Best Microcurrent Facial Machine 2018

Looking for the best microcurrent facial machine for home use ? This article will help you choose the best one for you. Microcurrent machines are built to provide users with the excellent skin by getting rid of the wrinkles and firming the surface to prevent early signs of aging. Today, you will find several micro current products out on the market, each one promising excellent results.

Best Professional Microcurrent Machine in 2018/2019

Below are two of the most popular models in 2017/2018. Find out what these two have in common and what makes them different.

#1 NuFace Trinity Microcurrent Facial Machine Kit

NuFace trinity reviews

NuFace Review : Does NuFace Work to Reverse Signs of Aging?

NuFace microcurrent facelift machine is hot, and everybody seems to be talking about it. There’s a good reason for that, too. NuFace Trinity is the only true microcurrent system on the market for home use today and it absolutely delivers the results that it promises.

NuFace Trinity delivers small, painless microcurrent impulses to key places under your skin. These impulses “re-educate” your facial muscles back to almost their original positions. When this happens, you see a reduction in wrinkles, a visible “lift” to your facial features, improvements in the tone and texture of your skin (from improved circulation), and an overall more youthful and rested appearance.

It’s like getting a face lift without having to go through the risks of surgery and the painful recovery.

One of the most exciting and satisfying things about the NuFace system is that you can literally see visible results the very first time you use it. Don’t believe me? Try using it just on half of your face when you first get it. After just one use you can see a visible difference and reduction in drooping in the skin above your eye and around your cheeks, and your lips appear fuller and lifted.

The results from using NuFace are cumulative, which means that the longer you use it, the better results you will see. This is one beauty device that actually lives up to it’s promises.

How Do You Use NuFace Microcurrent Device ft?

Have you ever bought a beauty product that was supposed to give you great results, but it was so time consuming to use that you finally just gave up on it and stopped using it because you couldn’t find time each day to fit it in your schedule?That’s definitely not the case with NuFace Trinity.One of the greatest things about NuFace is how easy it is to use.

It literally takes just 5 minutes a day, and you see results the very first time you use it.

Because it’s so fast and easy to use you can easily find time to fit it in your schedule no matter how busy you are.

Click the button above to view a video of how to actually use NuFace and you’ll see what I mean. You just glide it over your face and neck in the pattern shown in the photo here on the left, and you’re done. That’s it!

5 minutes a day to reverse the signs of aging, regain your youthful glow and retrain your muscles back into their original positions. Not too shabby!Click Here to Learn More About NuFace or to Purchase

NuFace Microcurrent Facial Toning Device – How Does it Get Rid of Wrinkles & Aging?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “microcurrent toning” in relation to the NuFace toner and are wondering exactly what it means.

Over time, our muscles get used to certain actions and facial expressions that we use all the time, and this leads to the wrinkles and sagging that we see that makes us look older.

How Does Nuface Trinity Get Rid of Wrinkles & Aging?

  • NuFace microcurrent uses gentle, microcurrent stimulations to re-educate the facial muscles
  • It effectively relax the contracted muscles that make you look older
  • The device helps redefine the facial muscles that have atrophied over time.
  • NuFace brings back the muscles almost back to the original shape, and also improves tone, texture, circulation and fine lines.

One of the most amazing things about microcurrent facial toning device like NuFace provides is that you can usually see visible results after the first time you use it. By visible results, I mean that you’ll notice your eyebrows have lifted, your lips are raised and fuller, etc. It’s really quite exciting and very gratifying to see results from something that quickly.

The results from NuFace Trinity are cumulative, too, which means that the longer you use it the better your results are going to get. You can firm and tone saggy necks and chins, eliminate fine lines, undereye bags and sagging, relax forehead furrows, and tighten and tone your skin all over your face, and it only takes 5 minutes a day.

The texture of your skin will improve, too, becoming more youthful and fresh looking. NuFace really is like a face lift without surgery.

It is a bit pricey, however, in my opinion it is well worth it when you compare it to the cost of what you would spend on creams, lotions and other “potions” that just don’t work nearly as well.

Not only that, but if you are even considering plastic surgery, the NuFace toner is a much better option…not just because it is thousands of dollars cheaper, but because there is no painful, long, drawn out recovery time and you don’t have the danger associated with having surgery. Plus, you start to see results immediately, so it fill the “instant gratification” need that so many of us want from surgery.

NuFace Trinity is a fantastic product and it delivers on what it promises. You can get a great deal on the complete NuFace system here:


#2 Project E Beauty Microcurrent Galvanic New Face Skin Spa Device Beauty Salon Equipment

Project E Beauty Microcurrent Galvanic New Face Skin Spa Device Beauty Salon Equipment Kd9000

Incredibly easy to use, Project E has a good reputation in the market with an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. Wireless and portable, the equipment is small enough to be carried around by women who love to travel. The product features a two-part treatment which includes: desincrustation followed by iontophoresis. The first part is a preparatory procedure so that the second portion is done more efficiently. Through iontophoresis, the skin absorbs optimum nutrients and minerals to help with a healthier dermis.

One of the best things about this model is its adjustable capacity, allowing women to switch from one intensity to the next, depending on their personal preferences. The design of the roller head contemplates not just facial use but also use around the neck areas where wrinkles are most likely to form. There are also two attachments, one for larger areas of the face while the other is smaller and therefore provides a more delicate and concentrated current.

As for the price, the cost of this beauty product is really a bargain – bearing in mind the typical amount attached to a facelift. Among other microcurrent machines, the Kd9000 is also cheaper – especially since some of these equipments can cost upwards of $100. With studies and tests done to ensure safety, you don’t have to question whether you’re sacrificing quality for cost.


#3 Biosincron Beauty Star – Microcurrent Face Lift Machine

Biosincron Beauty Star - Professional Microcurrent MachineThis facial equipment is attachable but doesn’t have the attachment that comes with the previous product. Still, that doesn’t mean that the product is of an inferior quality to the first one.

Receiving its share of accolades and praises, this handheld micro current has an online rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. It purports not just to help remove and prevent wrinkles but also to reduce the amount of cellulite in the body. Big enough to cover larger areas, the item manages to tighten the skin and even reduce the emergence of a double chin in most people. According to the manufacturer, it can also be used to help with eye bags and puffy eyes. Through just one treatment, you’ll be able to erase the evidence of a late night.

The head of the equipment also offers sufficient precision for targeting wrinkles along the forehead, the neck, the chest, the edges of the eyes and the mouth. Easy to use and with no discomfort to speak of, it even manages to reduce the occurrence of pimples. Covered by a money back guarantee, the sellers of this product are beautifully transparent with what they provide.

Which Should You Choose?

So which is the best microcurrent machine for home use? When it comes to results, there doesn’t seem to be a marked difference between the two. Both of the products produce significant effects as attested by users.

Of course, if you want something with an attachment, it makes sense to purchase the Kd9000. However, if you’re happy with a single no-frills microcurrent, then Biosincron would be better.

Both produce results following the same scientific logic. The micro current manages to stimulate the skin through the very small amounts of current passing through the equipment.

This stimulation is a lot like skin exercise, allowing you to maintain the elasticity of the skin and therefore, helps prevent the emergence of wrinkles. Don’t forget to read reviews for each before deciding on the perfect microcurrent facial machines to suit your needs.

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