Best Men’s Skin Care Products to Buy in 2018

Most men do not devote time in caring for their skin, preferring to focus on shaving and basic washing and cleansing, usually with soap. While many do get by with this bare-bones regimen, there are also those who need to do more, especially when their skin type requires special care.

Dry skin, for example, is a common complaint and without good care and maintenance, it can lead to premature lines and wrinkles. Good thing that dry skin treatment for men is readily available both as a preventative measure and as a treatment.

Best Skin Care Products for Men in 2018/2019

Here are men’s skin care and beauty products that will help manage dry skin effectively:

  • Cleanse gently. Choose a gentle cleanser that can remove dirt from your skin but will not strip away natural oils. Avoid soaps since they can be drying and never use cleansers that contain alcohol. Use a gentle cleanser that is recommended as dry skin treatment for men, particularly one that contains moisturizers. Cleansing milk is also a good choice.

We Recommend:
– Anthony Logistics Men’s Algae Facial Cleanser
– Billy Jealousy White Knight Gentle Daily Facial Cleanser

  • Tone. Applying facial toner may seem inconvenient but it will be worth it because it actually works. Toners are excellent for removing deep-seated dirt and oils that have not been washed away by cleanser and they also help prime the skin prior to the application of moisturizers or serums.

We Recommend:
– Anthony Logistics Men’s Alcohol Free Toner, Normal to Dry Skin, Fragrance Free

  • Moisturize. The core of dry skin treatment for men is a good moisturizer. Dry skin can get dehydrated rather easily, so it is important to put on moisturizer in order to lock in the skin’s natural moisture and help preserve the skin. Add some extra protection by using moisturizers and lotions that contain SPF to prevent sun damage. Serums are also excellent as dry skin treatment because they provide extra moisture and help minimize fine lines.

We Recommend:
– Men’s Clinique Maximum Hydrator

  • Feed your skin. Genetics may play a role in your having dry skin but your diet may actually be a contributing factor. All the products that are designed as dry skin treatment for him can only do so much. With proper diet, however, you not only fight dry skin from without but also from within. Look for foods that are excellent sources of essential fatty acids such as walnuts, flax seed, canola oil and salmon. Fatty acids help improve the quality of cell membranes, which in turn promotes healthy skin.


Recommended Men’s Beauty Products

It’s not only women’s skin that suffers from the ravages of time; there is also a big demand for natural en’s beauty products. More and more, men are turning to active skincare products to return their skin to a more youthful, attractive appearance. Women are particularly attracted to men with good skin, as it shows an attention to personal appearance and hygiene that they appreciate.

In all the men’s beauty products on the market, there is still a tendency towards single solutions, replicating some of the ingredients from women’s skincare ranges, and repackaging for the male market. While this might sell some tubes, it doesn’t necessarily make for a long term product line.

Men have some specific demands. For example, their skin is prone to inflammation and redness, particularly as a result of shaving, and as such a natural ingredient like witch hazel should be used to reduce any inflammation and as a natural anti-oxidant. Along with vitamin B5, men’s skin can be repaired, protected and moisturized – naturally.

One of the best men’s skin treatment products comes from a company called Xtend life.

Xtend TK

The Xtend TK serves to protect the skin, and penetrates deeply to start regeneration and nourishment from the inside out. When coupled with a compound known as Nano-Lipobelle, it helps to regenerate collagen, elastin, and skin cells in the skin to return it to a youthful firmness and make it more supple.

Other key ingredients in these products include vitamins E and B5, which moisturize, nourish and repair the skin, as well as being anti-oxidants and capable of reducing age spots.

At the same time, there are also a few nasties to stay away from – even men’s skin is susceptible to damage from alcohol based ingredients, which will excessively dry out the skin, and mineral oils such as paraffin which will suffocate it. Parabens, a form of preservative are also not the kind of things you want to penetrate your face, as they have been found in cancer tumors.

There are plenty of natural, safe and healthy ingredients that could be used, but here’s the thing – competition is so fierce, that the big names spend an awful lot of money on advertising and packaging. What they spend there, they don’t spend on the product, and all natural beauty products are composed of very expensive ingredients.

There’s an exception. The best of the best in beauty care comes from the company – Xtend Life natural products. They don’t spend money on advertising or shelf space. They predominately sell by word of mouth through the Internet. This allows them to put all their resources into the product; it’s that investment that brought us Xtend TK, for example.

It also brought us a range of organic skin care products for men that are second to none in the advanced ingredient list. Their creams will protect, nourish, and regenerate your skin, to make you look and feel more youthful and energetic than ever before.

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