Basic Shaving Tips for Men

Remember when you were a little boy and couldn’t wait to grow up and start shaving? That was before you discovered the joys of razor burn. Fortunately, getting a great, close shaving doesn’t have to leave your face feeling as if you just scrubbed it with sandpaper. The following shaving tips for men will help you not only get the shaving need but also leave your skin looking and feeling its best.

Best Men’s Shaving tips

We Like Em’ Wet!

Aside from girls in wet t-shirts being a good thing, having a wet beard when shaving is also good. This is on of the most understated shaving tips for men. Wet your beard thoroughly. The wetter, the better (just remember girls in wet t-shirts). Why? Well-soaked hair is much weaker and that makes it much easier to cut. So no more splashing a little water on your face in the morning and going for it. Showering first is ideal because it allows time for the hair to become drenched. After showering, gently pat your beard to remove excess water, but don’t rub it dry. And never, ever put any sort of shaving product on a dry face. That’s just asking for trouble.

Top cream

Another priceless shaving tip. Use only the best shaving cream for men. Now your dad may have used that cool, foamy stuff in a can that he bought at the corner drugstore, but actually, the best shaving cream doesn’t have a lot of foam. Instead, you want a rich, creamy lather from a shaving cream that’s loaded with moisturizers and lubricants. And it’s a good idea to put the shaving cream on your face for one-two minutes before beginning to shave. This allows the cream to lubricate your skin, which makes it easier for the razor to glide smoothly.

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Top razor

Invest in a high-quality razor(shaver). It may seam that these shaving tips will empty your pocket. Well, your skin is worth it. Always, always use the best razor possible. And change the blades often. Because when you shave you’re not only removing hair—you’re also removing about two layers of skin. Shaving with a dull blade is more likely to make your skin feel scratched and look blotchy. Some quality razors you may want to look into are the Gillette Mach series. Unless it’s an emergency, don’t use disposable razors – and never use a disposable razor more than once. Ever. Okay?

Please, be gentle!

Shave properly. Ever heard the old expression, going against the grain? You know how it basically means to rub the wrong way? And how that’s a bad thing to do? Well, it’s true when it comes to shaving. Shaving against the direction the hair grows is a great way to draw blood. You also run the risk of causing an ingrown hair, which is what causes those unsightly razor bumps. So always shave in the direction of your whiskers growth. Use steady, firm, but gentle strokes. Rinse the razor blade with hot water before starting to shave and after every three-four strokes. If you want to go over an area twice, be sure to moisturize it again first. Don’t just swipe it again. When you’re finished shaving, rinse your face thoroughly and pat – DO NOT RUB – your face dry.


Apply aftershave moisturizer. Um hum. You definitely want to use an extra high-quality moisturizer after shaving. You just shaved off two layers of skin, remember? So you want to soothe that skin and make sure it’s fully moisturized. Many products contain a combination of an aftershave balm and moisturizer. These products are great because they accomplish two things at once without having to use two different products. And you also want to make sure your aftershave moisturizer is for men. Women’s products tend to be too greasy and they also aren’t as quickly absorbed. Your best choice in aftershave moisturizers will not only add moisture, but will also provide ingredients that cool and refresh just-shaved-skin.

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Basic Shaving Tips

It’s important for a man to avoid blemishes or any type of embarrassing skin problems. Below are a couple of self tested solutions to keep a man’s skin clean and healthy.

It all starts here, shaving. Most men start there day off shaving and the first mistakes are the products we use for shaving. For the most part, men’s shaving creams contain ingredients that can be very irritating for your skin. Especially for men who have sensitive skin or any type of special skin problem, choosing the right type of shaving cream and aftershaves can make a heck of a difference. It’s worth spending a couple of extra bucks on natural o special formulated men skin care products that won’t harm your skin and that way you’ll avoid embarrassing red spots, itching and burning.

Does your skin burn, get red, bumpy or nick easily after you shave? This is a problem I dealt with myself. Using shaving creams or gels that contain glycerin or aloe should solve this problem. Aside from leaving your skin refreshed, it also allows your razor to glide along your face.

If you shave with razor blades, then you should be even more careful. Usually after shaving, men slap on some alcohol based after shaving that stings or irritates the skin until you scream like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. It’s simple; would you pour some alcohol on an open cut? No. So why do this to your face! If it burns, tingles or irritates don’t use it. There are tons of men skin care products online and in stores that give us a sane alternative to alcohol based aftershaves.

Of course, for those of you who don’t want to take some advice, here’s a tip for irritated skin, razor bumps and burns. Aspirin. Aspirin is a very effective anti inflammatory for irritated skin and soothes the redness razor bumps and burns. Here’s how to get some peace, take one or two aspirin tablets, dissolve it in about two tablespoons of water and then apply that to your face with a cotton pad.

When it comes to treating acne breakouts, preventing wrinkles, and addressing dry skin, use skin care products made for men! These are great solutions, especially for men who take more consideration on their appearance. There are a variety of skin care products for men that treat specific areas such as anti aging, sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin and so on. Personally I would recommend you use products that are natural or contain natural ingredients. Spending just a couple of minutes on your facial appearance can be very beneficial. Sure it sounds girlish now, but when that girl across the bar is winking at you… You’ll know it was worth every minute.

Follow these few simple men’s shaving tips – and believe me, your skin will thank you!