a lengthening mascara.

Rich red lipstick and deep red blushes will look stunning Also use neutral -brown shades of lipstick. Don’t ever go for pink lip-stick, it will probably look tacky. You could try a pink blush though.

If you don’t tend to get acne, a light bronzer might be better than using a foundation. Don’t cover your skin if you don’t have to.

Your`skin tone is medium-dark, you have light eyes…

This is the most versatile combo when it comes to eye-shadows. Although, if your eyes are blue(This also goes for grey eyes), green eye-shadow wont suit you, likewise if you have green eyes, don’t wear blue shadow.

The shades that bring out light-coloured eyes best, are shades that are tones of the eye-colour itself. IE, you have blue eyes, try teal,aqua,sky-blue,navy-blue shades. If you have green eyes, don’t wear pink or purple shades of shadow, and no blue, other than that, you should be able to wear all other colours.

Bronze colours will flatter the green eyes the most. Blue can wear any colour apart from green. If your eyes are blue-green, then you can probably wear all colours!  If you have blue or green eyes, be careful about how heavy you go on the black eyeliner and mascara.

I advise eyeliner on top eye lid only, or maybe just a bit in the outer corner of your eye as well, only bring the liner from the corner to 1/4 to half way across the lip of your eye. Also i recommend that you apply mascara to top lashes only. Heavy black eye make-up is appropriate for formal or special occasions.

Bright red, deep red, and coral shades of lipsticks will suit you best. Try nude and neutral shades also, but avoid browns and pinks. Unless it’s a really light pink, that’s more of a natural tinge than a colour.

Your skin tone is light/pale, you have dark eyes…

Go for bronze, and green shades of eye-shadow. Smokey grey/black eyes will look good on you too. They are probably the only colors you should use, apart from the odd neutral shade that has a brown-bronze tinge. Light shades will make you look washed out, and bright shades won’t look any good at all.

Use a fair bit of mascara, go for a plumping one. You can line your eyes top and bottom also if you wish to.

Bright red,bronze and light pink lipstick should be the only colours you use.

Your skin tone is light/pale, you have light eyes…

Refer to medium-dark skin tone/light eyes, as the blue/green thing will apply to you also. Go for dusky and light shades also.

Try use minimal mascara and eyeliner, for casual make-up, or it might look ‘hard’ on you if you get to carried away with it. Or you could alternatively use loads of mascara, and no eyeliner, or just a little bit in the corners.

This combination is the only one who should ever wear bright shades of pink lipstick!! Again, bright red is good, it’s good on almost anyone. Don’t wear brown or deep shades of lippy, light pink and gloss is best.