The Best Briefcase for Men Reviews

On this page, you will find the best reviews on designer briefcases for men in different brands like Kenneth Cole, TUMI, Samsonite, Jack Georges, Brooks Brothers, Coach and many more.

Not only that, you will also find the best guide and tips on choosing the right briefcases based on the categories, styles, design, materials and colors. Before buying a briefcase for men, you should read our guide first and shop on the right online stores to get better deal and offer. Check this guide if you’re looking for women‘s briefcases.

Since there are too many briefcase brands in the market, i would like to introduce the top 4 men’s briefcases in the fashion world, here they are:

1. Kenneth Cole

Most of the Kenneth Cole men’s Briefcases are made of the finest leather, but there are some of them made of canvas in different type of briefcases. Based on the customer’s reviews, Kenneth Cole Briefcases are one of the finest briefcases in the United States of America with the quality and design are very dependable.


TUMI is another top brand for men’s designer briefcases. The bags are very classy and modern that you can find any type of briefcases like laptop briefcase, organizer briefcase, notebook cover, iPad cases and many more. Based on online customer’s reviews, TUMI briefcases are perfect travel accessory for men in term of quality and style.

3. Samsonite

Samsonite is the famous brand for the luggage and travel accessories including briefcases. There are many options of Samsonite briefcases to choose with different materials like hard cases, soft cases and leather. Based on online customer’s reviews, Samsonite bags are top quality bags for traveling and the price is very affordable as well.

4. Jack Georges

Jack Georges has created handmade men’s leather briefcases. The bags are very luxury and fashionable. The Jack Georges briefcases come in many collections like Elements, Sienna, Croco, Prestige, Milano collection and many more. They have different style, design and color, but all of them are up to date and perfect bags in this new era based on customer’s reviews.

Executive Briefcases

Business man needs something exclusive to support their activity. Clothes, shoes, accessories like watch, eyeglass and many more things would be needed for them. In a briefcase side, they will probably have the most luxurious bag as the companion.

Executive briefcases are crafted by the brand or manufacturer that has its own name in fashion world. They have the authority for creating it since the brand is well known. They are Hartmann, Gucci, Coach that actually propertied by the best designers who always create the best design and models for the each product variants especially bags and briefcase.

Men’s briefcases are actually related to the important appliances since the bags always bought as their companion. And it has the specific function exactly; it is the place or storage for the stuff that must be brought to the office. Sometimes, when the businessmen need to go to abroad for business trip, they also will bring it for the handy luggage.

The executive variants are relatively expensive since the material is finest from the leather. It is usually handmade crafting with traditional fashion assembling. Leather is more exclusive to any other material since the durability and look is the best. So you can get luxury accessories of the leather bags.

The features that are propertied in this variant are relatively the same. They have the compartments for your stuff like documents, letters and files. The pockets are for your smaller things like gadget and note. Then the laptop case that actually has specific size for certain screen size. Sometimes you need to bring the 14”,15” or even you need to bring your 10” laptop.

The price is relatively expensive especially Italian leather briefcases, but you can get the discount in certain time. Te factory or outlet sometimes hold the sale and discount for each product. You can visit the website to know the precise price and the discount. Overall, it is great for you and exclusive, indeed.

Business Briefcases

Occasionally you have to go trip for business and you need a bag to handle all your stuff. It is the typical problems that people have when they need a handy storage space in their trip. Specifically you have to bring the proper bag in business occasion.

Business briefcases would be the best things that you need. It is affordable to store all your stuff and it is surely appropriate for every condition. In fact, you will need that bag to keep all your documents and also laptop. So in this situation, briefcases are the great choice and simply you can have it.

Recently, the manufacturers launch the several and many of variants of men’s briefcases. They are available in many sizes, color, designs, and model. You can choose the one of them based on your requirements. Business briefcases are especially intended to be the businessman appliances, not to mention this series is a special product but you must have it since the utility is great.

Leather is the most material that dominantly covers all the exterior and interior of this bag. In other series, you can also get the nylon or canvas briefcases for its specific purposes. The designs are relatively modern and up to date, so you can get the stylish briefcases and the great function of it in one product.

Te features are actually the same from the other variants and usually the latest products will be equipped by the laptop case. You can choose the size based on your requirements, when you need to keep more stuff, you will need a bigger size. Or when you have a bigger screen size of laptop, you must properly choose the most appropriate briefcase size for your laptop, you can just get laptop briefcases .

Finally, start your journey to best briefcases with your own style. You can visit te shops or order it in the websites. Make sure the products are original.

Final Verdict

Those top 4 briefcases are the most fashionable and functional bags that most men like based on the quality, design, style and durability. You may choose one of those bags to suit your taste and life style with the luxury bags on your hand among with your daily work and activities.