Men’s Grooming

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These days men are spending almost as much time and money on grooming and beauty care as women. Although most wont admit it, skin, hair and body care is just as important to most men as it is women!

So, whether you are a man looking for the best grooming products or a woman looking for the best beauty products for your man, here is a great list of Men’s beauty Products to help you out, including face care, shaving products, hair care and more!

Hair Care Products

Men want to smell like men, right? Men’s hair care is not only packaged in a more male friendly way, but men’s hair treatment is also going to have more of a male scent to it.

Woody’s Grooming Products carry an excellent line of Men’s Hair treatment products designed and packaged for guys, making buying beauty product way less girly!

With a line of shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products, Woody’s Hair treatment is the perfect choice for any man.

Body Care

Most men are happy with a plain old bar of soap but don’t realize they aren’t doing their skin much justice over time.

Get clean and take care of the skin on your body with a moisturizing soap or body wash. Ok, we wont ask you to use a loofah, but do keep in mind, these help to exfoliate, leaving you with softer skin, and girls like soft skin!

Men’s Skincare Products

Ok, here are some other skincare products that should not be left behind!

Nose Hair Trimmer – Need I say why?

Hair, Beard, Neckline Trimmer – Keep things neat and tidy in between hair cuts with a personal trimmer!

Skin Care Tips

Skincare products are invading the market, over the last years you may have seen how this industry has been growing so much that it is possible to find a skincare product for every situation we might have. And it is still growing as we speak.

Traditionally, men have not taken care too much of their skin. At most they engaged in the very basic grooming ritual: cleaning the face, and shaving every morning. And for some time it used to be enough for a man. But today’s problems such as cancer, has made men think about skincare as more than grooming, but also as a health matter.

I admit it, when you first become aware that you have to take care of your skin, and have to go out to buy a product, you’re lost. We men, are in a completely new environment surrounded by creams, lip balms, moisturizers, so we get totally confused. So a first good advice would be to know what you’re looking for and simply ask somebody on the store to help you.

There are varied skincare products. We have products for the face, the body, products for shaving, and of course for the effects of the sun. The last products are very important because caring for our skin involves primarily avoiding the harmful effects of the sun. Within these categories, we have: moisturizers, toners, cleansers, anti aging creams, masks, scrubs, razor blades and much more. Does these sound like Chinese to you? Well, as you make skincare part of your life, it is easier to remember all the skincare glossary, just give it time.

It’s a great time to explore beauty products, but remember that caring about your skin is more than that. It also includes having a healthy diet and exercising regularly among other things. Feel free to explore our shop section to get to know the kind of products available.